Monday, October 12, 2009

October 12, 2009 What's Up? Just shook an Apostle's hand this week!

HAHAHA!!! I am glad that you liked the video we made. Or didn't like it. Or... I don't know. But yeah it is pretty dang awesome. That was probably the best lunch break of my mission! It was Mark and Arianna's b-day and so we were thinking about buying them a card.... then I got the brilliant idea. Make them a movie!! And well... that is what came of it. :)

I do have a cool companion, we are both kind of similar ya know? We were talking last night, it was probably like 8:30 and we were walking down a street and I just said.... Man this is weird. And he said what? And I said, we are both 19, never knew each other before the mission, and here we are, having nightly sleepovers, always hanging out together, sharing an apartment. And I didn't even know anything about you 6 weeks ago. The Lord has us 2 goofy kids running the whole Spanish South of Omaha. Our area is HUGE!! It's amazing how much trust he has in us.

But yeah.... The Family Sandoval loved the DVD! Veronica was laughing so hard! And then we brought it over to the Thompsons and showed them and they were like.... Oh my gosh! Melanie said, Elder Moore you better not show that to your girlfriend, because you are a complete nerd. Yeah I knew that. And so does Amber, and my family. :) Well the Sandovals are still awesome. They invite us over to dinner like every day. We'll just be out and about and they will call us, hey come over for dinner.... Ok! We are going to turn that down. Alma and Eric are great. I am so excited for their baptism. This week is transfers and I am hoping I will still be here. I am pretty sure I will stay. I have only been a DL for one transfer. But unfortunately after the transfer I think I am gone. Probably out to Grand Island is what I am thinking. Because I have been in Omaha my whole mission now, and that is a little weird. I love it though and I hope I'll stay here through next year so I can spend Christmas with the people I know. But it's not what Elder Moore wants, it's what the Lord wants. :) So.... "I'll go where he wants me to go."

I am loving my mission, well for the most part. Three mornings ago I woke up to 3 inches of snow on the ground. It was so depressing. It almost made me not want to go out and do anything I was so sad. But then I got over it. And I through that snow TO THE GROUND!

So this week we had Stake conference. And Elder Cook from the 12 came! It was awesome. And I shook his hand! Our conference was mainly focused on Temples and the worth of souls. It was an amazing conference! I also translated one of the talks for our members. We had the headphones and everything. It's SO HARD! But it was good. It helped me a lot.

And today Brother Bernabe is coming over to look at the Thompsons house to give them an estimate on the paint job and building a deck. So I get to translate again!! I love it. It is awesome knowing a second language. It's so much fun.So speaking of Brother Bernabe he is a great guy. I love that guy. But he is very less active right now. But he also has great insights to share with us. And one of them I really realized how right he is. Our members don't help out at all. We have meetings every week to give certain groups assignments, and wow... they never do them. NEVER! It is so frustrating. They are so concerned with themselves and their own families to the point where no one else matters. In preach my gospel a prophet said, we will attain our exaltation by sharing the gospel with others. And I shared that in the talk I had to give. And they just don't get it. We can't get them to do ANYTHING. If you have any ideas on how we can motivate them please let me know.It is hard not getting much help. And right now we don't have a huge teaching pool. Me and Elder Morrill have talked and have decided this week to focus ourselves on knocking apartments, walking streets, and contacting old referalls so we can begin teaching more people. It's amazing how much the work has slowed since the baptism of the Sandovals. But we'll keep at it.

Thank you so much!I love you very much and I miss you!!!Take care.
Elder Moore

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