Monday, September 28, 2009

September 28, 2009

Well hey Mom, although you didn't have much to say I still appreciated your letter. Thank you very much. It is pretty much the only thing I recieve so it is much appreciated. I am not complaining though. I don't mind. I do love hearing from you though.

Life is funny. You have everything you could possibly want. Then it's not there anymore. I am sure that you and Ginger have both experienced that. You get that kind of empty feeling. And you really don't know how to fill it. It happens sometimes. I have experienced that as well out here.

We had a great zone conference this past week. We had Elder Sybrowski from the 70 here, and his wife. It was amazing. The spirit was very strong. He seperated the Elders from the Sisters and spoke to us for an hour. Wow.... He said in all of his visits to missions (40-50) he had never done that before. He said he felt prompted to, and told us about the things that were wrong in our mission. What we were doing wrong as Missionaries. He said before he started, that he was doing it because he loved us. Wanted us to be better. And it has helped. It's amazing the things he pointed out that were wrong about our mission. That were wrong about the missionaries here. It was all right. He really is an inspired man. The conference was incredible. The best I have had yet.

Well as far as teaching goes.... still not finding people. No one is interested in hearing us. Alma and Eric are still looking solid for their date. They are doing great. Hispanics have a phrase that goes like this.... "Si Dios quierre." Which means.... if God wants. I hear that so much. You invite them to church and they say that. It's like of course he wants you too!So we were with Alma and Eric on Friday and right as we were leaving I said, "Ok well we'll see you at church on Sunday" and Alma said.... "Si Dios quierre." To which I responded, "Yes he wants you to, we want you too, and you want too. So we will see you there." Then she said, "Will you come by tomorrow?".... So I took this as a perfect oppurtunity. I said, "Si Dios quierre." :) Haha. To which she replied.... "Yes he does." Ha, it was funny. But they love having us over there and teaching them. It's fun.

So yesterday we had a way awesome lesson with Fransisco in the Goff's house. It was so powerful. He has been to church many times and works a lot. He also lives with friends so we can't teach him in his house. Which is a bummer, because he lives in the apartment next to ours. But he said, he is still learning, and not ready quite yet to be baptzied, but when he is ready, he says he will do it gladly! The Sandovals pretty much rock! I love that family, we spend a lot of time with them! Tony recieved the priesthood yesterday!! And Tony and Veronica both gave the prayers in Sacrament meeting! It was sweet. Outside of that.... it was a very uneventful week. Not much has been happening lately. We have been working and trying to find people. But.... no one is ready to accept us. It's hard when that happens. But we'll keep trying.

Say hi to the Wilcox family for me please. That would be great. Thank you!!That is awesome that Justin is doing some sweet missionary work! I am proud of him. It's good he is beginning to prepare himself. How is my little sister doing? Well I love you all. Thank you for your letter mom. It is very much appreciated! Take care.

Love, Elder Moore

And look at you with your new high tech phone!! You crazy! :)

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