Monday, April 20, 2009

April 20, 2009

Hey Fammers! What's a crackin?

Mom, that's awesome that Cynthia called you! She is so cool. That is just a really cool family. I am going to send home pictures the first week of May, and I have one with that family so you can see them. But yeah at dinner, (by the way they are very poor but feed us so so so much! And they love life! They really love the missionaries. They are recent converts of 4 and 6 months, her and her husband). But anyways... at dinner I asked her if she had free long distance and she said yes and that we could use her phone all day if we want. We can't call from our phone home because we don't have long distance, so they ask us to use someone else's phone. So she told us we could. And as you said she was like "call your mom. Call her, she would love to hear from you." Ha but yes I told her I couldn't. I have to follow the rules. :) But she did ask if she could call you. And I am glad she did. :)But ha, she is much too nice. I am not fluent in the language. Far from! But I am glad she said that. And yes, my reading in Spanish has gotten a lot better. :) I am glad to hear she said all those nice things.

Yes, we did have dinner with Kelly and her husband yesterday. that was cool meeting them. They also showed me a picture of dad and Byron when they were like 12. They were very nice people! And offered to have us over again. We did talk a lot about missions because one of her sons didn't go. And the other is 19 and doesn't know if he wants to go anymore. He has a girlfriend and he is going to school. And just isn't sure. So we talked a lot about our missions and the experiences we've had and how they have made us stronger. And just things like that. It was good.

So that's a major bummer to go from Texas weather to snowy Utah weather! How is the weather here?... Mmm... It's good! Today it's like 70. Saturday morning was nuts. At 8:00 it was pooring rain and really foggy! By 12 it was 70 degrees. But it's really nice. We are getting 60's and 70's.

Haha that is so so cool and Dusty is in your Temple group! I miss that guy! How is he doing? Isn't he just the nicest guy. Say hi to him from me. I loved being his buddy at special needs. We had a good friendship. And he has the nicest parents too.

Ok so Mother's Day.... Coming up! I can't wait! So our church is from 9-12 also. I will probably end up calling around 5:30 our time. I think.... So like 4:30 there. I will ask Cynthia and Mauracio when we can come over. They wouldn't care if we stayed all day there and just talked. But yeah.... I don't know actually when I'll call. It may just be a surprise and just after church sometime. And yeah I can just talk as long as I want. :) So I hope your looking forward to it! I know I am!

Man I feel so sad for the Sohm family. They are such an amazing family and definately don't deserve everything that is happening to them. Let em know I love them.

So this week wasn't too bad. We went and saw Arturo Vega and his family again. They are a really cool family. We are going to be seeing him again on Saturday and will set him for baptism then. We had a great talk about the Priesthood with him. He really likes it. We told him that you get the Aaronic priesthood at 12 and the Mel....(don'tknow how to spell it.) at 18ish. And he was like, well I am 33, can I still recieve it. And we were like OF COURSE!! So we had a great lesson with him. And he has a sons that are 12, 10, and 5, and a daughter that is 11. So that would be so cool to baptize their family. Things are looking really good for that right now. And especially with his wife and parents being members.

I am excited for this Saturday.We have an appointment with Maria tonight at 6:30. I have had some of my most powerful lessons with her. I am looking forward to it!

So last Monday we had exchanges with the Assistants to the president. I went out with Elder Marchant. Just an amazing missionary! But I was so scared because he doesn't speak any spanish. And well I am still learning. But we went and saw Gabriel, he has a baptism date for the 25th, but we are going to have to push it back, he is still struggling with the Word of Wisdom. But wow, we had an awesome lesson with him. And the spirit was so strong. And I understood everything he said to me and translated for Elder Marchant so he could be a part of it too. And we had such a powerful lesson with him about drinking and he kept saying I can't stop, but I want too. So we talked about how he could get help and shared scriputures and talked about prayer and the Atonement. And it was really really cool. One of the best I have had.

Alister is still doing really good. He is by far our coolest investigator and just really wants to learn. I love him. He is a great guy. We are working really hard with him. I love how he asks questions too. He really wants to know and has so many good questions. He is just a nice guy. We go see him almost every day.

On Wednesday we went to the temple which was great!! But before that, we were out in the area of the temple and our appointment we had out there fell we decided to go walk around a trailer park out there and we found 4 single guys that had just moved here. They are all living together and just looking for work and we gave them each a Book of Mormon and we are going to go see them Wednesday. I am excited to teach them. They seemed really interested and one of the guys just moved here from Salt Lake, so he knows a lot about the church already.

Veronica called us and invited us to go to the Trail Center with her. That's rare. An investigator inviting us there. But I am really excited, we are going to watch the Joseph Smith movie with her. And try and set her for baptism. She is a strong investigator!

Also we found another guy named Gavino. He is an awesome investigator with a drinking problem too. He really wants to stop as well. He was some really good potential. Oh and also tonight we got a referal from ANOTHER family that we are going to see. We have been finding quite a few families which I am way excited about!So that's about the jist of the week.

Wasatch Running sent me 2 shirts! Our 5 years running shirt which is way cool!!!! I will send a picture home of it to you. And another one of our cool Wasatch shirts that they all wrote stuff on. Good memories! Ha they are funny! I miss that group. They are some of the coolest people I know. So the race is next Monday. And I will be representing the store. :) But I don't know how good I'll be representing them. It's been a while since I have run. But I am sure I can get through 3 miles.

So I really liked that analogy Sister Dixon gave about Lazarus. That is a VERY COOL one. We had ward conference yesterday and President Bartlett, our stake president said something interesting too. He said, the Lord has made time for us, we need to make time for him. And he also said, "Be occupied doing so many good things, that there is no time to do those things that aren't pleasing to the Lord." I love that man. I also had my interview with President Newman this week. It went really really good! He said so many great things that I really needed to hear. He really is an inspired man.

Well I love you all very much!!! I miss you! Hope all is well! I am really enjoying my mission. It's hard being away from everyone. But I know I will see you all before you know it. I love serving the Lord. I love teaching people and meeting people. Take care!!

Love always,
Elder Moore

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