Monday, October 5, 2009

October 5, 2009

Hey there!!

Wow, yes conference was absolutely incredible this week! We watched 3 sessions with the Sandovals on the internet, went to Priesthood with Antonio and Mark Sandoval, and then watched the last session with the Thompsons. It was a lot of fun. I took like 11 pages of notes. I absolutely loved it.

Mmmm...ok my first favorite talk was the first one of the conference by Richard G. Scott on the Spirit. Wow, that was amazing. I learned so many more things I should and need to be doing to be able to ALWAYS have the spirit with me. I am on a mission but still make mistakes. So I need to strive to be completely obedient. It is hard. Even while being on a mission. So I am definitely going to work harder. I loved his talk. Jeffrey R. Holland is and will always be my favorite speaker. You can ALWAYS expect something amazing from him. And he didn't let down. Wow, my love for the Book of Mormon grew like 1000x's. And I can't wait to go out tonight and talk with people about the Book of Mormon and continue this throughout the rest of my mission. I am so glad I heard that talk now and that I have 14 months left to apply what I learned. The mission is passing fast. M. Russell Ballard gave a great talk in the Priesthood session. Definitely gave me good guidance in the future on how to be a great father and son. As well as Thomas S. Monson's talk on service. He is amazing. And I know he is a true prophet. Listening to him speak is so much different now then before the mission. This conference was truly a treat! And I cannot wait for the conference issue to come out next month so I can study it more. Oh and Henry B. Eyring gave an amazing talk in Priesthood also about being prepared. Conference is bomb!! Wow, I wish I could tell you how much conference helped my testimony!! It was truly an incredible experience. One I will always remember. I am regretting napping through all those sessions before my mission now too. My testimony has grown so much these past few weeks. And my love is growing for the Savior everyday.

Alma and Eric are still doing good and looking good for baptism. So we are excited for them. Fransisco is still doing good, but still doesn't feel ready for baptism. And I love the Sandoval family. They are incredible! She is already talking about maybe moving to Utah. She wants to come out and meet you all and everything. So that whole family is awesome! And they loved conference. Tony wasn't able to watch conference on Saturday becasue he was working so that he could come to the priesthood session at night. So he came that night and was completely into it. He didn't look away from it once. And a lot of what they talked about was directed directly at him. And Veronica even mentioned when one of the speakers was speaking...does he know my family? Oh and I can't remember his name, but Tad something of the 70, wow. I wish every non member could have heard his talk.So that is life in Omaha.

Yes, once October hit it dropped like 20-25 degrees. It has been sweater weather here. I love sweaters. All is well with me and my comp. We are getting along just great. we have both truly been humbled this week and the past week, having a member of the 70 here at zone conference to talk to us. And this week we are going to have Quinton L. Cook here to speak with us at stake conference!

So this past week I started to read Jesus the Christ. I have had a lot of time since I have been sick for the last 4 days with a bad cold. So we had to stay in one day. That is always a bummer. But that is an amazing book! I am learning so much in that book.I have been keeping very busy, trying to finish that book by the end of the year, and me and Amber are reading the Book of Mormon together and are working on finishing it before the end of the year too. The Book of Mormon I know I will get done especially since Amber sent me a list to keep us on track... but Jesus the Christ may take some time.

So me and Elder Morrill were talking about music. And we found out that we both went to the same concert once. I was talking about a Secondhand Serenade/ Making April concert I went to and he was like.... I WAS AT THAT ONE TOO! Wow, small world. We probably high fived and didn't even know it. Oh yeah... and this morning we played some basketball.... and we played full court on a half court. So it had 2 hoops but it was a small court. After 2 games I was dying. I am way out of it. But it is funny, I have no real desire to be in shape right now.

Spanish is pretty much awesome. I bought a book at Barnes and Noble this past week that is helping me out so much. I had to look through like 10 books to find the right one. Wanna know why? Because I already knew everything in the other books. But this book is awesome!! It helps you correct common mistakes and teaches you so much. So this week I have learned a lot more. I love Spanish, and I love talking to people. So the new Spanish Bible is AMAZING!!!! Elder Morrill ordered one. I am going to get one of those soon! They are only 26 dollars. And wow...... much better than the one I got at the MTC. Only problem is the one I have now is all marked. But that is ok. This bible is awesome! Have you seen it? Has Jaime seen it?

IF YOU DON'T READ MY WHOLE EMAIL, READ THIS PART:So I want to share with you one of the coolest experiences of my life. We are teaching two homeless guys. Yup we pretty much just teach them on the street once or twice a week. So we were talking with them, and one is named Martin. He was saying how the shelters won't let them stay there anymore and how they have no money and are starving. Well I had a bag of 6 ribs in my hand. And I handed him the bag and told him what was in it. He looked down for about 10 seconds, then looked up at me with tears in his eyes and said "Thank you." That is a moment I will never forget in my life. One of the most special moments of my mission. Well I hope all is well. I love you all very much! We are still working hard to find more people that are ready. And I have definitely recieved a boost from this past week.

I bet you I have one more transfer here at least. Especially with just being made District Leader. Wow, I love it. I had a conference call with President Kunz and all the other zone leaders and district leaders in the mission. It was sweet! It felt like I was a business man. But in that call I learned so many things. I am learning so much that is helping change my mission in so many ways. I love our mission President.

Mom thank you for everything you have done for me. You raised me well. :) I learned a lot in the Priesthood session on how to be a good father too. So I am working on that. And the mission is helping me a lot. I love you all. Take care! Say hi to the Wilcox's for me please. :)

Love Elder Moore

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ginger said...

I love that he loves his mission so much! He is learning and growing while teaching and serving. What a blessing that he happened to have food when someone was literally starving and needed it and how awesome that Brandon didn't even hesitate to hand it over. These experiences are going to shape him into the man, husband and father that he will become and I have no doubt he's going to be amazing!