Monday, July 20, 2009

July 20, 2009

Bada Bing! Bada Boom! Elder Moore is in the Room!!Yeah that was a pretty good intro... I will see if I can keep getting better, but that one will be HARD to top.

So first things first.... Transfers are this week. Actually in 2 days!!! I am so excited!! Either me or Elder Arellano will be getting a new companion, we won't be together another one. I cannot wait till Wednesday comes to find out who I am going to be with! I am thinking it will be Elder King, and I will be going down to South O.I hope that is what happens. But whatever happens, for the most part, I will be good with, as long as I get a new companion.

So Alister is already doing missionary work. Yesterday he came to church, and brought some of his wifes family that aren't members. It was so cool! We didn't even pass by his house to wake him up or anything, they just came. He is doing really good and I am so happy to see him progressing and really understanding how important this gospel is. Yesterday we confirmed Arali, Micheal, and Jaden to the church. That was a great experience as well. They were yet to be confirmed becuase they were all out of town for the holidays and all. So yesterday, it was done! Arali is such a sweetheart, she is always trying to do what is right. Reminds me so much of Brooklyn. My companion plays the piano in Sacrament meeting so I sit with Micheal, Jaden, and Arali and translate all of sacramentmeeting for them. It's hard.... trying to work with two languages in my head.

This week has been great. I have completely stopped translating what people say in my head and now I just listen and understand it in Spanish. I think I can finally say, I get it! I am teaching an English class right now to members, less actives, and investigators. Oh man I love it and have so much fun with them!! Tonight at 7:00 we have a class. Georginia an old investigator is in the class. I have become good friends with her, she is like 45. We were teaching her like 5 months ago then everything just stopped. She lives with members and was coming to church EVERY Sunday for like 9 sundays in a row. Then just stopped. But we would still see her every week when we had dinner with the members she lives with. Well last night we went over and had a lesson with her about Faith, the Atonement, Repentance, and Baptism. And we commited her to baptism for the 22nd of August! It was great and quite a suprise that she excepted. I just think the lesson had gone really good and the spirit was really strong there. And she couldn't deny it.

Carlos, well, he is done. He is reading the Book of Mormon like crazy! He is almost threw Alma and he has only had it for a little more then a week. He actually asked us for another to give to a friend. But he said there couldn't be a prophet on the earth. And that he wasn't going to be baptized again. He "knows" the bible really well, so we showed him parts where it talks about Christ's church having prophets, where people were baptized again... etc. But he just doesn't believe it.

Oh well. So we talked about the gift of tongues in Priesthood this week.... and of course, the lesson centered a lot around me. "Take Elder Moore for example when he got here he could only say "Si" and now he can carry on a conversation." So to prove his point he asked me a gospel question, and of course I answered. Haha, it was funny. I didn't mind being picked on. I love our ward members.

So I am glad to hear you had an AWESOME birthday! And that you were able to talk with Melanie and maybe Sister Thompson! They are so great!! They are the coolest people and they are going to move out to Utah.

Well Family.... That is all for now.I love you all very much!!! Take care please!

Love Elder Moore

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