Monday, March 16, 2009

March 9, 2009

Well hello there!!
This was a pretty crazy week!! First off we will start with exciting news, die down to bad news, and finish strong with more exciting stuff....
Well yes we had a baptism! My first one!!! Ah it was awesome! I entered into the waters of baptism with Oscar Mendez. Wow.... that water was freezing! You can have hot water, but Hermano Dixon, only put on the cold for some reason or another. I don't know why. But yeah it was so cold. But I didn't care, and neither did Oscar. The baptism went great. I felt so great too! I can't imagine how Oscar felt. I asked him after, when we were changing out of our wet cold clothes into some dry clothes "Como se siente?" or How do you feel? He said, "Mucho mucho mejor" Much much better. Ah it was quite the experience. He used to be a major drunk, but has really turned his life around and is in the book of Alma, in the Book of Mormon. So he is doing really good.
Well the lows... I am astonished at the grasp Satan has on some missionaries. 2 missionaries in our district. There is 4 of us. The Spanish North, me and Elder Shumway, and the Spanish South, Clawson and Peterson. Well Elders Clawson and Peterson, were kicked out of their area and seperated for breaking rules. Their area had been not doing so well... and I guess we know why now. They were being disobedeint. It's terrible the things that happen when you aren't living right. That was a disappointment to us. We did get 2 new Elders down in the South though. Elder King, and Elder Pecorri. They are cool.
Also, Elisa didn't come to church this Sunday. So her baptism may be being post poned. Actually there weren't a lot of people at church because of the time change. Ha, I think like when church started there were 9 people total there. Yeah our ward has a lot of work to do.
Miguel Angel one of our progressing investigators, was kicked out of his apartment by the owner. Apparently some neighbors told him to turn his music down and he didn't and then the neighbors complained. Well, Miguel Angel doesn't speak english, so he didn't understand. We called him yesterday, he has moved to Dallas. That was a bummer. We really liked him. He has such a sad story too. He lives here and his family is in Mexico. It's terrible.
We do have 3 baptisms set up for March 28th. Alister, Gabriel, and Georginia.
Hopefully things will go through with Veronica as well. She says she doesn't feel like she could be forgiven for some things and yeah.... She is a really amazing person and she enjoys talking with us. She just needs to have that desire to change. It's hard because we can't force them to change. I can't imagine how God must feel watching us go against his will. It must be so frustrating, because I have seen people that need this, but won't change because they don't feel they can. They feel that who they are now is, well... who they are. So I have been praying hard to know what to teach Veronica, since we have gone through the lessons with her. We'll see how it goes...
So crazy story.... We were leaving the apartment on Tuesday, and checked the mail right before we left. Elder Shumway had 3 letters. So he had me read them to him in the car. So I am reading this one to him from his bishop's daughter who is actually a student at SUU right now. Ha! And I get to the end and it says P.S.- My roommate Jamie has a friend in your same mission, his name is Brandon Moore. Do you know him? Haha! We were both like..... HOLY CRAP!!! Jamie actually wrote me but I haven't written her back. Maybe now would be a good time. Haha. But... We got all excited and were like, wow this is a small world. We decided we are both going to write them and be like hey... well we are companions. Ha yeah that was crazy stuff.
So the work in our area is still progressing. We are seeing many miracles still. It's amazing the things that happen when you are living right and striving to be 100%obedient. And then you can definately see the consequences if you are not.
So I am having to get creative in some ways in getting people to read the Book of Mormon. There is a girl named Alejandra, from Columbia, she is 16. She speaks English and Spanish, so that's good for me. Ha. And her mom just spanish. They are less active members. Well we went and visited them and I made up a game to get Alejandra to read her scriptures. I made note cards and write a little summary of a prophet from the Book of Mormon, and she had to figure out who it was. Well there were 9 notecards. And each had either one or 2 chapeters from the Book of Mormon on it. So like 15 chapters total I think. Well guess waht? We went back the next day and she had read all 15 chapters and answered the questions!! It was so cool. She said she enjoyed it. I was proud. Haha.
Yesterday, I prepared shrimp for dinner. And out of the kindness of my heart, ate it. Ha... yeah...
Oh yeah, so I have changed more flat tires here then I have my entire life. Changed the 3rd one yesterday. Can ya believe it?... I can't.
Sounds like the celebration for the temple is going to be huge!! You'll have to tell me all about him. It's a bummer I am gonna miss that. But it's ok. I am doing something awesome! So I am fine with missing it.
Mmm..... What else....I don't kow. I am sure there is much more.
Well the Spanish is still coming along. Still don't feel like a complete missionary yet. It's hard when ya don't understand sometimes. But it's ok.... It's coming. I know it's going to take time. And I am working really hard at it.
This work is great. We are all missionaries, continue to share the gospel people. Because everyone needs it. Many are searching for the truth because they know not where to find it. Well we have it and we can help others find it. Don't be scared to share it either. The worse people can do is say no right? Ha wrong....actually. They can yell at you, curse at you, question everything you believe to be true, spit on you. That is just the white people though. The hispanics don't ususally do that. Hispanic people are very nice. It's great! But yes... share it with everyone. I love you all and miss you! The Lord's work is great! Continue to read and pray. It can bring you so much strength. I love you all!
Love always,
Elder Moore

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