Monday, November 30, 2009

November 30, 2009 Hooked up!! BYU woot woot!‏

First off... Happy Birthday Ginger, Bailey, and Dawson!!!!!

Well hey hey hey! So yes it is official.... I will be spending my first year in Omaha. It's kind of weird. It's kind of like home now. I know all the streets, where things are, a lot of people, (it's funny walking down the street and seeing people I have talked to or taught before). And it seems like a lot of people know me. It's just crazy that I haven't left here. I do love it. But sometimes you just need a change of scenery ya know? But I am very positive that I will be going to Lincoln next transfer. Which I am SO excited about!!!But I am so glad that I have one more transfer here...

I have entitled this email "Hooked Up" because yesterday I got a call from two sister missionaries who have HOOKED US UP!! They were teaching a woman and her two sons that speak spanish, and they live with the woman's sister, who speaks both english and spanish, so she translated the lesson for them. But this woman was just recently baptized, so she is a huge support! So I talked to this sister, and they said that the lesson was so powerful and that they want to learn more and that they have already been to church two times! The first week to an english ward and this past Sunday they came to our ward. I didn't get to talk to them though but I did see them. So I gave this woman a call last night to set up a time we could come teach her and her two sons. She was so nice and respectful, she kept saying Si Senor, or yes sir, almost after anything I said. She was nice. She said she had a dream about a man, and when she got to church she saw a picture of him.... it was Joseph Smith. She said she couldn't forget those blue eyes. Haha. It's amazing! So we are going to teach them this Thursday and set them for baptism since they really want to learn more and be baptized. Wow, I am so glad that I am still here!

Also, I got a call from another sister missionary who said that they had taught a man names Santiago and invited him to be baptized and he said he would pray about it... but he too doesn't speak great english so we are going to go see him as well. So the sisters have given us 4 very prepared people. We are so excited. And me and Elder Morrill set our baptismal goal for this transfer at 4. So things are looking good. But we definately are going to have to work very hard!

So we have another woman we are teaching, her name is Maria. She is a very sweet woman. She has a son that has a disease, he is 6 but has the mentality of a 6 month year old and may never speak. We had a great powerful lesson with her. She does have a concern though and that is that she believes in Saints. She prays to one because he answers her and gives her signs. Yup.... so that was tough. It's like, how do you really dispute that... Because she has a testimony of saints. And you can't just say... no you don't belive in that or No that isn't right. It's like someone can't tell me that I don't believe in the church. So we are taking a member with us over there tomorrow who used to be catholic and she can help us a lot on this subject.

So tomorrow, we are going to have a huge party! We have two new investigators... well kind of new. They were investigators a long time ago. And funny thing is.... I was with Elder Peterson my first transfer, on an exchange, when these two investigators dropped Elder Peterson and Elder Clawson. So now they are back wanting to learn more and they have just opened up a restaurant and it isn't doing so good. So I have made tons of phone calls and tomorrow for lunch we are goingto go eat at their restaurant, about 20 missionaries. That is what is great about being a spanish missionary. You get to know a lot of missionaries cause our areas cover theirs. :) So I have made a lot of friends out here. And we are so excited because this is going to help their business alot and show them how much we care about them. We are very excited!

So Thanksgiving was good. We played in a sweet turkey bowl Thursday morning. There was 10 missionaries and 6 members there. It was crazy! And so much fun! Then we went to the Thompsons and ate breakfast and played games. Then I took a nap for about 2 and a half hours on their couch in the basement. Then we ate again at like 5. Then we left from there and went and had another Thanksgiving dinner with the family Sandoval. Friday was a terrible day, full, and totally tired! So we slept a lot that day. Probably more than we should of. But wow, Thanksgiving takes a lot out of you.

So this week was pretty crazy and I have said a lot! But that is the jist of our week. It was a lot fun and we had some amazing things happen to us. The Lord is blessing us once again.

That is so cool that Brooklyn made the basketball team! I am so proud of that girl! I hope she makes it the next year too! So that way I can be back to see her play. It is always so much fun watching her play basketball!

I am glad that Justin asked for that blessing. That will help him so much! I am glad that he is taking this so serious. The mission is an amazing experience that has really changed my life. And has made me a better person. It has also strengthed my testimony so much! To the point where I cannot deny it. And I wouldn't deny it. He is going to love it and have a great time in the mission! I can't wait to hear where he is going! But wherever it is, it is where the Lord needs him. And he will love it. I wasn't too estatic about a call to Omaha, but I LOVE IT!!! And I wouldn't have rather gone to any other place. The mission is anything but easy. Everyday is a struggle. But no one said it would be easy. Haha, yeah I would say that my spanish is passing my english. I struggle to say so many words in english or just put all of my thoughts together in english. It is ridiculous and at times frustrating. :)Yeah, patience has always b een hard for me. But I feel like I am doing so much better at it. And that my temper is completely gone as well. The mission has changed me a lot. :)

So yes, please send my package to the apartment. My address is....
Elder Brandon Moore
5802 S. 14th st #5
Omaha, NE 68107

So what can I get for all of you for Christmas.... give me some ideas please..... :) Thanks! And I am not sure what you should get for Justin.... good question. Haha. I will think on it and get back to you asap. By the way... tell that kid he is a good looking kid. I saw some pictures that dad sent to me of him. He is a stud. but the jedi braid... yeah that has to go. It's a little queer. :) I love ya bro!! But seriously if you don't walk around with a light saber fighting off evil masked villians... the jedi braid just isn't in style. But you are still a stud! How are things with your chick?.... c'mon man, we are bro's you gotta talk to me about this stuff. :)Well I am glad I was on your mind for Thanksgiving! And I am glad it was a.... decent one. :)I love you all so much! And I miss you much!Yes mom, count down the days... the phone call isn't far away. :) Haha!

Take care!!!
Love, Elder Moore

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