Monday, October 19, 2009

October 19, 2009

Hey Hey Hey!

Wow, sounds like you all had quite the week and that Justin is going to have an AMAZING week in Hawaii! That lucky guy. Should be a good time. Well as for how things went here. It wasn't such a bad week. We did have transfers this week, and me and Elder Morrill are still together. And so are Elder Curisinche and Elder Ward, so my district has stayed the same. But I do think this will be my last transfer here. We shall see though. They have closed a spanish area here and are opening another in Schyler. So that is pretty exciting. We'll see what happens!

I am very glad that I stayed here so that I can see Alma and Eric's wedding and baptism! Alma and Eric are still looking awesome for there baptismal date. Last night we talked about the Word of Wisdowm with them. That went really well. Alma said they had run out of coffee on Saturday and she wouldn't be buying anymore. So they were totally open to following it! We also gave them there conversion calendar to make sure that they are ready for their date and it is hanging up on the fridge. So they are very excited and are looking great for it!

We also did find a new investigator. Actually... he found us. He just moved here from Mexico. His name is Rodalfo. He came looking for the missionaries and wanted to go to the Trail Center. So we picked him up Wednesday morning and went and had a great tour. And then watched the Joseph Smith movie. He loved it! So Sister Rosa started the tour, and she gave an amzing tour in Spanish. And she asked him what he knew about baptism, and he said nothing. Then she asked what she knew about Joseph Smith, and he said nothing. So then she asked me, Elder Moore, what have you taught him? Haha. I told her nothing. We just met for the first time this morning. Since we usually always mention Joseph Smith and/or baptism in the first lesson. So she was wondering what we had been teaching him. :)But he came to church yesterday and asked a bunch of questions and wants to know more about baptism. The hard thing is is that we can't teach him in his home because he lives with people that are in disagreeance with the Mormons. So we have to teach him outside or in the homes of members.But yesterday he had a lot of questions about baptism and loved the service. And was saying Hi to anyone and everyone. Even those that didn't speak Spanish. Walking up saying hi, shaking their hand. He is so funny! So we are going to see him on Tuesday and set him for baptism!

So YES! I did get my bday box and the cake in a jar is so cool! I was wondering what the heck it was. There is actually a christmas tree in the apartment. So I pulled that out of the closet, put it in the "living room" and put the gifts under it. ;)

Man!!! That is so awesome that Adam got his mission call to BRAZIL!! That lucky guy. He is going to love it!!! I am so excited to hear about that. Dano and Adam are great!!! I am way excited for them and for the experiences they are going to have. The mission is fun and flies by.

Well that is it for the week. We are so excited for Alma and Eric. They are looking great for their date. They did tell us they would be moving to Mexico sometime in the near future which is a bummer. But they did say they would not be moving until they were baptized in the church. So Halloween is going to be a WHITE one!!

Well take care everyone! I love you very much!!

Love,Elder Moore

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