Monday, August 31, 2009

August 31, 2009 - This one will make you laugh for sure!

Hey there followers of the interesting life..... of me.

And things just keep getting more and more interesting. Gotta love investigators. Gotta love being a missionary. And gotta love the experiences missionaries have with investigators..... And the dumb things that I find myself doing with investigators.

So this week we saw Veronica, Antonio, Arianna, Marco, and Jasmine quite a few times. They are all very excited for their date on the 12th. It's amazing seeing their excitement. Veronica said the other day the Jehovah's Witnesses knocked on her door.... great. She said she asked them what religion they were. They said, we are Jehovah's Witnesses. To which she replied, oh well I'm Mormon! Hahaha!! Yeah! Go Veronica!!

She always has some of the weirdest things to say as well. I have started a page of Veronica quotes in one of my journals. I already have a full page. This week one of the funny things she said was.... she asked about polygamy. Cause she had heard about that. Everyone asks about polygamy. We told her we don't practice that to which she responded.... "DANG!!! I want more than one husband. Hey, whose kid is that?! Psh, I don't know!" And that is just one of the funny things she said. Some others are: I hear after seven years your tubes can come untied so I told the doctor, you cut them, tie them, burn them!! Also, I leave my car door unlocked. Tony doesn't like that. He says the car will get stolen. I figure if they want to steal the car, they are going to break the window. So I leave the door unlocked. So that way when it gets returned back to me, it doesn't have a broken window.
Haha oh man mom... this lady.She is very interesting. But very awesome!! This week her and Tony are going to get married and then they will all be baptized on the 12th. If things keep going the way they have been going.

We also had dinner with them one night this week.... It was weird. It was just like being at home with my family eating dinner. It was a Mormon family dinner. The kids, the parents, us. Just goofing off. Having a good time. And eating a lot of food. That wasn't Hispanic food.

So, also another story about them. So we were talking to Veronica on Saturday. And her kids were in the background doing something crazy and making a lot of noise. So we decided to go check it out..... They are back there with helmets on sitting in laundry baskets, and going down the stairs. So I decided, in my wisdom, to try it...... Yeah, I am not as light as those kids. I put on the purple helmet, got in the basket, and Marco gave me a push. The basket nose dived into the first stair, and I went out of the basket, and eventually made it to the bottom, with the basket trailing behind me. Oh man, it was hilarious. Everyone was just laughing, including me, laying at the bottom of the stairs. It was so so funny!! I wish I would have recorded it on my camera.

Also two times we went over there I wore these ridiculous sweater vests that the kids and Elder King were just ragging on! Ha, they are just like family to us.
Veronica also said something really.... incredible to us. She said that the first time we came into her house she noticed a different feeling. One that she said she had never felt before. She said it felt like Jesus Christ was in the room with us. And she said when Tony came home from work he asked.... What is that feeling? And she said, "Tony today missionaries came over." And the next time we met with him, after we left, he told her it felt like Jesus Christ was in the room there with us.
After she told us that story I just got chills. It was incredible. He really is involved in this work. I am very excited for this family. And as you can tell we have had a lot of amazing experiences with them.

Also Alma and Eric came to church with us this week. Which was great. They will be getting married and baptized too it looks like. Probably the 19th of September. The work is going really well.... for the most part. We haven't been teaching a whole lot this past week. We don't have many investigators. We do a lot of walking and knocking. And..... that doesn't do much good. So after Alma and Eric and our awesome family, we are going to be empty.

We even rode bikes this week, 1- because we are low on miles, and 2- to find more people. I got so frustrated, I threw the bike onto the grass. Haha, Elder King got a good laugh out of it. I did too, later. :)

So I have realized that I do have limits. I always thought I was invincible, until I got older. I have become so fragile it seems like. I got a bum ankle and it is all swollen, and my knee needs surgery. Yes I saw a doctor and was told I need surgery and that it would be a 3 month recovery deal. But I said.... NO WAY!!! I don't want to be sent home. I just have very little...something.... in between the bones on my knee. And that is why it is bugging me really bad again. It's lame. So I will probably get that checked out when I get home.

So transfers are this week. This transfer flew by! It was so fast!! But we did get some good work done during it. No baptisms.... but 7 on the way. I love it!
So I also found out that we are going to be opening a new Spanish area here in Nebraska. I am way excited for that. I hope I don't get transferred yet, I would really love to see this family get baptized. But whatever it is the Lord wants.... that is what I'll do. We also get a new Spanish missionary. That will be great. Since we are really short on Spanish missionaries. And there are SO MANY Hispanics.
So this week I felt a huge jump in the language. It was sweet. I finally feel comfortable. Like really comfortable. Just talking about whatever....

Well that is it for this day. But I love you all very much!! Hope all is well. Take care of yourself.

Hahaha!!! And wow, My license is suspended again eh? Go figure.... it's ok, I'll have a clean record for a while. I am not allowed to drive here. So I should be fine. :) And yeah that is a bummer I can't make another court appearance there in Utah. I don't like driving anyways.

I love you!!!
Elder Moore

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ginger said...

Oh Brandon...I miss that kid. He is making some really fun/spiritual memories that he will have with him for the rest of his life. I'm so proud of him. Sorry to hear his knees and ankles are hurting, that is never good news to a runner. I love how he threw in the last sentence about his license....dork. XOXO