Monday, November 30, 2009

November 30, 2009 Hooked up!! BYU woot woot!‏

First off... Happy Birthday Ginger, Bailey, and Dawson!!!!!

Well hey hey hey! So yes it is official.... I will be spending my first year in Omaha. It's kind of weird. It's kind of like home now. I know all the streets, where things are, a lot of people, (it's funny walking down the street and seeing people I have talked to or taught before). And it seems like a lot of people know me. It's just crazy that I haven't left here. I do love it. But sometimes you just need a change of scenery ya know? But I am very positive that I will be going to Lincoln next transfer. Which I am SO excited about!!!But I am so glad that I have one more transfer here...

I have entitled this email "Hooked Up" because yesterday I got a call from two sister missionaries who have HOOKED US UP!! They were teaching a woman and her two sons that speak spanish, and they live with the woman's sister, who speaks both english and spanish, so she translated the lesson for them. But this woman was just recently baptized, so she is a huge support! So I talked to this sister, and they said that the lesson was so powerful and that they want to learn more and that they have already been to church two times! The first week to an english ward and this past Sunday they came to our ward. I didn't get to talk to them though but I did see them. So I gave this woman a call last night to set up a time we could come teach her and her two sons. She was so nice and respectful, she kept saying Si Senor, or yes sir, almost after anything I said. She was nice. She said she had a dream about a man, and when she got to church she saw a picture of him.... it was Joseph Smith. She said she couldn't forget those blue eyes. Haha. It's amazing! So we are going to teach them this Thursday and set them for baptism since they really want to learn more and be baptized. Wow, I am so glad that I am still here!

Also, I got a call from another sister missionary who said that they had taught a man names Santiago and invited him to be baptized and he said he would pray about it... but he too doesn't speak great english so we are going to go see him as well. So the sisters have given us 4 very prepared people. We are so excited. And me and Elder Morrill set our baptismal goal for this transfer at 4. So things are looking good. But we definately are going to have to work very hard!

So we have another woman we are teaching, her name is Maria. She is a very sweet woman. She has a son that has a disease, he is 6 but has the mentality of a 6 month year old and may never speak. We had a great powerful lesson with her. She does have a concern though and that is that she believes in Saints. She prays to one because he answers her and gives her signs. Yup.... so that was tough. It's like, how do you really dispute that... Because she has a testimony of saints. And you can't just say... no you don't belive in that or No that isn't right. It's like someone can't tell me that I don't believe in the church. So we are taking a member with us over there tomorrow who used to be catholic and she can help us a lot on this subject.

So tomorrow, we are going to have a huge party! We have two new investigators... well kind of new. They were investigators a long time ago. And funny thing is.... I was with Elder Peterson my first transfer, on an exchange, when these two investigators dropped Elder Peterson and Elder Clawson. So now they are back wanting to learn more and they have just opened up a restaurant and it isn't doing so good. So I have made tons of phone calls and tomorrow for lunch we are goingto go eat at their restaurant, about 20 missionaries. That is what is great about being a spanish missionary. You get to know a lot of missionaries cause our areas cover theirs. :) So I have made a lot of friends out here. And we are so excited because this is going to help their business alot and show them how much we care about them. We are very excited!

So Thanksgiving was good. We played in a sweet turkey bowl Thursday morning. There was 10 missionaries and 6 members there. It was crazy! And so much fun! Then we went to the Thompsons and ate breakfast and played games. Then I took a nap for about 2 and a half hours on their couch in the basement. Then we ate again at like 5. Then we left from there and went and had another Thanksgiving dinner with the family Sandoval. Friday was a terrible day, full, and totally tired! So we slept a lot that day. Probably more than we should of. But wow, Thanksgiving takes a lot out of you.

So this week was pretty crazy and I have said a lot! But that is the jist of our week. It was a lot fun and we had some amazing things happen to us. The Lord is blessing us once again.

That is so cool that Brooklyn made the basketball team! I am so proud of that girl! I hope she makes it the next year too! So that way I can be back to see her play. It is always so much fun watching her play basketball!

I am glad that Justin asked for that blessing. That will help him so much! I am glad that he is taking this so serious. The mission is an amazing experience that has really changed my life. And has made me a better person. It has also strengthed my testimony so much! To the point where I cannot deny it. And I wouldn't deny it. He is going to love it and have a great time in the mission! I can't wait to hear where he is going! But wherever it is, it is where the Lord needs him. And he will love it. I wasn't too estatic about a call to Omaha, but I LOVE IT!!! And I wouldn't have rather gone to any other place. The mission is anything but easy. Everyday is a struggle. But no one said it would be easy. Haha, yeah I would say that my spanish is passing my english. I struggle to say so many words in english or just put all of my thoughts together in english. It is ridiculous and at times frustrating. :)Yeah, patience has always b een hard for me. But I feel like I am doing so much better at it. And that my temper is completely gone as well. The mission has changed me a lot. :)

So yes, please send my package to the apartment. My address is....
Elder Brandon Moore
5802 S. 14th st #5
Omaha, NE 68107

So what can I get for all of you for Christmas.... give me some ideas please..... :) Thanks! And I am not sure what you should get for Justin.... good question. Haha. I will think on it and get back to you asap. By the way... tell that kid he is a good looking kid. I saw some pictures that dad sent to me of him. He is a stud. but the jedi braid... yeah that has to go. It's a little queer. :) I love ya bro!! But seriously if you don't walk around with a light saber fighting off evil masked villians... the jedi braid just isn't in style. But you are still a stud! How are things with your chick?.... c'mon man, we are bro's you gotta talk to me about this stuff. :)Well I am glad I was on your mind for Thanksgiving! And I am glad it was a.... decent one. :)I love you all so much! And I miss you much!Yes mom, count down the days... the phone call isn't far away. :) Haha!

Take care!!!
Love, Elder Moore

Monday, November 23, 2009

November 23, 2009 Mi pedazo de consejo

Well hey hey hey there! I always love reading your emails and hearing about what is going on back home. Well this week we had some crazy stuff happen. But first off I want to give a little advice to any missionaries that read this or people that are preparing to go on missions.... and it is this....DO NOT LOSE YOUR PERSONALITY!!! As a missionary that is probably the worse thing you can do. I have seen too many people come out here and lose who they are. I have found that since I have been out here missionaries that come out and lose who they are don't enjoy the mission nearly as much. Something that I am good at.... and I don't mean to brag... is making people laugh. I can do that with anybody out here. Even just talking to someone on the street after 2 minutes I have gotten a laugh out of them and they are more open to talking to us.I had a woman laughing so hard she was in tears just after about a minute and a half of meeting her. And after that, she opened up and actually talked to us.

The English missionaries turned two women over to us to teach that they have set for baptism for the 12th of December. We went to meet them for the first time and I talked to this woman on her doorstep and asked if Maria or Anita were there. She said no they didn't leave there, so I talked to her for another minute or 2 and finally got her to open up to me and tell me she was Maria. I guess she was confused seeing us missionaries there and not the other ones that had been teaching her. So really if you want to get in good with people, if you want them to trust you and actually talk with you. Be yourself. Don't change who you are. The mission will change you for the better, but you always need your personality. And that is my piece of advice.

So I went to a Catholic mass yesterday with Elder Anderson. I was on exchanges with him. And we went to the HUGE cathederal we have here. Wow it is amazing, the cathederal, not the mass. The mass was very very interesting. And I got hit on the hand and face with blessed holy water. It burned....But it was very different, and they sing things, like, "We will now read from the gospel of John". And they sing that phrase. I don't know. I like being a part of the true church!

So no I have not gotten transferred yet. Transfer calls will be tomorrow so I will find out then. But I am pretty sure that I will be staying. And propbably a 3rd transfer with my comp. I had my interview with President and he told me that there are still things I can do in this area. And he wants to start keeping the senior companions in their areas for 6-8 months. Crazy, I know. But I had a good long interview with President, probably about 15 minutes, and he did tell me that we would be getting 2 new spanish missionaries in February and that I would probably be training one of them. So we will see if it is that one whose mom wrote you. Ya never know. But I am excited to get new spanish missionaries. Especially since we will be losing some here in the next 3 months. One being Elder King in January, one of my favorite comps.So yeah anyways... tomorrow I find out if I am leaving or staying, but from the way my interview went, I will be staying.

Also, concerning Christmas gifts. They have asked us to tell our parents to send the gifts to where we are staying, not to the office this next transfer. So that we can SOS, "Save Our Smailman". I added the S onto mailman, because it went along with what I was trying to do. So yeah...So I will let you know if I am staying and then you can mail my stuff to that address. :) That will be great!

So we are going to be playing in a sweet turkey bowl this Thursday, I am way excited for that. And also have 2 appointments to eat. One with the Thompsons and the other with the Sandovals. So we will be well fed.

That is so cool that Brooklyn recieved an answer to her prayer. Although it doesn't surprise me at all, she is very close to the spirit. She is a great girl! Dinner at the Farrs should be a lot of fun! And I cannot wait to eat at the In-N-Out burger. It is a bout time we got one!I am so excited for Ryan Stewart! I love that kid. And I am so happy he chose to go on a mission. He will have a great time! Look at all my friends that are going spanish speaking. That is SO awesome! I can't wait to talk spanish with all of them when they come back. By the way, the spanish rocks. I love it. It is going really really good for me.

Oh yeah.... ha another thing....So we do these things called G.Q.'s. It's a good question. We ask people on the street questions to start a converstaion with them. So last night me and Elder Anderson went at the Old Market. And I found out that I can't talk to people at all in English. Like, it was terrible. I had never really done it before. So I tried and it was just awkward doing it in english. I am so glad I got called Spanish. :)

Well fammers that is about all for me this week. We have two new sets as I metioned. Maria and Anita, they are set for the 12th of December. We are going to have to work really hard with them to get them to that date. We may end up pushing it back. But we shall see. Having people set for baptism is so much fun!!Oh yeah!!!!

We went to the zoo this morning. That was way sweet! The zoo here is legit. It is awesome! Me, Will, and Elder Anderson spent about 25 minutes trying to call down some animal so we could touch it. They didn't come. It was a bummer. But really.... the zoo here is awesome!! Especially the jungle!! We will for sure go when we come back and visit here.

Yes mom, you are right.... the one year mark is wow... this next week. It has gone fast. And it will end fast. The transfers are flying by. We have 17 transfers and on Wednesday I will enter my 9th. It's nuts. Well I hope all is well. I am so so excited for Justin!!!! I love that kid so much. He is going to make a great missionary. Take care everyone!I love you and enjoy your Thanksgiving!!!! Indulge yourself in food. This holiday gives you a good excuse to do it. :)

Love Elder Moore!

Monday, November 16, 2009

November 16, 2009 Miembros y la obra misional‏

Well another week down, with not a whole lot happening. But this week was better than the past! So that is good. I taught the Gospel Principles class yesterday and it was AWESOME!! It went so well. I taught it on..... of course, how we can all be more involved in the work. Comments were being made, people were laughing, and just we had a great time and I was able to get the point across that we need their help. And then I brought a box of Book of Mormons and each person took 2 or 3 and said that they would give it to a friend this week and that next week everyone is going to come back and report on how it went. I also helped them see that it isn't that hard to give it to someone. I had Elder Curisinche come up front with me and do a role play and he gave me the Book of Mormon and just showed how easy it can be to give it to a friend. So the class was a total Success!!!

So ya know that green sweater you sent me a while back. Well it has always been a little too big on me. So I decided, well let's wash it and see if it shrinks, since it says "don't wash it because it will shrink." So I washed it and..... sure enough it shrinked....and now... It fits PERFECTLY!!! Haha. So my brilliant idea worked!

So we have something that we call GQ's. It means, good question. So when you are walking on the street you walk up to someone and you GQ them, you ask them an inspired question.... for example. Did you know that Christ visited the Americas after his ressurrection? Well we were knocking some doors and some guy walked up the stairs, all covered in tatoos, and he was hispanic. So I asked him.... hey, have you ever wondered why there are so many churches on the earth? And he said... ya know what... I ask myself that all the time. So we gave him a short first lesson and a Book of Mormon right there on the stairs. Ha that was way cool! And then we went to go contact another referral and it was the wrong address but we found an 18 year old kid there named Noe, and we talked with him and he invited us back to teach him and his parents. So we are excited for that. Other than that... another pretty uneventful week. The Lord blessed us so much with the family Sandoval and with Eric and Alma. And now we are experiencing some hard times. But ya just gotta go with it when it happens. And just hold out. And just trust in the Lord and know that things will get better as we continue to serve him and do our part.

So I forgot to tell you this but.... a few weeks ago.... oh my!Me and Elder Morrill saw another woman's boob. It was weird. We were teaching her the Plan of Salvatio and she just decided to give her kid some milk right there while we were there. And just pulled it out! Haha, it was so ridiculous. That is the third time that that has happened to me. I just don't get it. But oh well. :)

So transfers are next week. I cannot believe how fast this transfer went by. They are just flying now. I am pretty sure I am getting transferred to Grand Island. But I will get a pretty good idea if I am going or staying tomorrow in my interview with President. So I am pretty much not liking some of the directions this mission is beginning to take. They are making it so much about numbers and percentages that it is just really starting to bug. It's almost not becoming about the people anymore but the numbers we are getting and how our percentages are. I don't know... that just makes me mad that they focus so much on that and just how degrading people are becoming towards missionaries that aren't getting great numbers. Oh well... just a moment of letting out more frustrations that I am having.It is just amazing how much the mission is changing and the direction it is starting to take, but I am sure it is all for the most part under the direction of the Lord.

So what are the Thanksgiving plans? I think that it is awesome that Justin and K. Sutton made that sweet deal! Tell Justin to lose the jedi braid. That stuff is nasty. Unless you have a light saber. Does Justin have a light saber? Cause if he does... I will approve of the braid. A light saber you must have mmmmM! (Yoda)

So the weather here still isn't too bad. Nothing too cold yet. Maybe like sweater weather.... So I am not minding it. And the forecast hasn't said anything about snow yet. So I am happy. But Utah has got some snow eh? Wow! That is crazy! I am glad I am not there. :)

So pretty much the mission is flying by. I do love it. Everyday is a new experience. With a new story. I love teaching the gospel. This week we taught quite a bit on baptisms for the dead since Alma and Eric and the family Sandoval will be going to do them. Woohoo!! I gained such a greater testimony of batpisms for the dead. It is SO important! So do them. :) Mark and Eric both received the priesthood yesterday. Woohoo!!Oh yeah... and the best news... The Valensuela family came back to church! After about 5 months. They just disappeared and I have called them twice a week since they left and now.... one day this past week Mauricio answered. I talked to him for about 20 minutes and they came back this week. I was so so so so happy to see them there. That is the great news! Well that is it for this week.

I love you all!!!! Hope all is going well up there in the S A N D Y! Take care!Thank you Pennington family for the letters!!! I miss you all. And also... Tio Juan, me encanta cuando tu me escribes en espanol. Me ayuda demaciado. Te cuidas!

Love, Elder Moore

Monday, November 9, 2009

November 9, 2009 Operation Firefly

This is of me and Elder Curisinche's exchange.

Well.... Hey!! Thanks for the email. I am glad to hear that you had an awesome week! I love getting good news from home.Unfortunately there won't be much good news coming from this end in Omaha. This week was probably one of the most frustrating, stressful weeks of my life/mission. So I don't really know if I have much good to say in this email. It may just end up being me complaining and venting.

So yes, I did spend 75.00 dollars and rent a U-haul this week. I did turn the receipt into the church and will be getting money back. We did everything we could to get people to help us to help Olga move her things from her apartment. She got a letter of eviction and was kicked out 3 days later. I made phone call after phone call after phone call, and got absolutely NO HELP from anyone. SO, we rented a u-haul and spent an entire day moving Olga out of her 3rd floor apartment. Now I am not complaining, it was so great to help her and see her smile and almost cry at what we were doing for her, since she was pretty much helpless. We took about 30 pictures of us with the U-haul just doing crazy stuff next to it and in it. Haha! They are sweet. I will print them off and send them to ya all. They were a lot of fun. And the North elders came and helped us too. We had a lot of fun.

Then that night we were supposed to meet with Jacobo. But he has disapeared. He left us a message saying where he was moving to. So I listened to this message like 20 times trying to figure out where he was moving too since we didn't get an exact address from him, he just told us what was around him. So we did find it but he wasn't there. So then....Operation Firefly commenced, we had a stakeout, and waited for him to come home. Well he never came. So we decided to go to his old place, and a woman answered the door and said he still lives there with them and didn't move yet, but that he wasn't home. So Operation Firefly re-commenced and we sat out in front of his house for a while, and he didn't come home. And his phone, is disconnected or something. It doesn't even ring, just goes for 2 seconds then ends the call. So moving Olga and losing Jacobo all happened in the same day.

So pretty much our ward is just useless. They don't help us at all. They blame us when we don't have investigators there. Brother Ortega says to me, Elder Moore, where are all the people? I was just like... ok "PRESIDENT" you have just as much of a responsibility to get people here as I do. It's like, whenever anyone needs ANYTHING they call the missionaries. And our leaders don't do anything. Not a dang thing. The Bishop is doing his best, but did not answer or return our calls with the Olga situation. But he is a great guy, and we had a good conversation with him yesterday on what we can do to get the ward involved. He said, you could slap them. Ha.... It was funny. But we are trying to figure something out... on how we can get people to church, and re activiate people and for us missionaries, how we can get the members to give us referalls. Since right now, it is like we have just opened an area. There is NO ONE progressing. We are starting all over again. And it's hard, especially when we can't get out and work because we are moving people and translating papers for our members that don't speak English. It's just been a hard week.

But on a good note. Eric and Mark both had their interviews to receive the priesthood and will both be receiving it this next week! So we are so excited about that.

Well I hope Laynie is getting better. That poor girl! I love her. I love the idea of everyone wearing a mask though. I bet that made her feel better. I am sure that you and Ginger are a hilarious crew up there. :) I can just imagine that!I bet Dano did a great job. Can you tell that kid that I love him and can't wait to play him in some one-on-one again? Text him that for me please. :) Haha. He is a great kid. He will have an amazing experience on the mish. I am happy that Amber came and saw ya. She is a great girl. And has supported me so much out here. And I am glad she was able to put a smile on your face too. :) She has a tendency to do that. :)Man I heard about an In-n-Out in Utah. That is so awesome! It's about time they got one. And I can't wait to go there!!

Celebrating Elder Moore's birthday

I did find something good to do with the pinata you sent for my birthday. We had just come home from a terrible day, and right as we were opening the door to go upstairs to the apartment, this girl opens the door with her friend. And her friend says, it's her birthday! She is 7!!! And we said oh that is so cool!! It was all in spanish, it's funnny talking to little kids in spanish. :) And I said, ok well come upstairs with me and I ahve something for you. So they came up stairs and I gave them that pinata and the girl was so excited!! She was yelling and screaming. :) That made a good end of a night to a terrible day. ;)

So mom keep up the missionary work and help out the missionaries as much as you can. We need it. Our ward has never been into it and I think it has finally got to me. I have been in this ward for a long time now and I haven't seen a change in them and I think that is why I am finally so mad about it. But we'll keep working and keep trying to get them involved. Actually us, and the north are going to get together and have a huge brainstorming session on what we can do to get the work really going. It was good for a while. We had 7 baptisms in the last like 8 weeks. And before the past week there had only been 2 here in the South. So, now we are experiencing the bad after we have had so much joy. Well I know this is long. So I will close it now. I love you all. Thank you so much for your email. Take care please!!Love you!!
Elder Moore

Monday, November 2, 2009

November 2, 2009

Well here is a picture of Eric and Alma's baptism! Meaning.... YES it did happen!!! It was awesome. They are such a great couple and amazing people. The sad thing is that they have plans to return to Mexico. But they are so happy to be baptized now and haven't stopped expressing their joy to now be members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I called them Sunday morning on our way to church at about 9:00 to make sure they were up. They didn't answer and I got worried. We walked into church and they were already there! It was awesome. Actually Alma said that they got there at 8:00 because they forgot about the time change. And we had no idea about it either! The elders from the North slept over at our apartment and we got up and our phones said 7, and the other clocks 8. So we were all very confused!

Ok, so I need to apologize for my email last week. I told you just that we set Rodalfo/Jacobo for baptism, but I did not explain how we did it, and the spirit that was there. Elder Morrill and I talked before about teaching him about priesthood authority and baptism. So we went into the members' house with him and we were just all talking before we started the lesson and I turned to Elder Morrill and told him we needed to teach about the spirit before we taught about those two things. So we explained the spirit and told him to pay attention to the feelings that he would feel while we taught. We also explained the feeling and the role of the Holy Ghost, that is, to testify of truth. I don't know why I had the impression to teach about that. But as we taught it became more and more clear. The scripture in Acts popped into my head in chapter 2, verses 37-38, and 41. So after we had taught about baptism and priesthood, we asked him how he felt, and asked him to explain his feelings. After he had done that, we read him this scripture. It is when Peter is teaching and he has just finished and the people ask, "what should we do?" because they had felt the spirit. And he said, "be baptized and recieve the Holy Ghost." So we invited him to be baptized using that scripture and he accepted. It was AWESOME!!! It was a great experience. So he is preparing to be baptized this Saturday. So this week was a good one. The work was good. Now.... we have to focus on finding again. Because we have no one progressing or even that we are teaching seriously right now besides Jacobo.

Some crazy things happened this week. There has been some major disobedience issues in the mission and President is having to change a lot of things. President Kunz called me last night and told me that there were some emergency transfers in our zone. 2 areas have been closed, and I recieved another companionship in my district. This companionship has been the cause of some disobedience. It's going to be quite the change. Some of the things that are happening in the mission are very crazy. But I know President was called of God, and I love him. So I guess the only thing I can do is support him in the decisions he makes. But one decision I am not happy about is that instead of having transfers the day after Thanksgiving, it will be the day BEFORE Thanksgiving. There are a lot of people very unhappy about that decision. Oh well.... guess we'll see what happens.

I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better! And that Halloween went well! We dressed up as civilians. :) And I bought a sweet fannypack! I fit right in. :) But we didn't really do anything or go anywhere. We did hang out with the Thompsons on Saturday and played some crazy Cranium.

Wow, yeah keep me updated on what is happening with Curt Weaver! That is terrible. What is going on with the guys on our street? They are all having some serious injuries and things happen to them. Congrats to Vance on his mission call! That is going to be so much fun. They are all going to love there missions. It is a great experience. I can't believe Dano is going in this next week! Wow.... Good for him. It's amazing how fast it goes by. Tomorrow I will hit 11 months. It really is just flying by. So tell them to enjoy the time the Lord gives them. I'm sad to hear about Granny. I hope things start to improve with her. :) I do love that woman.

Yeah, I got the bday card from Jon and Lisa! And Jon wrote it all in Spanish. I love that! It was sweet. I am going to have to write him back.... in Spanish. :) That is one thing that I don't do enough of is writing in Spanish. But I did have 3 dreams in Spanish this week. Haha, that was fun. And 2 of them took place in a Panda Express... yeah, weird I know, since they speak Japanese there. Oh well...But Jon and Lisa... Thank you so much!!! And I'll be writing ya'll back. Haha, ya'll.

Well that is the excitement for the week. It was awesome seeing Alma and Eric get married and then baptized! They are great. After I comfirmed Alma a member of the church she was crying and smiling. They are going to be great members.I love you all! The church is true! Oh yeah.... So Sandy Adamson sent me a book for my bday. The Peacegiver. If you haven't read it.... I suggest it. I finished it in 4 days! Yeah I know, very impressive for me. Elder Morrill felt a lttle under the weather on Thursday so I got a lot of reading in. It is an amazing book!

I love you!! Take care.
Elder Moore