Monday, September 7, 2009

September 7, 2009

Hey there!
So I say... this should be an awesome week because Veronica and her family will be getting baptized this Saturday. I am so excited!!!
So I was not transferred obviousy. :) But Elder King was. :( We were both bummed about that. We got along really well and had some good times together.
My new companion is Elder Morrill. He has been out almost 4 months and was called English. He did take Spanish in school for like 4 years.... but I am teaching him a lot and doing much of the teaching in lessons. It's a big change. It's helping my Spanish a lot. But still.... it's very challenging having to do just about all the teaching. I was also called to be the District Leader. So this transfer brought a lot of changes.
Veronica and Antonio were married this past Saturday. It was awesome!!! They had me be one of their witnesses. Ha it was sweet. I love this family. We have become so close. President Kunz is going to have to interview them though because of something they had happen 13 years ago. But I am pretty sure they are going to do just fine. They are all so excited!! And the members have helped us out so much with them by making them feel welcome and calling them to invite them to church. So this Saturday is going to be a 5 baptism Saturday!!!! Oh wow, I am so excited to see this family be baptized. I love how God answers prayers. Me and Elder King decided to pray for a family. And we prayed for like 10 days, and then found the Sandoval family!!
We've been having so much fun with them. Last night we made popcorn and watched The Testaments. And Veronica was crying at the end. It was so powerful! And we had a huge cookout for their wedding. Haha, and guess what?! They have 2 other daughters that are 16 and 18 that don't live with them, (they are in a foster care thing because they have stealing problems) but they were at the wedding, and the 16 year old is very straight up, she asked me on a date. Ha, had to explain that we don't date. Haha, I thought it was so funny.
But the cool experience we had with them this week......
So on last Friday they were still a little unsure whether they wanted to be baptized this upcoming Saturday. So we had a really good lesson with the whole family. And I told each of them to say a prayer and keep their eyes closed for 30 seconds and listen for an answer. So Arianna and Marco did it with us there, it was so cool. And I told Veronica to ask God if she should be baptized on the 12th. And we would come back the next day to talk about her answer. So we came back the next day and I asked her if she had prayed. She said she did, and I asked if she had received an answer. She said that that night she had a dream where she saw me baptizing her. And she knew that was her answer. I love how God answers prayers. He really does!

So also as district leader one of my responsibilities is to interview people in our district who are getting baptized. I have my first one this Friday. In all honesty I am kind of nervous. His name is Sergio, his whole family is members but he isn't. But he is going to be getting baptized this Saturday. That's going to be so cool and so exciting for the family.

So this week was full of a lot of powerful experiences with us and the Sandoval family. For their wedding gift I gave them a framed picture of the first presidency. And they have it up in their family room. Tomorrow also, we are going to their house to learn how to make Tamales. We are going to make them for the primary activity we have coming up. It is going to be sweet. People are bringing things from their countries and are going to be teaching us dances from their countries. It will be fun.

Veronica also suggested that we should talk to the Bishop and try and get a pot luck going once a month so the members can socialize and get to know each other better.
I am so excited for this family!!! So I will be here to see them get baptized. :)
So wow!!! That is such great news!! Of course the mission has its ups and downs. But It's still a great experience.

Everyone is just growing up so fast. It's funny to watch the world change, and the people you know go on with there lives, from a distance. So I hear the Cougars beat the #3 Sooners!!??? Holy man! And heck yes! Go Cougars! And The Huskers won big too 49-3. Elder King got lucky, he was transferred to Lincoln right as football season is starting. But Nebraska is crazy with football, even here in Omaha.

Haha so requests for a birthday box?..Mmm... You are already spending a lot of money on me. And I don't need much. So just a card would be nice. :) I really don't need much else.

So can you believe I got my mission call over a year ago?! That is so crazy to think about?!?!?! And I am coming up on the year mark. It's sneaking up. I can't believe how fast it is going now. I do love it though. Especially when we are working with families like the Sandovals.

Well that's that I think for now. I love you all so much! Sounds like all is well up there.

Look forward to pictures attached to this email of people dressed in white next week! :)

I love you. Take care!!! Thank you!
Elder Moore

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