Monday, September 21, 2009

September 21, 2009

Well Alright.... where to start with this week....

It really wasn't full of many many exciting things. And the one exciting thing that did happen kind of got shot down. Here is what I mean...We have been teaching Alma and Eric for quite some time now as you know. They are a really cool couple, living together, not married, have a one year old daughter named Jarumi, and another daughter on the way. So we had a really powerful lesson with them this past week, we watched The Restoration, and talked about how the gospel was restored. They loved it. I had told Elder Morrill before we went in that we were going to set them for baptism. I was set on setting them. They had been to church like 4 times and were just doing awesome. So we watched the video and talked some. But Eric loves to talk. Ah man, he just goes off. So... he went off on like a 30 minute deal- about a lot of things dealing with churches. Finally the opportunity presented itself and I jumped right in and talked about authority and how Joseph Smith had received it. And we asked them to be baptized on the 26th of this month. And Eric and Alma both said yes. That it was what they wanted to do! We were super excited!

But as we know.... you have to be married to be baptized. So they went down to the court to take out their marriage license AND.... ONLY in the state of Nebraska do you have to be 19 without a parent's signature to be married.... Alma is 18. She will be turning 19 in October on the 28th, so they are going to get married that day and baptized on Halloween!! So at least they are still getting baptized. But now we are really going to have to "baby" them to make sure they stay strong.
So we won't be having another baptism this Saturday... although all of us really wanted too. But it's ok, I am just really happy that they have the desire to be baptized!

So other than that not much happened this week. We have been knocking a lot of doors and talking to everyone on the street, but our pool of investigators remains low. We really aren't teaching many people right now which is a bummer. But we will continue looking.

Scott Cole is 40 eh? Wow.... I bet I could totally take him in a ball game now.... that old man. :)

Haha, yeah ain't Sister Morris awesome? I think so. We have gotten a pretty tight relationship. And I am glad she had good things to say about me. :) Ah man, the start of my mission... I remember those days. Wow mom! Yeah, well guess what?! My basketball antics have changed quite a bit. Wait till President Becerra sees me now. :)

Skip is the man! I love that guy. He has done so much for our family. I don't think he realizes how many things he has helped us get through. How many things he has helped me get through. We are so lucky to have him as a friend and as a home teacher. He really just does try and make everyone around him better. He has always put himself second and no matter how much he was struggling, he was still always helping others. I hope to have as strong a testimony as Skip. He is probably going to hate me bragging on him like this when he reads this. :) Sorry Skip.

So BYU stunk it up! They definitely proved that they are not a BCS type team this past Saturday. They got killed!

Oh yeah... the Sandovals still rock! Antonio is going to receive the priesthood this next Sunday and Veronica got a church calling. She is a primary teacher. :)

Oh yeah... I so wish I would have brought the video camera to our ward activity. It was a cultural activity where everyone came and told about their country and brought food from their country and taught us some things. And then haha Sister Barrera called me out and said I was going to do some dance moves, since she had seen me dance at her house before. :) So I was like.... uh oh. SO I went up there and said... ok everyone stand up... and I am going to teach you all how white people dance. Hahaha wow it was so hilarious!!!! I was laughing so hard. Watching all these people do the dance moves I was showing them. It was so awesome!!!

Guess what.... our stake conference is the second week of October and Elder Cook from the 12 is coming to it! Sweet eh? I am way excited! And I can't believe that it is already time for another general conference. These past 6 months flew by!

Well I love you all very much! I am glad that the Wilcox's are getting settled in. It is going to be fun having them there. I am sad they had to move in under these circumstances. But I will love having them.

Mom thanks for that email. I do have wonderful people around me. I have that picture up on my wall of my 3 favorite girls. I am really really lucky to have you all in my life. Mom I love you! I am so glad we developed such a close relationship before I left on my mission. Most kids can't tell their mom EVERYTHING. But I felt that I could with you. I love having that kind of relationship with my mom!

I do love the mission and it has changed me so much already!!! I am so glad I am a member of this church. I love you mom!!

Take Care!!
Elder Moore

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