Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13, 2009

Hey hey hey!

Well ha, mom to answer one of your questions right of the bat, what did we have for easter dinner...... Well that is a great question. I had a bowl of Fruit Loops, and.... some of that Easter candy I got from you. It was great!

Well yesterday we had stake conference. Apparantly 6 states around here were having stake conference on the same day. Well guess who spoke to us?... Well Steven E. Snow, president of the 70, Also the woman who is the primary president, Dallin H. Oaks, and drumroll.....President Thomas S. Monson! It was a great conference. We watched it on the tv though, ya know they weren't actually there. But it was still good. We had a good turn out in the spanish room. It was packed. It was a good stake conference. They spoke about needing a spouse that supports you in what you do and your beliefs. And temple marriage. And things like that.

Well this week was... I guess a pretty good one. We found 13 new people to teach. Three families. It's very rare to teach families here. Most are here alone working, and their children are still in Mexico or any other country they are from. We were very fortunate this week to find 3!! I have been praying to find a family to teach and this week.... we got it! So we received a phone call from a guy that lives in California, he said that he was going to be out with his wife and wanted us to teach the gospel to his son and his family that lives here. So him and his wife came out from California and we went over there on Friday. So we came to find out, the guy we are teaching, his name is Arturo, his wife is a memeber but hasn't gone to church in 10 years. That's great, he will have really good member support! Also a co worker of his was there, she is a returned missionary, she has been back for a year and a half. So we had me and Elder Herrera, the 2 parents, the returned missionary, and his wife. Wow, lots of members at one lesson! It was great though! I think he is definately going to be baptized. We have a return appointment this week. And after our amazing lesson.... it was a good one! They fed us a huge spaghetti meal! It was great! They are a cool family. They have an autistic boy who is 5. He is way cool. They were like, say hi to Elder Moore and he said "Hi Elmer Moore" Ha it just made me laugh.And then as a I mentioned we found 2 other families that we will be teaching this week.

Alister is still moving along. He is such a cool guy! We really like him and enjoying teaching him. He is just funny and cool to be around. Gabriel, he is still having Word of Wisdom problems, but is progressing. He is better now than when we found him. So things are going good there. Slowly but surely. Georginia, we had a really good lesson with her on Saturday night about prayer and faith, and we read parts of Enos with her. She will be baptized in May. We spoke with her about this. And she says she feels really good about it, but wants to learn a little more.

Aren't the thunder and lighting storms just crazy! They are so different in the midwest then in Utah. They are so neat to watch!

So about what you said about how God prepares people and puts them in our paths. That is very true. It talks about that in section 100 of Doctrina and Convenios. It says that the Lord had people prepared for us where we are and that he will place them in our paths. It also says in Preach My Gospel, pray to recognize these people.

So by the way. Wow, I am out of shape. But this morning me and Elder Herrera played 30! games of tennis. Yeah we played for a while! It was a lot of fun. But I am sore. I don't know how I am going to run 3 miles at the end of this month.We saw a car stalled on a hill, it died. And a guy trying to push it up on his own. We parked our car and ran over to help them. Holiness! Pushing that car up that hill and to the nearest gas station wore me out. I felt like I had just run a race. That's when I realized I need to start running more and excersising more. We talked to the Bishop and he is going to let us use his weight room and his apartments. Hopefully that will help some. It looks like I have a double chin. Ha! Oh well! I am going to be sending home some pictures to ya the first week of May. Ok? ok!

Well I love you all very much! I love hearing from you. And in less then a month I'll be calling you! Woohoo! Hope your excited. I am! Take care of yourselves! I love you all!

Love always,
Elder Moore

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