Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August 17, 2009

Well this week, we found a sweet, dysfunctional family to teach. They are a family of 8. One son that is 19 lives in California, the 17 and 15 year olds live in a foster home. And the twins, that are 11, and the 8 year old live at home. They were a referal to us from a member that lives in California, it's her cousin. So we went over to teach them, and had a great lesson and she told us she believed in everything we had told her. It's very rare we find those, but she did, and you could tell. So we asked her to be baptized and she said no, because she wants to learn a little more. So we are going back tomorrow, and we will ask her and her husband again. But they have had a lot of problems with their family and they know this can help them. They have been together 19 years and aren't married.... go figure. But they do want to get married. So probably not this week, but the next week we are going to get them married. Woohoo!!

Speaking of marriages.... yesterday I was part of my third wedding since being in the mission. Sister Fix, a woman in our ward, and Jamie Riverra got married. Jamie is not a member. We have been teaching him, but he lacks a lot of faith. He said if he could see the plates, he would believe. Well Jamie, only 12 people got to see the plates. And they aren't even on the earth anymore.... so good luck. BUT getting him married is a start. They had been dating for about 4 months, and BAM! Yesterday, they told us to come over for dinner, so we did. And the bishop was there with his family, and they got married. Also..... with Alma and Eric. They are waiting for Alma's I.D. from Mexico to come in right now so that she can get married to Eric. So that will be yet another wedding. And they said after they are married they will get baptized! Woohoo!!! So that I.D. should be coming in anytime now. So more good news! A family of 5 that wants to get baptized, and Alma and Eric. So hopefully good things are to come this month. We are looking forward to it. So hopefully everything works out.

Also we took Fransico, another investigator, who is the cousin of one of our members, to the Trail Center and watched the Joseph Smith movie. And then had a really good talk with him afterwards. He asked a lot of questions and said he feels like he is in the same spot as Joseph Smith, with just wanting to know. He has come to our church at least 5 times now, always there with his Book of Mormon. So he told us, he knows he needs to get baptized, he just doesn't know where yet. So we told him to pray. That's the only way he can know. So this week we are going to go back and see him, and find out how his prayer went. So we had a good week full of talks about baptism! So I am excited to see how the next couple of weeks play out.

Alister is still going strong. Coming to church every Sunday. I love seeing that. I talked to him again for a little while. And he invited us to go fishing with him next p-day. So we'll be doing that I hope. He asked if I had a fishing pole. I told him no. Ha in which he answered.... Yeah me either. I usually just use a stick and some fishing line. Haha! That guy is the man. So we'll be fishing with a stick and fishing line. :) I look forward to it.

So that would be so sweet to get all those letters from the Young Women! I can't wait. Our young women are all so cool! And geez.... I haven't gotten a letter in like.... 2 weeks now. Ha, so it will be nice not to see the empty box for one day. :) Oh well I don't mind anymore.

Well I hope everything is going well out there in Utah for you! Life is good here. I love you all very much!

Love Elder Moore

P.S. And I have moved pass fruit loops to Honey Nut Cheerios. ;)

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