Sunday, December 7, 2008

Yay! The first letter has arrived...

On Saturday we received our first letter from Elder Moore. As a mom I only really wanted to know that he was well and happy. He wrote the letter his first night there and he was pooped! He is in a district of ten elders and he was asked to be the District Leader; a calling he willingly accepted.

He said he got all of his things unpacked and has a desk full of Spanish books of all kinds, from religious to grammatical. And so he is off!

His companion is 6 ft 3 and about 230 lbs. A big boy compared to Brandon's 5 ft 9 and 137 lbs. He says he will be sure to be nice to him...and nice to himself since he took the top bunk! Because he is going Spanish speaking in the States, the Elders are going to different places. His companion will be going to Atlanta, and the other two elders in his room to New Jersey.

And what does my little boy miss? He says, hugs from his mom. I miss those, too, Brandon, but we know there will come a day when we can hug each other as we always have. Remember when the Mission President's wife said the Savior will encircle you in the arms of His love. We will all have to rely on those hugs for the next two years.

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Hallie said...

If this is Brandon reading, I hope you got my letter.
If this is Sheri, I've sent Brandon two letters so far.
And either of you can put me on your friends list.Brandon, you can click on my name to go to my blog.
I hope you're enjoying your mission. and don't forget, I love ya tons.