Monday, September 14, 2009

September 14, 2009i - MISSION POSSIBLE!

Hey Hey Hola!

Woohoo, we baptized and confirmed the Sandoval Family this week!!! It was so so awesome. It's amazing to see how much they are embracing the gospel. Mark, the 11 (almost 12) year old is already talking about a mission and wants us to help him begin to study Preach My Gospel. He told us he wants to serve a 17 year mission. Haha! Funny kid. Actually this kid is hilarious. He doesn't know the english word for "bishop" so he always calls him "the obispo" when he is speaking in English. It's hilarious. Whenever someone sins or something he says, "I am going to tell the Obispo on you." Haha.So after the baptism we went to theIR house for a bbq. We grilled up hamburgers and us men were standing around the grill, drinking lemonade. And Mark was there. And we were like... Mark this is what it's like to be a man. Standing around grills and talking about guy stuff. So I asked him.... Mark what is your favorite grill...... He said.... I don't know, I like ours. Haha! Then he asked if we had a grill, we told him no. So then he said.... You should ask the obispo for a grill. Haha. It's so much fun being with this family.

Then we were eating burgers at the table and I asked him, ok Mark now that you are becoming a man, what are your 3 favorite "man" things to do? He said, let me think, you tell me first so I said: 1- I like to stand around grills and talk 2- I like movies with Karate and guns 3- I like to go to nascar races. So Mark said: 1- I like to kick butts (this kid is a tiny kid, obviously never done that)2- I like to go to the gym..... (once again... never done that)3- Ride bikes. Hahaha. This kid is hilarious!!

So wow..... they are such an awesome family. They are going to be so strong. yesterday in Gospel principles we talked about the sabbath day and keeping it holy. So they said they didn't listen to music on the way home, they weren't getting on the computer, and she said.... eventually we won't watch t.v. Haha. They were also talking about things from the church they are excited to buy. It's so incredible how strong they are as recent converts.

Veronica told us that Atonio got mad at Mark for "disrespecting" us, because he treats us like kids. Tony told Mark that he respects us and that Mark needs to as well.....I just laughed, because the reason he thinks we are kids is my own fault....I have gone down the stairs in a laundry basket wearing a helmet, played them in the wii, rode around on a scooter, taught them a dance move or 2, "wet willied" Mark, taught him how to become a man in the most ridiculous ways ever.....because in all honesty, I am still learning how to become a man, etc. So I don't blame him for goofing off with me. I am just a goof.So yes, this week was so so so cool!! This is an awesome family.

Veronica told us that she didn't want to get baptized like 3 days before her baptism because she didn't want us to stop coming because she wants to keep learning. We said, we are going to be coming here all the time still and teaching you and hanging out with you. So no worries.... ha so she said ok! Then I want to get baptized. She is already planning ward activities on how we can all get to know eachother better. It's sweet!!!

Ok so moving on....Eric and Alma, I feel bad, we didn't go see them much this past week because we had to be visiting The Sandoval family 2 times a day. So we could talk to Tony and Veronica in the morning, then Tony would go to work and we would come back and teach the kids when they got home from school.... so anyways... didn't see them much. But yesterday, to our surprise they just showed up at church!!! Without us inviting them or anything. So the bishop talked to them and the first day it rains here, Eric won't be able to work, so we are going to get them married that day. And they don't have a baptismal date, but we are thinking next Saturday they will get baptized. So we should have 2 more we are hoping! We have an appointment with them tonight, and we plan on setting them for baptism.

So I printed off a bunch of pictures to send you like 3 weeks ago, but I haven't sent them yet. So I will print off a few more and send them all off ok? Sweet!! And I will attach a few to this email from the baptism. Oh man, it was so so so awesome!!And the even more awesome thing is.... I will be here when they go threw the temple to be sealed together.

I am so excited for that.So that is so so cool that Ginger and her kids have moved in. I think that is totally sweet!! And it's going to be fun hanging out with all them when I get back. I love that family. They are such a strong family. I think them living there will help a lot of things.

Well sorry so short.... but I have to go now. I am glad to hear all is going well. I love you all very much!!! Take care. Baptizing is awesome. And the church is Awesome. And..... Eternal families is awesome!! Take care everyone.

Elder Moore

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