Monday, September 28, 2009

September 28, 2009

Well hey Mom, although you didn't have much to say I still appreciated your letter. Thank you very much. It is pretty much the only thing I recieve so it is much appreciated. I am not complaining though. I don't mind. I do love hearing from you though.

Life is funny. You have everything you could possibly want. Then it's not there anymore. I am sure that you and Ginger have both experienced that. You get that kind of empty feeling. And you really don't know how to fill it. It happens sometimes. I have experienced that as well out here.

We had a great zone conference this past week. We had Elder Sybrowski from the 70 here, and his wife. It was amazing. The spirit was very strong. He seperated the Elders from the Sisters and spoke to us for an hour. Wow.... He said in all of his visits to missions (40-50) he had never done that before. He said he felt prompted to, and told us about the things that were wrong in our mission. What we were doing wrong as Missionaries. He said before he started, that he was doing it because he loved us. Wanted us to be better. And it has helped. It's amazing the things he pointed out that were wrong about our mission. That were wrong about the missionaries here. It was all right. He really is an inspired man. The conference was incredible. The best I have had yet.

Well as far as teaching goes.... still not finding people. No one is interested in hearing us. Alma and Eric are still looking solid for their date. They are doing great. Hispanics have a phrase that goes like this.... "Si Dios quierre." Which means.... if God wants. I hear that so much. You invite them to church and they say that. It's like of course he wants you too!So we were with Alma and Eric on Friday and right as we were leaving I said, "Ok well we'll see you at church on Sunday" and Alma said.... "Si Dios quierre." To which I responded, "Yes he wants you to, we want you too, and you want too. So we will see you there." Then she said, "Will you come by tomorrow?".... So I took this as a perfect oppurtunity. I said, "Si Dios quierre." :) Haha. To which she replied.... "Yes he does." Ha, it was funny. But they love having us over there and teaching them. It's fun.

So yesterday we had a way awesome lesson with Fransisco in the Goff's house. It was so powerful. He has been to church many times and works a lot. He also lives with friends so we can't teach him in his house. Which is a bummer, because he lives in the apartment next to ours. But he said, he is still learning, and not ready quite yet to be baptzied, but when he is ready, he says he will do it gladly! The Sandovals pretty much rock! I love that family, we spend a lot of time with them! Tony recieved the priesthood yesterday!! And Tony and Veronica both gave the prayers in Sacrament meeting! It was sweet. Outside of that.... it was a very uneventful week. Not much has been happening lately. We have been working and trying to find people. But.... no one is ready to accept us. It's hard when that happens. But we'll keep trying.

Say hi to the Wilcox family for me please. That would be great. Thank you!!That is awesome that Justin is doing some sweet missionary work! I am proud of him. It's good he is beginning to prepare himself. How is my little sister doing? Well I love you all. Thank you for your letter mom. It is very much appreciated! Take care.

Love, Elder Moore

And look at you with your new high tech phone!! You crazy! :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

September 21, 2009

Well Alright.... where to start with this week....

It really wasn't full of many many exciting things. And the one exciting thing that did happen kind of got shot down. Here is what I mean...We have been teaching Alma and Eric for quite some time now as you know. They are a really cool couple, living together, not married, have a one year old daughter named Jarumi, and another daughter on the way. So we had a really powerful lesson with them this past week, we watched The Restoration, and talked about how the gospel was restored. They loved it. I had told Elder Morrill before we went in that we were going to set them for baptism. I was set on setting them. They had been to church like 4 times and were just doing awesome. So we watched the video and talked some. But Eric loves to talk. Ah man, he just goes off. So... he went off on like a 30 minute deal- about a lot of things dealing with churches. Finally the opportunity presented itself and I jumped right in and talked about authority and how Joseph Smith had received it. And we asked them to be baptized on the 26th of this month. And Eric and Alma both said yes. That it was what they wanted to do! We were super excited!

But as we know.... you have to be married to be baptized. So they went down to the court to take out their marriage license AND.... ONLY in the state of Nebraska do you have to be 19 without a parent's signature to be married.... Alma is 18. She will be turning 19 in October on the 28th, so they are going to get married that day and baptized on Halloween!! So at least they are still getting baptized. But now we are really going to have to "baby" them to make sure they stay strong.
So we won't be having another baptism this Saturday... although all of us really wanted too. But it's ok, I am just really happy that they have the desire to be baptized!

So other than that not much happened this week. We have been knocking a lot of doors and talking to everyone on the street, but our pool of investigators remains low. We really aren't teaching many people right now which is a bummer. But we will continue looking.

Scott Cole is 40 eh? Wow.... I bet I could totally take him in a ball game now.... that old man. :)

Haha, yeah ain't Sister Morris awesome? I think so. We have gotten a pretty tight relationship. And I am glad she had good things to say about me. :) Ah man, the start of my mission... I remember those days. Wow mom! Yeah, well guess what?! My basketball antics have changed quite a bit. Wait till President Becerra sees me now. :)

Skip is the man! I love that guy. He has done so much for our family. I don't think he realizes how many things he has helped us get through. How many things he has helped me get through. We are so lucky to have him as a friend and as a home teacher. He really just does try and make everyone around him better. He has always put himself second and no matter how much he was struggling, he was still always helping others. I hope to have as strong a testimony as Skip. He is probably going to hate me bragging on him like this when he reads this. :) Sorry Skip.

So BYU stunk it up! They definitely proved that they are not a BCS type team this past Saturday. They got killed!

Oh yeah... the Sandovals still rock! Antonio is going to receive the priesthood this next Sunday and Veronica got a church calling. She is a primary teacher. :)

Oh yeah... I so wish I would have brought the video camera to our ward activity. It was a cultural activity where everyone came and told about their country and brought food from their country and taught us some things. And then haha Sister Barrera called me out and said I was going to do some dance moves, since she had seen me dance at her house before. :) So I was like.... uh oh. SO I went up there and said... ok everyone stand up... and I am going to teach you all how white people dance. Hahaha wow it was so hilarious!!!! I was laughing so hard. Watching all these people do the dance moves I was showing them. It was so awesome!!!

Guess what.... our stake conference is the second week of October and Elder Cook from the 12 is coming to it! Sweet eh? I am way excited! And I can't believe that it is already time for another general conference. These past 6 months flew by!

Well I love you all very much! I am glad that the Wilcox's are getting settled in. It is going to be fun having them there. I am sad they had to move in under these circumstances. But I will love having them.

Mom thanks for that email. I do have wonderful people around me. I have that picture up on my wall of my 3 favorite girls. I am really really lucky to have you all in my life. Mom I love you! I am so glad we developed such a close relationship before I left on my mission. Most kids can't tell their mom EVERYTHING. But I felt that I could with you. I love having that kind of relationship with my mom!

I do love the mission and it has changed me so much already!!! I am so glad I am a member of this church. I love you mom!!

Take Care!!
Elder Moore

Monday, September 14, 2009

September 14, 2009i - MISSION POSSIBLE!

Hey Hey Hola!

Woohoo, we baptized and confirmed the Sandoval Family this week!!! It was so so awesome. It's amazing to see how much they are embracing the gospel. Mark, the 11 (almost 12) year old is already talking about a mission and wants us to help him begin to study Preach My Gospel. He told us he wants to serve a 17 year mission. Haha! Funny kid. Actually this kid is hilarious. He doesn't know the english word for "bishop" so he always calls him "the obispo" when he is speaking in English. It's hilarious. Whenever someone sins or something he says, "I am going to tell the Obispo on you." Haha.So after the baptism we went to theIR house for a bbq. We grilled up hamburgers and us men were standing around the grill, drinking lemonade. And Mark was there. And we were like... Mark this is what it's like to be a man. Standing around grills and talking about guy stuff. So I asked him.... Mark what is your favorite grill...... He said.... I don't know, I like ours. Haha! Then he asked if we had a grill, we told him no. So then he said.... You should ask the obispo for a grill. Haha. It's so much fun being with this family.

Then we were eating burgers at the table and I asked him, ok Mark now that you are becoming a man, what are your 3 favorite "man" things to do? He said, let me think, you tell me first so I said: 1- I like to stand around grills and talk 2- I like movies with Karate and guns 3- I like to go to nascar races. So Mark said: 1- I like to kick butts (this kid is a tiny kid, obviously never done that)2- I like to go to the gym..... (once again... never done that)3- Ride bikes. Hahaha. This kid is hilarious!!

So wow..... they are such an awesome family. They are going to be so strong. yesterday in Gospel principles we talked about the sabbath day and keeping it holy. So they said they didn't listen to music on the way home, they weren't getting on the computer, and she said.... eventually we won't watch t.v. Haha. They were also talking about things from the church they are excited to buy. It's so incredible how strong they are as recent converts.

Veronica told us that Atonio got mad at Mark for "disrespecting" us, because he treats us like kids. Tony told Mark that he respects us and that Mark needs to as well.....I just laughed, because the reason he thinks we are kids is my own fault....I have gone down the stairs in a laundry basket wearing a helmet, played them in the wii, rode around on a scooter, taught them a dance move or 2, "wet willied" Mark, taught him how to become a man in the most ridiculous ways ever.....because in all honesty, I am still learning how to become a man, etc. So I don't blame him for goofing off with me. I am just a goof.So yes, this week was so so so cool!! This is an awesome family.

Veronica told us that she didn't want to get baptized like 3 days before her baptism because she didn't want us to stop coming because she wants to keep learning. We said, we are going to be coming here all the time still and teaching you and hanging out with you. So no worries.... ha so she said ok! Then I want to get baptized. She is already planning ward activities on how we can all get to know eachother better. It's sweet!!!

Ok so moving on....Eric and Alma, I feel bad, we didn't go see them much this past week because we had to be visiting The Sandoval family 2 times a day. So we could talk to Tony and Veronica in the morning, then Tony would go to work and we would come back and teach the kids when they got home from school.... so anyways... didn't see them much. But yesterday, to our surprise they just showed up at church!!! Without us inviting them or anything. So the bishop talked to them and the first day it rains here, Eric won't be able to work, so we are going to get them married that day. And they don't have a baptismal date, but we are thinking next Saturday they will get baptized. So we should have 2 more we are hoping! We have an appointment with them tonight, and we plan on setting them for baptism.

So I printed off a bunch of pictures to send you like 3 weeks ago, but I haven't sent them yet. So I will print off a few more and send them all off ok? Sweet!! And I will attach a few to this email from the baptism. Oh man, it was so so so awesome!!And the even more awesome thing is.... I will be here when they go threw the temple to be sealed together.

I am so excited for that.So that is so so cool that Ginger and her kids have moved in. I think that is totally sweet!! And it's going to be fun hanging out with all them when I get back. I love that family. They are such a strong family. I think them living there will help a lot of things.

Well sorry so short.... but I have to go now. I am glad to hear all is going well. I love you all very much!!! Take care. Baptizing is awesome. And the church is Awesome. And..... Eternal families is awesome!! Take care everyone.

Elder Moore

Monday, September 7, 2009

September 7, 2009

Hey there!
So I say... this should be an awesome week because Veronica and her family will be getting baptized this Saturday. I am so excited!!!
So I was not transferred obviousy. :) But Elder King was. :( We were both bummed about that. We got along really well and had some good times together.
My new companion is Elder Morrill. He has been out almost 4 months and was called English. He did take Spanish in school for like 4 years.... but I am teaching him a lot and doing much of the teaching in lessons. It's a big change. It's helping my Spanish a lot. But still.... it's very challenging having to do just about all the teaching. I was also called to be the District Leader. So this transfer brought a lot of changes.
Veronica and Antonio were married this past Saturday. It was awesome!!! They had me be one of their witnesses. Ha it was sweet. I love this family. We have become so close. President Kunz is going to have to interview them though because of something they had happen 13 years ago. But I am pretty sure they are going to do just fine. They are all so excited!! And the members have helped us out so much with them by making them feel welcome and calling them to invite them to church. So this Saturday is going to be a 5 baptism Saturday!!!! Oh wow, I am so excited to see this family be baptized. I love how God answers prayers. Me and Elder King decided to pray for a family. And we prayed for like 10 days, and then found the Sandoval family!!
We've been having so much fun with them. Last night we made popcorn and watched The Testaments. And Veronica was crying at the end. It was so powerful! And we had a huge cookout for their wedding. Haha, and guess what?! They have 2 other daughters that are 16 and 18 that don't live with them, (they are in a foster care thing because they have stealing problems) but they were at the wedding, and the 16 year old is very straight up, she asked me on a date. Ha, had to explain that we don't date. Haha, I thought it was so funny.
But the cool experience we had with them this week......
So on last Friday they were still a little unsure whether they wanted to be baptized this upcoming Saturday. So we had a really good lesson with the whole family. And I told each of them to say a prayer and keep their eyes closed for 30 seconds and listen for an answer. So Arianna and Marco did it with us there, it was so cool. And I told Veronica to ask God if she should be baptized on the 12th. And we would come back the next day to talk about her answer. So we came back the next day and I asked her if she had prayed. She said she did, and I asked if she had received an answer. She said that that night she had a dream where she saw me baptizing her. And she knew that was her answer. I love how God answers prayers. He really does!

So also as district leader one of my responsibilities is to interview people in our district who are getting baptized. I have my first one this Friday. In all honesty I am kind of nervous. His name is Sergio, his whole family is members but he isn't. But he is going to be getting baptized this Saturday. That's going to be so cool and so exciting for the family.

So this week was full of a lot of powerful experiences with us and the Sandoval family. For their wedding gift I gave them a framed picture of the first presidency. And they have it up in their family room. Tomorrow also, we are going to their house to learn how to make Tamales. We are going to make them for the primary activity we have coming up. It is going to be sweet. People are bringing things from their countries and are going to be teaching us dances from their countries. It will be fun.

Veronica also suggested that we should talk to the Bishop and try and get a pot luck going once a month so the members can socialize and get to know each other better.
I am so excited for this family!!! So I will be here to see them get baptized. :)
So wow!!! That is such great news!! Of course the mission has its ups and downs. But It's still a great experience.

Everyone is just growing up so fast. It's funny to watch the world change, and the people you know go on with there lives, from a distance. So I hear the Cougars beat the #3 Sooners!!??? Holy man! And heck yes! Go Cougars! And The Huskers won big too 49-3. Elder King got lucky, he was transferred to Lincoln right as football season is starting. But Nebraska is crazy with football, even here in Omaha.

Haha so requests for a birthday box?..Mmm... You are already spending a lot of money on me. And I don't need much. So just a card would be nice. :) I really don't need much else.

So can you believe I got my mission call over a year ago?! That is so crazy to think about?!?!?! And I am coming up on the year mark. It's sneaking up. I can't believe how fast it is going now. I do love it though. Especially when we are working with families like the Sandovals.

Well that's that I think for now. I love you all so much! Sounds like all is well up there.

Look forward to pictures attached to this email of people dressed in white next week! :)

I love you. Take care!!! Thank you!
Elder Moore