Monday, April 27, 2009

April 27, 2009


Hey everyone! Que Pasa? Hope all is treating you well there! This week was alright.This morning we had the 3 mile run..... Oh wow. I am terrible. In all honesty, no beating around the bush on this one. I haven't run since November, and it REALLY shows. So there is another 5k the last Monday of the next transfer again and this time I am going to train. Elder Herrera is going to ride the bike next to me and we are going to do a few runs through downtown Omaha. BUT I did beat President Newman... So that was good! :) Haha. But it was just a slow race. And then we played basketball for a little of 2 hours. So I am just dying today. But it's ok.... it's P-day, it's a good day to be dying. I will definately be taking a nap before we head out tonight.

So this week as I said, was just alright. Our really cool family, la familia Vega was not at our appointment on Saturday, which was really weird. We called Sunday to see if we could come by, and he had been in a car accident. He was on the way to the doctor for an appointment and passed out and ran into a semi in a construction zone. He woke up in the hospital. He has a broken leg and some scrapes and bruises and is on a lot of medication. But he is home now. Which is good. We are going to go see him hopefully Wednesday.

Well might as well follow one hospital story up with another right?...This week we got a call from a woman named Concepcion, also a less active, but she really loves us and tries really hard with her family and getting them all to church. She is a very sweet lady. Well she called us crying and she told me that her son had fallen and broken his arm and had to have surgery. It turned out to be a lot worse, his bone came through the skin, he fell on the tramp. So we went over there to her house and called her. Outside of her house there was A LOT of blood....But we called her and she said she was at the hospital. While Elder Herrera was on the phone with her a woman from across the street came over and I went and talked to her. She was mean and she said "You shouldn't be bothering her, her son fell last night and she is very sad about it, you boys are probably the last people that she wants to talk to so leave her alone." Ha! So I looked at her for a second, then just looked around, ha then looked back at her, it was kinda funny, I was just laughing to myself, and just making the moment awkward for her, since I do that sometimes. :) And I said, "Ya know what.... She called us on the way to the hospital and asked us to pray for her son, we were the first people she called. We are exactly the people she wants to see right now." Then that woman, just looked at me, and apologized and left. It was good. :)Oh yeah, and Abuelita was in the hospital too this week. our 70 year old grandma. But she is out now and doing better.

Last night I had a cool experience, we went over to one of our less active member's house, Carlos, and gave his 3 nieces blessings and his mom a blessing. They were the daughters of Carlos's sister. And she was there too. After the blessings we had a really powerful and spirutual talk with her. She asked if we could come teach her and asked when our church was. We are looking forward to being able to teach her. And with Carlos as member support hopefully all will go well there.

We recieved a good referal this week too. It was given to us by the temple president. President Oaks. He is having some work done on his house and has a hispanic working there. He gave him a pass a long card and shared a little bit with him. We have a meeting with him Tuesday night. I am also really looking forward to teaching him as well. So this week we had 2 good looking new founds.

Haha, we had a few appointments fall through one day this week and decided to tract in a trailer park. We ran into a hispanic guy that acutally turned out to be a pastor of his church. That was FANTASTIC! He went off quoting the bible and telling us how wrong we are. I felt really bad.... so many naive people in this world.

Alister is still doing..... well it's Alister, ya never know. Him and his girlfriend Erica are so funny and crazy. One day they are like ok let's get married tomorrow! And the next day it's like.... Well we don't know - he doesn't want to marry me. And then Alister tells us... She doesn't want to marry me. I don't know.... But we always have good lessons with Alister and he is a really cool person to be with. We see him a lot and he is going to be good. Just needs a little more time. That's all.

Before coming on a mission I thought that marriage was something that you just do... ya know? Ha well being on a mission has made me a little unsure... It seems like the thing NOT to do! What are your thoughts on that? Is marriage a good thing or bad thing?...... OK just kidding! I know it's a great thing and something I definately look forward too. But geez, there are SO many people that just have kids and live together and have no interest in marriage. But anyways... with Gabriel, still doing well, he is now drinking a lot less. He used to drink like 10 cans of beer everyday. He is now down to 2. Still struggling breaking the habit. But we are definately seeing improvement. Georgina, geez what to say about her.... comes to church EVERY WEEK. Came to conference. She reads the Book of Mormon, lives with recent converts. We teach her every week. But she continues to tell us she wants to learn more. Which we can't push or force anyone into this convenant with God, so we respect that. But she is so ready! So that is thatI think for now with how things are going here and progressing. Oh YEAH!!!!

How did I forget the "Jerry Springer" like moment.So ok we were over at La Familia Valenzuela's house, Mom you talked to Cinthia on the phone... yeah it's her family. Well anyways..... Mauracio hadn't told his mom that he was a mormon since she is a strong catholic and this week she came to visit. So she is there and we show up for dinner just like every Saturday night, and she was a little confused. And we thought that Mauracio had told her that he was a mormon by this point....... BUT no he hadn't.So before we eat he stands up and says mom I have something to tell you.... and I was just like NO WAY!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!!So he says Mom.... I am a mormon, I was baptized 5 months ago! Ah it was so cool but then again awkward, especially the silent pause that came after it..... But then she eventually said, we all worship the same God, it's ok. And then she asked us some questions and we had a little intervention, ate dinner, and then went to the trail center and watched The Testaments in spanish. It was pretty cool! But then the next day the Valenzuela family didn't come to church... Well I hope all is well... Haha.

So mom it's funny you brought up your lesson on prayer. This week I had to do a training on "The Prayer of Faith". And I realized something while studying for it. That Alma's father (the father of Alma the younger) It says in like Mosiah......27:14? Maybe..... but anways when the Angel comes and rebukes him and says...... Because of thy father's prayers and his faith.... ya know I have come. And look what happened from his father's prayers. Alma was re-converted and baptized 1000's and wrote a huge part of the Book of Mormon! Because of that prayer of his father. So we have begun leaving lists of the names of people with a baptismal date and also our progressing investigators with our member so that they can pray for them. And we have explained to them the Prayer of Faith and how each prayer helps these people progress to the goal of reaching the waters of baptism. So I know like you mentioned, that prayer has a very powerful effect on how things turn out, and not only do we strengthen the ones that we pray for, but also ourselves. I have learned so much about the power of prayer on my mission and I have seen the power it has in other's lives as well. It is one of our most powerful tools that we have!

Mom!!! In the 160's! That is so so so cool!! Yes please do send pictures I really want to see!!! I am going to pass you up it looks like! Haha :) But that is so amazing! I am so proud of you. Can't wait to see the pictures and I will be sending some too soon. :)

So our weather has been like yours I guess. Friday it was 95 degrees and very humid! Unlike Utah. And then Saturday it rained all day really hard. The streets were literally covered in like 2 inches of rain. It was kinda like a little flood. And on Sunday we had the loudest thunder storm I have heard in my life. It was pouring rain, and the thunder was really shaking things in our apartment. It was crazy!! but cool at the same time. :)

Well I am trying very hard to stay obedient and I am keeping my intentions and desires on the good side. But I am sad at how little success we have had. Since I have been out here in this area there has only been one baptism and I don't really feel like I am fulfilling my purpose the way I should be. Our purpose is to find, invite, teach, and baptize. We are doing pretty much plenty of the first 3 but the last one not so much. It is very hard to get a person you've just found, to baptism. Harder then I imagined before my mission. It takes so much work. And a lot of work on their part too. Hopefully things will start to take a turn for the better.... We do have some people looking pretty good, but you never know. It's a decision they make for themselves.And yes mom I totally agree!! We only get one life to live so we should take advantage of it!! We should be happy and try and live our life to the fullest! Life is a great gift that God has given us. so BE HAPPY! :)

Well I love you all very very much!!! Hope all is well over there! I can't believe it's been just about 5 months. It's so crazy! It's going fast. But I am loving it and enjoying it. Hope all is well with you as well. And way to go Justin for getting everyone together for family prayer every morning. That is so great and I am very happy you are doing that. I can't say it enough. There is so much power in prayer.

Well I love you and until next week..... :)Oh yeah and mom you are becoming a really "techno-geek." With your bluetooth and all your wireless stuff. Oh AND an i-pod? :) I love ya!Look forward to talking to you! Just 13 days! Hope you are excited! Well duh.... of course ya are. :)Is all the fam doin good? :)

Love always- - -Elder Moore

Monday, April 20, 2009

April 20, 2009

Hey Fammers! What's a crackin?

Mom, that's awesome that Cynthia called you! She is so cool. That is just a really cool family. I am going to send home pictures the first week of May, and I have one with that family so you can see them. But yeah at dinner, (by the way they are very poor but feed us so so so much! And they love life! They really love the missionaries. They are recent converts of 4 and 6 months, her and her husband). But anyways... at dinner I asked her if she had free long distance and she said yes and that we could use her phone all day if we want. We can't call from our phone home because we don't have long distance, so they ask us to use someone else's phone. So she told us we could. And as you said she was like "call your mom. Call her, she would love to hear from you." Ha but yes I told her I couldn't. I have to follow the rules. :) But she did ask if she could call you. And I am glad she did. :)But ha, she is much too nice. I am not fluent in the language. Far from! But I am glad she said that. And yes, my reading in Spanish has gotten a lot better. :) I am glad to hear she said all those nice things.

Yes, we did have dinner with Kelly and her husband yesterday. that was cool meeting them. They also showed me a picture of dad and Byron when they were like 12. They were very nice people! And offered to have us over again. We did talk a lot about missions because one of her sons didn't go. And the other is 19 and doesn't know if he wants to go anymore. He has a girlfriend and he is going to school. And just isn't sure. So we talked a lot about our missions and the experiences we've had and how they have made us stronger. And just things like that. It was good.

So that's a major bummer to go from Texas weather to snowy Utah weather! How is the weather here?... Mmm... It's good! Today it's like 70. Saturday morning was nuts. At 8:00 it was pooring rain and really foggy! By 12 it was 70 degrees. But it's really nice. We are getting 60's and 70's.

Haha that is so so cool and Dusty is in your Temple group! I miss that guy! How is he doing? Isn't he just the nicest guy. Say hi to him from me. I loved being his buddy at special needs. We had a good friendship. And he has the nicest parents too.

Ok so Mother's Day.... Coming up! I can't wait! So our church is from 9-12 also. I will probably end up calling around 5:30 our time. I think.... So like 4:30 there. I will ask Cynthia and Mauracio when we can come over. They wouldn't care if we stayed all day there and just talked. But yeah.... I don't know actually when I'll call. It may just be a surprise and just after church sometime. And yeah I can just talk as long as I want. :) So I hope your looking forward to it! I know I am!

Man I feel so sad for the Sohm family. They are such an amazing family and definately don't deserve everything that is happening to them. Let em know I love them.

So this week wasn't too bad. We went and saw Arturo Vega and his family again. They are a really cool family. We are going to be seeing him again on Saturday and will set him for baptism then. We had a great talk about the Priesthood with him. He really likes it. We told him that you get the Aaronic priesthood at 12 and the Mel....(don'tknow how to spell it.) at 18ish. And he was like, well I am 33, can I still recieve it. And we were like OF COURSE!! So we had a great lesson with him. And he has a sons that are 12, 10, and 5, and a daughter that is 11. So that would be so cool to baptize their family. Things are looking really good for that right now. And especially with his wife and parents being members.

I am excited for this Saturday.We have an appointment with Maria tonight at 6:30. I have had some of my most powerful lessons with her. I am looking forward to it!

So last Monday we had exchanges with the Assistants to the president. I went out with Elder Marchant. Just an amazing missionary! But I was so scared because he doesn't speak any spanish. And well I am still learning. But we went and saw Gabriel, he has a baptism date for the 25th, but we are going to have to push it back, he is still struggling with the Word of Wisdom. But wow, we had an awesome lesson with him. And the spirit was so strong. And I understood everything he said to me and translated for Elder Marchant so he could be a part of it too. And we had such a powerful lesson with him about drinking and he kept saying I can't stop, but I want too. So we talked about how he could get help and shared scriputures and talked about prayer and the Atonement. And it was really really cool. One of the best I have had.

Alister is still doing really good. He is by far our coolest investigator and just really wants to learn. I love him. He is a great guy. We are working really hard with him. I love how he asks questions too. He really wants to know and has so many good questions. He is just a nice guy. We go see him almost every day.

On Wednesday we went to the temple which was great!! But before that, we were out in the area of the temple and our appointment we had out there fell we decided to go walk around a trailer park out there and we found 4 single guys that had just moved here. They are all living together and just looking for work and we gave them each a Book of Mormon and we are going to go see them Wednesday. I am excited to teach them. They seemed really interested and one of the guys just moved here from Salt Lake, so he knows a lot about the church already.

Veronica called us and invited us to go to the Trail Center with her. That's rare. An investigator inviting us there. But I am really excited, we are going to watch the Joseph Smith movie with her. And try and set her for baptism. She is a strong investigator!

Also we found another guy named Gavino. He is an awesome investigator with a drinking problem too. He really wants to stop as well. He was some really good potential. Oh and also tonight we got a referal from ANOTHER family that we are going to see. We have been finding quite a few families which I am way excited about!So that's about the jist of the week.

Wasatch Running sent me 2 shirts! Our 5 years running shirt which is way cool!!!! I will send a picture home of it to you. And another one of our cool Wasatch shirts that they all wrote stuff on. Good memories! Ha they are funny! I miss that group. They are some of the coolest people I know. So the race is next Monday. And I will be representing the store. :) But I don't know how good I'll be representing them. It's been a while since I have run. But I am sure I can get through 3 miles.

So I really liked that analogy Sister Dixon gave about Lazarus. That is a VERY COOL one. We had ward conference yesterday and President Bartlett, our stake president said something interesting too. He said, the Lord has made time for us, we need to make time for him. And he also said, "Be occupied doing so many good things, that there is no time to do those things that aren't pleasing to the Lord." I love that man. I also had my interview with President Newman this week. It went really really good! He said so many great things that I really needed to hear. He really is an inspired man.

Well I love you all very much!!! I miss you! Hope all is well! I am really enjoying my mission. It's hard being away from everyone. But I know I will see you all before you know it. I love serving the Lord. I love teaching people and meeting people. Take care!!

Love always,
Elder Moore

Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13, 2009

Hey hey hey!

Well ha, mom to answer one of your questions right of the bat, what did we have for easter dinner...... Well that is a great question. I had a bowl of Fruit Loops, and.... some of that Easter candy I got from you. It was great!

Well yesterday we had stake conference. Apparantly 6 states around here were having stake conference on the same day. Well guess who spoke to us?... Well Steven E. Snow, president of the 70, Also the woman who is the primary president, Dallin H. Oaks, and drumroll.....President Thomas S. Monson! It was a great conference. We watched it on the tv though, ya know they weren't actually there. But it was still good. We had a good turn out in the spanish room. It was packed. It was a good stake conference. They spoke about needing a spouse that supports you in what you do and your beliefs. And temple marriage. And things like that.

Well this week was... I guess a pretty good one. We found 13 new people to teach. Three families. It's very rare to teach families here. Most are here alone working, and their children are still in Mexico or any other country they are from. We were very fortunate this week to find 3!! I have been praying to find a family to teach and this week.... we got it! So we received a phone call from a guy that lives in California, he said that he was going to be out with his wife and wanted us to teach the gospel to his son and his family that lives here. So him and his wife came out from California and we went over there on Friday. So we came to find out, the guy we are teaching, his name is Arturo, his wife is a memeber but hasn't gone to church in 10 years. That's great, he will have really good member support! Also a co worker of his was there, she is a returned missionary, she has been back for a year and a half. So we had me and Elder Herrera, the 2 parents, the returned missionary, and his wife. Wow, lots of members at one lesson! It was great though! I think he is definately going to be baptized. We have a return appointment this week. And after our amazing lesson.... it was a good one! They fed us a huge spaghetti meal! It was great! They are a cool family. They have an autistic boy who is 5. He is way cool. They were like, say hi to Elder Moore and he said "Hi Elmer Moore" Ha it just made me laugh.And then as a I mentioned we found 2 other families that we will be teaching this week.

Alister is still moving along. He is such a cool guy! We really like him and enjoying teaching him. He is just funny and cool to be around. Gabriel, he is still having Word of Wisdom problems, but is progressing. He is better now than when we found him. So things are going good there. Slowly but surely. Georginia, we had a really good lesson with her on Saturday night about prayer and faith, and we read parts of Enos with her. She will be baptized in May. We spoke with her about this. And she says she feels really good about it, but wants to learn a little more.

Aren't the thunder and lighting storms just crazy! They are so different in the midwest then in Utah. They are so neat to watch!

So about what you said about how God prepares people and puts them in our paths. That is very true. It talks about that in section 100 of Doctrina and Convenios. It says that the Lord had people prepared for us where we are and that he will place them in our paths. It also says in Preach My Gospel, pray to recognize these people.

So by the way. Wow, I am out of shape. But this morning me and Elder Herrera played 30! games of tennis. Yeah we played for a while! It was a lot of fun. But I am sore. I don't know how I am going to run 3 miles at the end of this month.We saw a car stalled on a hill, it died. And a guy trying to push it up on his own. We parked our car and ran over to help them. Holiness! Pushing that car up that hill and to the nearest gas station wore me out. I felt like I had just run a race. That's when I realized I need to start running more and excersising more. We talked to the Bishop and he is going to let us use his weight room and his apartments. Hopefully that will help some. It looks like I have a double chin. Ha! Oh well! I am going to be sending home some pictures to ya the first week of May. Ok? ok!

Well I love you all very much! I love hearing from you. And in less then a month I'll be calling you! Woohoo! Hope your excited. I am! Take care of yourselves! I love you all!

Love always,
Elder Moore

Monday, April 6, 2009

April 6, 2009

Family and friends- - -This weekend was really amazing! I gained a new love for conference this week and for our Prophet, Thomas S. Monson. When I saw him for the first time on the t.v. I was like WOW!!! He is who I am out telling the world about. It was so cool! I watched conference at the Stake Center, which is like 30 minutes away. And watched it all in Spanish with a few investigators. I caught most of it. But I am excited to get the ensign with all the talks in it so I can pick up on what I missed.L. Tom Perry threw it down! We really needed that talk. It's true, knocking doors is a complete waste of time. Most baptisms come from member referalls so we really needed that talk. I was so excited he addressed that. Every member a missionary! Just like David A. Bednar said.Henry B. Eyrings talk in the Saturday morning session was absolutely amazing! About the atonement and about Christ. Jeffrey R. Holland always gives great words of advice and the talks he gives are always incredible! He is definately one of my favorite speakers. Yes! Henry B. Eyring's talk about "Man Down" in priesthood was really good! They truly are inspired men of God. It was really neat to be able to hear them all speak. As if God himself was speaking. "As by my mouth, or the mouths of my servants it is the same." I totally saw that. It was like being taught from on high.I really enjoyed conference and hope you all did too. Probably the 2 most powerful words from Conference I thought were "CEASE NOW!"- Thomas S. Monson. Wow!I thought the genereal theme seemed to be focused so much around temples and strengthing families. As well as prayer. Just an amazing conference!

Well this week was... well another week. Elisa moved to California which was a bummer. She is going to be baptized out there. She left to go out there for her mom's surgery. So the missionaries out there are going to be baptizing her. I am just glad she is going to be baptized. We are all on the same team. Alister, well.... he found a job the day of his wedding and we weren't able to marry them. We showed up with the Bishop at the scheduled time and Erika said he had found a job that day. They will be married this week. And then we can finally baptize Alister. He is an awesome investigator.Georginia came to Conference yesterday. That was great. I was able to talk with her a little afterwards about what she felt and thought of the conference. She has been to church 10 times now. We are just waiting for her to receive an answer to her prayer. We are going to go over there tonight and talk with her. She is living with La Familia Ramirez, a recent convert family who is VERY strong in the church. So, I have high hopes for her and she has great member support.Veronica also came to Conference and really enjoyed it. I have a strong feeling that she is going to be baptized. I just wish she wasn't living with her brother who doesn't want us over there.Her Dad, Jose, he had a baptismal date when I got here. But stopped talking to the missionaries. We weren't able to talk to him for a little over a month. But one day this past week I felt the impression to go over there. So we did. He let us in and we talked for about 45 minutes. We are going to go to the trail center with him this week and watch either the Joseph Smith movie or the Testaments. We'll see. He just said, when he feels something he will be baptized. He just hasn't felt anything yet.We had another very powerful lesson with Maria. When we left Elder Herrera said that was one of the most powerful lessons he has ever been apart of. I agreed. My two most powerful lessons have been with Maria. She has had a very hard life and gets pretty emotional when we teach her. Her daughters are members and she has good member support from them and from Sister Bailey. She moved to Elkhorn though which is like 45 minutes away. So it's hard getting out to see her all the time. Especailly with the miles limitation on the car. I really don't like that much. We have people that need our help but we can't see them as much as they need. Oh well.... Things are going really good with her.It's been an alright week.

Conference was definately the highlight. Still having a hard time getting Elder Herrera motivated. But It's forcing me to speak a lot more since he won't talk to people on the streets. So that's good in a way. I do all the street contacts.

So the last Monday of the transfer. I believe it's the last Monday of this month. The trail center is hosting a 5k race. President Newman will be running in it. He heard I was a runner and called up and said if I beat him he will have us over for his wife's home cooking. Ha! Well I haven't run since the hot dog night with my Wasatch friends. So 4 1/2 months and 18 pounds later here I am. Haha. By the way my Wasatch friends, Glen, Darrell, Eager, Brad, and Madison, I ate 8 tostadas on Thursday. I think I can handle 6 hot dogs and a few orders of fries when I get back. :) I wish I would have brought a Wasatch shirt out with me to represent! But yeah I am going to go run it. And try not to die. Elder Herrera is anit-running. So I won't be able to get much training in. But I'll find ways to get in shape.LIke running in place at the apartment or somethin. Ha ok just kidding. But actually I have been working out every day. And I benched 155 lbs. 2 days ago! I've never done that much before. So I am not too out of shape.

So that's about the news from Nebraska. The Spanish still continues to creep along. I think by June I will be pretty good.

This week here we had some horrible thunder and lighting storms. Thunder and lighting storms in the midwest are nothing like anything I have experienced before. We had hail and rain, and a snow storm too! Crazy weather week! but it's supposed to be 70's this week.

That is so awesome that brooklyn is teaching a sign language class after school!! That girl never ceases to amaze me with all the things she is capable of! Maybe she can teach me a little when I get back. That way I could be trilingual. Ha kinda :) I loved the letter she sent me too. She is so cute! I miss that little girl. Tell her I'll be writing her back. And how was her April Fools Joke? With her bandages and everything? Ah I was laughing so hard! The things she comes up with. Did ya take a picture of it?

So Amber came over for a little while huh? That's great! She really does have some amazing goals in life and can do anything she sets her mind too. She definately is an amazing girl like you said and very special. Ha yeah Alejandra told me she requested to be my friend on Facebook. She is one of our less active members we are working with.

I have heard a little about the new mission president. But I do look forward to reading that article. President and Sister Newman are incredible people though! From everything I have heard and seen they have changed this mission so much. He has really up the standard on us too these next 3 weeks. He has set some high numbers. But he truly is an inspired man. So we've got some hard work in head of us the next three weeks. I am looking forward to it!

Sounds like the temple thing is going to be crazy awesome!!! You'll have to give me all the details on it!Once again we were very blessed to hear the words of our church leaders. Live by them. They are what protect us. I love this work and I have such a strong and growing testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ. I love you all. Take care.

Love Always,
Elder Moore