Monday, December 8, 2008

The Elder is doing great!

I received a second letter from Elder Moore today. He said he can now say simple prayers and bear his testimony in Spanish. His letter was written in "Spanglish"...a spanish word thrown in here and there. It was great to see!

The missionaries are suppose to wake up at 6:30 each morning, but he says his district gets up at 6:03 for group prayer and then beat all the other missionaries to the showers. That's my boy; always racing through life.

As a district leader he is the one that picks up the mail for the missionaries in his district. In the letter I received today he said he was the only one who hadn't received anything. He said that's okay he knows we are thinking of isn't that boo-hoo sad! I know it can't be okay for him, so that might have been meant to be taken sarcastically. I know a few letters have been sent to him already, so they should begin rolling in anytime.

For those of you new to this missionary thing, there is a website called It allows you to set up an account for free, type a letter, and then they will print it, address the envelope and get it to the MTC by 5:00 pm that day if you have sent it before noon. This is a free service to elders in the MTC. The good thing about it is you don't even have to type in his address each time. It is very simple and easy to use. I highly recommend you check it out. The info you have to type in the first time can be taken from his address... you just have to know it is the Nebraska Omaha mission and know his departure date from the MTC is 0203 (Feb 3).

Well, that is the good news for the day. The mailbox has been treating me well, now I want his mailbox to treat him well!


AubsandKenny said...

Wow! How impressive that he can already bear this testimony and say simple prayers! He is amazing! Go Brandon! I plan on setting up a dear elder account soon! :)

Hallie said...

Exscuse me! I have alredy sent him a letter so don't try to give me a guilt trip. I wrote another one to, but my mom wont let me send it until she can put one in to.( If you find out that he got do you think you could tell me?)