Monday, November 9, 2009

November 9, 2009 Operation Firefly

This is of me and Elder Curisinche's exchange.

Well.... Hey!! Thanks for the email. I am glad to hear that you had an awesome week! I love getting good news from home.Unfortunately there won't be much good news coming from this end in Omaha. This week was probably one of the most frustrating, stressful weeks of my life/mission. So I don't really know if I have much good to say in this email. It may just end up being me complaining and venting.

So yes, I did spend 75.00 dollars and rent a U-haul this week. I did turn the receipt into the church and will be getting money back. We did everything we could to get people to help us to help Olga move her things from her apartment. She got a letter of eviction and was kicked out 3 days later. I made phone call after phone call after phone call, and got absolutely NO HELP from anyone. SO, we rented a u-haul and spent an entire day moving Olga out of her 3rd floor apartment. Now I am not complaining, it was so great to help her and see her smile and almost cry at what we were doing for her, since she was pretty much helpless. We took about 30 pictures of us with the U-haul just doing crazy stuff next to it and in it. Haha! They are sweet. I will print them off and send them to ya all. They were a lot of fun. And the North elders came and helped us too. We had a lot of fun.

Then that night we were supposed to meet with Jacobo. But he has disapeared. He left us a message saying where he was moving to. So I listened to this message like 20 times trying to figure out where he was moving too since we didn't get an exact address from him, he just told us what was around him. So we did find it but he wasn't there. So then....Operation Firefly commenced, we had a stakeout, and waited for him to come home. Well he never came. So we decided to go to his old place, and a woman answered the door and said he still lives there with them and didn't move yet, but that he wasn't home. So Operation Firefly re-commenced and we sat out in front of his house for a while, and he didn't come home. And his phone, is disconnected or something. It doesn't even ring, just goes for 2 seconds then ends the call. So moving Olga and losing Jacobo all happened in the same day.

So pretty much our ward is just useless. They don't help us at all. They blame us when we don't have investigators there. Brother Ortega says to me, Elder Moore, where are all the people? I was just like... ok "PRESIDENT" you have just as much of a responsibility to get people here as I do. It's like, whenever anyone needs ANYTHING they call the missionaries. And our leaders don't do anything. Not a dang thing. The Bishop is doing his best, but did not answer or return our calls with the Olga situation. But he is a great guy, and we had a good conversation with him yesterday on what we can do to get the ward involved. He said, you could slap them. Ha.... It was funny. But we are trying to figure something out... on how we can get people to church, and re activiate people and for us missionaries, how we can get the members to give us referalls. Since right now, it is like we have just opened an area. There is NO ONE progressing. We are starting all over again. And it's hard, especially when we can't get out and work because we are moving people and translating papers for our members that don't speak English. It's just been a hard week.

But on a good note. Eric and Mark both had their interviews to receive the priesthood and will both be receiving it this next week! So we are so excited about that.

Well I hope Laynie is getting better. That poor girl! I love her. I love the idea of everyone wearing a mask though. I bet that made her feel better. I am sure that you and Ginger are a hilarious crew up there. :) I can just imagine that!I bet Dano did a great job. Can you tell that kid that I love him and can't wait to play him in some one-on-one again? Text him that for me please. :) Haha. He is a great kid. He will have an amazing experience on the mish. I am happy that Amber came and saw ya. She is a great girl. And has supported me so much out here. And I am glad she was able to put a smile on your face too. :) She has a tendency to do that. :)Man I heard about an In-n-Out in Utah. That is so awesome! It's about time they got one. And I can't wait to go there!!

Celebrating Elder Moore's birthday

I did find something good to do with the pinata you sent for my birthday. We had just come home from a terrible day, and right as we were opening the door to go upstairs to the apartment, this girl opens the door with her friend. And her friend says, it's her birthday! She is 7!!! And we said oh that is so cool!! It was all in spanish, it's funnny talking to little kids in spanish. :) And I said, ok well come upstairs with me and I ahve something for you. So they came up stairs and I gave them that pinata and the girl was so excited!! She was yelling and screaming. :) That made a good end of a night to a terrible day. ;)

So mom keep up the missionary work and help out the missionaries as much as you can. We need it. Our ward has never been into it and I think it has finally got to me. I have been in this ward for a long time now and I haven't seen a change in them and I think that is why I am finally so mad about it. But we'll keep working and keep trying to get them involved. Actually us, and the north are going to get together and have a huge brainstorming session on what we can do to get the work really going. It was good for a while. We had 7 baptisms in the last like 8 weeks. And before the past week there had only been 2 here in the South. So, now we are experiencing the bad after we have had so much joy. Well I know this is long. So I will close it now. I love you all. Thank you so much for your email. Take care please!!Love you!!
Elder Moore

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