Monday, March 16, 2009

February 23, 2009

Well Hello Hello Hello. This is Elder Moore here..... ha! Obviously! But ok..... The low down on this previous week.
Well we had 5 investigators at church!! Awesome!! This week it looks like we are going to be commiting some people to baptism. Let's see who we got....
Well We took Elisa to the Visitors Center and we watched Joseph Smith: The Profet of the Restoration with her, in Spanish of course. Ah that was awesome!! Then we went through the museum. That is an awesome tool that we have here! And the temple is just right across the street. It is in such a perfect spot. I like it a lot! And she came to church as well! So on Tuesday we will be committing her to baptism. She already said she would but just didn't feel ready to pick a date. So we are going to help her out and get her a date. She is coming along great!
Well next we have the three guys we taught a while back. We had Michealangel and Julio at church. No Miguel. He had to work, but he is the one that is most interested. Which was a bummer. But really Julio and Michealangel just took a big leap!! They said we can come back on Wednesday! So we are going to commit them as well. Hope all goes good there! They are all way cool! But the terrible thing was, Hermano Martinez, the guy that taught Priesthood, it was about change. He looked at them the whole time! Me, Elder Shumway, and Elder Petersen were all feeling a little uncomfortable. Hermano Martinez is a recent convert too. He wants to go out with the missionaries, but when we take him out it is like taking 2 steps backawards when we teach. Yeah kind of hard to explain.
HA! We found a new guy, his name is Carlos. This guy is awesome, and crazy! The first time we went and saw him (he was a referral from his son) We were there for like 1 hour and 45 minutes! And we probably squoze in like 15 words. This guy likes to talk!! Holy man. He is way smart too with things of the church and the bible. He is Catholic but said he doesn't believe in some of the Catholic things. And what he does believe is what we believe.
So yesterday we went back to see him. This time it was only an hour and a half. we were determined to get in the first lesson. So we began talking and immediately Carlos began on his tangents again. Haha! So eventually he said something that related perfectly to the Joseph Smith story, ah man I jumped on that faster then a fat kid on the last slice of cake! I spoke as fast as I knew how to in Spanish and loud to so that he couldn't start rambling on again. And finally after an hour of being there, got in the Joseph Smith story. And here is the incredible thing, he was silent, during the story. It was great! We talked a little more. Me and my companion both felt the urge to invite him to be baptized, but it was "Carlos Talk Time" again. But this week we are going to. He has like 12 people living in his house. If we get Carlos to get baptized, there is no doubt in my mind the rest of his house will follow.
So yesterday there were 2 car accidents with investigators. :( It was terrible. Paz, who is rapidly progressing. She has been being taught for a while now, but we are finally getting to her. Her boyfriend is Jose, less active, he wants to get married. We showed them the Together Forever video. She is warming up to the idea of marriage and baptism. It's great! She was in a car accident on the way to church. Air Bags and everything. We went and visited her. She is doing just fine. the biggest problem we have here are people living together and not getting married. So we are trying to work on that with a few different people.
Her 20 year old son, Juan was just commited to baptism by the singles ward sisters! WOOHOO!!! Hopefully that will do something to Paz.
Also La Familia Ramirez, was in a car accident. Rear ended on the way to church. They had one of our investigators in the car. The investigator is their friend. Georgina. Dang....
So me and Elder Shumway are taking a road trip this week out to WAHOO NEBRASKA!! Yeah interesting huh. But that is the name of the place. She is about an hour and 15 minutes away from us. But she wants us to come see her. So we are going. WAHOO! That should be fun. So we are going to go see our 3 guys then as well and hopefully get them with a date.
Who else..... Oh another guy named Ballister, Ha wierd.... well his wife is a member, he showed up at church and was like, I want to be a member. So we are going to start with him this week as well.
Wow this email is long. A lot happens.
So this week is going to be busy! Also a woman has a hispanic friend whose children are members, her ex husband is a member, but she isn't, and she is going through a tough time in her life right now, so we will be teaching her on Thursday. Things are looking really good for us right now! Things are starting to happen!
> I definately like the Hispanic people. They are all really really nice! Every house we go in we get a drink or a tamale. I don't know how many more tamale's I can down though. I can only take so many in one week.
Funny weird stuff happens all the time! Like this story...
This women believes Jesus and God are one person. Ok so in the bible, there is a part, where Stephen is being stoned and he looks up and sees the Glory of God and Jesus standing on His right hand. Right? Right! She reads the bible. She believes it all. But just interprets it different. So that story had just been shared with her and she stands up and says this. " No this is what it meant." She stands on her own right hand, yes puts her right hand underneath her foot. "Jesus was standing on his own right hand."
Oh wow. WHO BELIEVES THAT!!!??? Ha yeah, that was entertaining. Whatever.... I don't know why Jesus would be standing on his own right hand. Maybe he had gum on his foot, I don't know. There are some funny people here. :)
>So The mission goal is to have the book of Mormon read in 6 weeks, and to highlight anytime it talks about Faith, Repentence, Baptism, the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the end. That goal was extended on Wednesday. I am on page 100 already. Ha, I think I am going to make it. ;)

Love always
Elder Moore

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