Monday, March 23, 2009

March 23, 2009

Hellooooo!Hey there! It's me. Sorry this letter is coming a little later in the day then usual. We played basketball this morning for like 3 hours. I am so sore. I definately don't have what I used to have in me. But I am gaining weight. 150 now. We have been working out pretty hard core. :)So yes, Elder Shumway did get transferred to Grand Island. I am still here. Of course! With Elder Herrera. He was born in Mexico but is from Colorado. I really like him a lot. We get a long very well. He was the zone leader in my zone before transfers. So I knew him already. It's kinda hard being with him though because he goes home in June. So really that is all he talks about. I don't like it. It's hard to focus on the work with him just talking about that. But we are going to have some good success I think.I am going to be in the Spanish Omaha North for a long time. Because Elder Herrera goes home in 2 transfers. So I will at least be here 3. From what I have been told. I will be training the next new missionary that comes here in June. Ha! I have a lot to learn.So this week was a pretty good one.

Alister will be getting married to Erika on Saturday at one. And will be baptized at 2! Woohoo!! That is great news.We pushed back Elisa's baptismal date again. But this time for a good reason. She DID come to church this week again finally! She quit her job so that she could come to church. We will be baptizing her on April 4th. The reason it is going to be April 4th is so that we can baptize her and her mom on the same day! So we will be having 2 baptisms on the 4th.Georginia still has a baptismal date for the 28th and is progressing very well. She lives with members too and comes to church every week. Hopefully all goes well with that.So this Saturday and the next we should have a total of 4 baptisms. Hopefully all goes well. Please pray for them. Thank you! We helped Maria move on Friday. She has her own little apartment now with her daughter. That will be good for her. She was really having a hard time but seems to be doing better. We taught her again this week. And she told us she really felt some very strong impressions. That night at 11:15 we received a text from her that said we have made her think alot about things but really just wants to be sure before she commits to anything. She is going to be baptized. She is golden. Plus her daughters are all members and she has awesome member support from Sister Bailey. So all is going well there. We have an appointment with her Tuesday night. We plan on setting her for baptism then.

Speaking of moving we also helped the Bishop move. We are moving people left and right. This was a service filled weekend! We also found a new investigator.... Sophia. We taught her the first lesson and she was crying by the end. She told us she felt something too. we haven't been able to contact her since though. That's a bummer. But we will keep trying.

This week we had kind of a scary experience. I really need to follow the promptings of the Spirit. Well I do. But this time I didn't. We were walking down the road and a navajo indian guy told us to come in. I didn't feel entirely comfortable but we did anyways.... We got into his house and he started swearing at us. And saying that mormons are the worste people of all. That we killed his people to gain our land. And that we were devil worshippers. And then he swore at us a little more. Ha so I gave him a Book of Mormon, testified of it, and got the flip out of there. Yeah.... Crazy stuff.... There are some really crazy people out there!

My spanish is coming a long a lot better now. Still not great. But everyday it's getting a little better. I have really begun just talking and not thinking about what I say before I say it. My pronunciation is getting better, and my speed. You have to be able to talk fast here. It's nuts how fast some of them talk. And a lot mumble too. That makes it a little more difficult to understand but all is well.

I am the driver in our companionship. Elder Herrera had his driving privileges taken away. So I drive. I was so dang scared the first time! I hadn't driven in almost 4 months. yeah..... But I feel more comfortable now.

What else.........Oh yeah!!! I heard the temple dedication was awesome! From both you and Amber. And you both shared that the spirit was really there. I am so jealous you were all able to be a part of that. That is so cool!I am so sorry to hear about Papa. He is the sweetest guy!! How is he doing? Tell him I love him very much. And to make sure he keeps oxygen in that tank. Or ha.... whatever he has running threw there.

Oh something cool happened yesterday. We were teaching Veronica. And we hadn't seen her for 12 days. It had been awhile. We had to stop teaching her because she moved in with her brother and her brother doesn't like us. So she has our number, and she doesn't have a number so the only way we can get a hold of her is if she calls us. Well at the baptism of her step mom Pamela, we went and translated for her, this was 12 days ago. she said to us.... if this is something good I am going to get baptized. But I am going to continue to study. Well she showed up at church on Sunday! We didn't even invite her. We couldn't! And she was there! I was so happy!

Well Mom, I definately don't have all the solutions to our investigators crazy problems. But I am definately trying to help out. And the Lord plays a big role in it too. He does have all the answers. But sometimes we just aren't listening. He does answer prayers. And we just have to listen for the answer. I have a testimony of that. He is our Father, and he will speak to us. As long as we have faith that we will recieve an answer.I want you to know that through obedience we receive so many blessings! I have seen the blessings that come through obedience! The Lord really does bless us when we do what is right!

It has been a little more difficult with Elder Herrera in all honesty. He is great. But it is very hard to just do everything right with him. I am trying very hard though.I love this gospel. And I love serving the Lord. These 2 years are passing by fast. This is a great experience though. I am learning so much! I am growing and I am seeing the growth of people back home too. It is great!

Love always- - -Elder Moore

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