Monday, November 23, 2009

November 23, 2009 Mi pedazo de consejo

Well hey hey hey there! I always love reading your emails and hearing about what is going on back home. Well this week we had some crazy stuff happen. But first off I want to give a little advice to any missionaries that read this or people that are preparing to go on missions.... and it is this....DO NOT LOSE YOUR PERSONALITY!!! As a missionary that is probably the worse thing you can do. I have seen too many people come out here and lose who they are. I have found that since I have been out here missionaries that come out and lose who they are don't enjoy the mission nearly as much. Something that I am good at.... and I don't mean to brag... is making people laugh. I can do that with anybody out here. Even just talking to someone on the street after 2 minutes I have gotten a laugh out of them and they are more open to talking to us.I had a woman laughing so hard she was in tears just after about a minute and a half of meeting her. And after that, she opened up and actually talked to us.

The English missionaries turned two women over to us to teach that they have set for baptism for the 12th of December. We went to meet them for the first time and I talked to this woman on her doorstep and asked if Maria or Anita were there. She said no they didn't leave there, so I talked to her for another minute or 2 and finally got her to open up to me and tell me she was Maria. I guess she was confused seeing us missionaries there and not the other ones that had been teaching her. So really if you want to get in good with people, if you want them to trust you and actually talk with you. Be yourself. Don't change who you are. The mission will change you for the better, but you always need your personality. And that is my piece of advice.

So I went to a Catholic mass yesterday with Elder Anderson. I was on exchanges with him. And we went to the HUGE cathederal we have here. Wow it is amazing, the cathederal, not the mass. The mass was very very interesting. And I got hit on the hand and face with blessed holy water. It burned....But it was very different, and they sing things, like, "We will now read from the gospel of John". And they sing that phrase. I don't know. I like being a part of the true church!

So no I have not gotten transferred yet. Transfer calls will be tomorrow so I will find out then. But I am pretty sure that I will be staying. And propbably a 3rd transfer with my comp. I had my interview with President and he told me that there are still things I can do in this area. And he wants to start keeping the senior companions in their areas for 6-8 months. Crazy, I know. But I had a good long interview with President, probably about 15 minutes, and he did tell me that we would be getting 2 new spanish missionaries in February and that I would probably be training one of them. So we will see if it is that one whose mom wrote you. Ya never know. But I am excited to get new spanish missionaries. Especially since we will be losing some here in the next 3 months. One being Elder King in January, one of my favorite comps.So yeah anyways... tomorrow I find out if I am leaving or staying, but from the way my interview went, I will be staying.

Also, concerning Christmas gifts. They have asked us to tell our parents to send the gifts to where we are staying, not to the office this next transfer. So that we can SOS, "Save Our Smailman". I added the S onto mailman, because it went along with what I was trying to do. So yeah...So I will let you know if I am staying and then you can mail my stuff to that address. :) That will be great!

So we are going to be playing in a sweet turkey bowl this Thursday, I am way excited for that. And also have 2 appointments to eat. One with the Thompsons and the other with the Sandovals. So we will be well fed.

That is so cool that Brooklyn recieved an answer to her prayer. Although it doesn't surprise me at all, she is very close to the spirit. She is a great girl! Dinner at the Farrs should be a lot of fun! And I cannot wait to eat at the In-N-Out burger. It is a bout time we got one!I am so excited for Ryan Stewart! I love that kid. And I am so happy he chose to go on a mission. He will have a great time! Look at all my friends that are going spanish speaking. That is SO awesome! I can't wait to talk spanish with all of them when they come back. By the way, the spanish rocks. I love it. It is going really really good for me.

Oh yeah.... ha another thing....So we do these things called G.Q.'s. It's a good question. We ask people on the street questions to start a converstaion with them. So last night me and Elder Anderson went at the Old Market. And I found out that I can't talk to people at all in English. Like, it was terrible. I had never really done it before. So I tried and it was just awkward doing it in english. I am so glad I got called Spanish. :)

Well fammers that is about all for me this week. We have two new sets as I metioned. Maria and Anita, they are set for the 12th of December. We are going to have to work really hard with them to get them to that date. We may end up pushing it back. But we shall see. Having people set for baptism is so much fun!!Oh yeah!!!!

We went to the zoo this morning. That was way sweet! The zoo here is legit. It is awesome! Me, Will, and Elder Anderson spent about 25 minutes trying to call down some animal so we could touch it. They didn't come. It was a bummer. But really.... the zoo here is awesome!! Especially the jungle!! We will for sure go when we come back and visit here.

Yes mom, you are right.... the one year mark is wow... this next week. It has gone fast. And it will end fast. The transfers are flying by. We have 17 transfers and on Wednesday I will enter my 9th. It's nuts. Well I hope all is well. I am so so excited for Justin!!!! I love that kid so much. He is going to make a great missionary. Take care everyone!I love you and enjoy your Thanksgiving!!!! Indulge yourself in food. This holiday gives you a good excuse to do it. :)

Love Elder Moore!

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