Monday, November 16, 2009

November 16, 2009 Miembros y la obra misional‏

Well another week down, with not a whole lot happening. But this week was better than the past! So that is good. I taught the Gospel Principles class yesterday and it was AWESOME!! It went so well. I taught it on..... of course, how we can all be more involved in the work. Comments were being made, people were laughing, and just we had a great time and I was able to get the point across that we need their help. And then I brought a box of Book of Mormons and each person took 2 or 3 and said that they would give it to a friend this week and that next week everyone is going to come back and report on how it went. I also helped them see that it isn't that hard to give it to someone. I had Elder Curisinche come up front with me and do a role play and he gave me the Book of Mormon and just showed how easy it can be to give it to a friend. So the class was a total Success!!!

So ya know that green sweater you sent me a while back. Well it has always been a little too big on me. So I decided, well let's wash it and see if it shrinks, since it says "don't wash it because it will shrink." So I washed it and..... sure enough it shrinked....and now... It fits PERFECTLY!!! Haha. So my brilliant idea worked!

So we have something that we call GQ's. It means, good question. So when you are walking on the street you walk up to someone and you GQ them, you ask them an inspired question.... for example. Did you know that Christ visited the Americas after his ressurrection? Well we were knocking some doors and some guy walked up the stairs, all covered in tatoos, and he was hispanic. So I asked him.... hey, have you ever wondered why there are so many churches on the earth? And he said... ya know what... I ask myself that all the time. So we gave him a short first lesson and a Book of Mormon right there on the stairs. Ha that was way cool! And then we went to go contact another referral and it was the wrong address but we found an 18 year old kid there named Noe, and we talked with him and he invited us back to teach him and his parents. So we are excited for that. Other than that... another pretty uneventful week. The Lord blessed us so much with the family Sandoval and with Eric and Alma. And now we are experiencing some hard times. But ya just gotta go with it when it happens. And just hold out. And just trust in the Lord and know that things will get better as we continue to serve him and do our part.

So I forgot to tell you this but.... a few weeks ago.... oh my!Me and Elder Morrill saw another woman's boob. It was weird. We were teaching her the Plan of Salvatio and she just decided to give her kid some milk right there while we were there. And just pulled it out! Haha, it was so ridiculous. That is the third time that that has happened to me. I just don't get it. But oh well. :)

So transfers are next week. I cannot believe how fast this transfer went by. They are just flying now. I am pretty sure I am getting transferred to Grand Island. But I will get a pretty good idea if I am going or staying tomorrow in my interview with President. So I am pretty much not liking some of the directions this mission is beginning to take. They are making it so much about numbers and percentages that it is just really starting to bug. It's almost not becoming about the people anymore but the numbers we are getting and how our percentages are. I don't know... that just makes me mad that they focus so much on that and just how degrading people are becoming towards missionaries that aren't getting great numbers. Oh well... just a moment of letting out more frustrations that I am having.It is just amazing how much the mission is changing and the direction it is starting to take, but I am sure it is all for the most part under the direction of the Lord.

So what are the Thanksgiving plans? I think that it is awesome that Justin and K. Sutton made that sweet deal! Tell Justin to lose the jedi braid. That stuff is nasty. Unless you have a light saber. Does Justin have a light saber? Cause if he does... I will approve of the braid. A light saber you must have mmmmM! (Yoda)

So the weather here still isn't too bad. Nothing too cold yet. Maybe like sweater weather.... So I am not minding it. And the forecast hasn't said anything about snow yet. So I am happy. But Utah has got some snow eh? Wow! That is crazy! I am glad I am not there. :)

So pretty much the mission is flying by. I do love it. Everyday is a new experience. With a new story. I love teaching the gospel. This week we taught quite a bit on baptisms for the dead since Alma and Eric and the family Sandoval will be going to do them. Woohoo!! I gained such a greater testimony of batpisms for the dead. It is SO important! So do them. :) Mark and Eric both received the priesthood yesterday. Woohoo!!Oh yeah... and the best news... The Valensuela family came back to church! After about 5 months. They just disappeared and I have called them twice a week since they left and now.... one day this past week Mauricio answered. I talked to him for about 20 minutes and they came back this week. I was so so so so happy to see them there. That is the great news! Well that is it for this week.

I love you all!!!! Hope all is going well up there in the S A N D Y! Take care!Thank you Pennington family for the letters!!! I miss you all. And also... Tio Juan, me encanta cuando tu me escribes en espanol. Me ayuda demaciado. Te cuidas!

Love, Elder Moore

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