Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4, 2009

Hey there!How goes it all in Utah? Hopefully good!

Things are going really good out this way too.... for the most part. If there could be a really good day in the mission without a baptism, I would have to say that it came on Tuesday. Tuesday we taught a total of 8 lessons! 4 with a member, and 4 others. Plus that day we contacted Mario. He was a referral to us from President and Sister Oaks, he is the president of the Nebraska temple. We went and saw him and he agreed with everything we taught him. And he said it would make so much sense to have another testament of Jesus Christ a.k.a. The Book of Mormon. We are going to have dinner with the Oaks family tomorrow and they are going to teach with us. He speaks better spanish, but is really good at english as well. It is going to be a great lesson. Also Sister Oaks called and said because it is Cinco de Mayo tomorrow that she would be preparing a lot of mexican food and it would be like a fiesta. I am looking forward to it. We are going to set Mario for baptism tomorrow. He is so cool!! He called Saturday night and was begging for our forgiveness that he couldn't come to church Sunday because he volunteered to help someone and he forgot about it. But he is a really cool guy and I look forward to being able to work with him.

We set a women named Carmen for baptism for the 23rd this week as well. I think she is going to end up needing more time. She is having a hard life right now and this is what she needs. But she is not keeping her commitments. It's so hard getting people to come to church. Probably THE HARDEST THING!

We found a new family, la familia Cordova. So awesome!!! There is 6 people in this family. 4 of baptismal age. And her mom, who lives across the street was at the lesson too. Wow! It was such a good lesson! They asked us so many questions, and we answered them all and they loved it! Before we could even offer Ana a Book of Mormon, she asked for one. She said she loves to read and looks forward to reading it. She also asked when we could come back. So hopefully we will get to baptize the whole family tree. haha. Because her parents live across the street. Her brother lives about 5 blocks away with his family. And her sister is getting married in 2 months and lives right there too. She loves how much our gospel focuses on families and how we can be together with them FOREVER! She also said she loves how we pray to God and not the virgin Mary. I am looking forward to our next appointment with them on Wednesday.

Alister is still doing really good and so is Gabriel. Alister and Erika took us to Golden Corral Tuesday night for dinner. That was fun. I was studying one morning and just reading the conference Liahona from 2007 and in there James E Faust gave a talk called El Poder Para Cambiar, or The Power to Change. I read the article and it talked about overcoming addictions, and families and just a whole lot of great stuff I felt that Alister and especially Gabriel with his drinking problem needed. So we are going to go over there tonight and talk with them about the article. I left it there for both of them to read.

So last night me and my companion got in a huge fight. We had just come out of a really really good lesson, and he gets on the phone and started swearing with another missionary. And I told him not to do that. So without going into too much detail.... We yelled and argued with eachother for like 20 minutes, because he said he'll do whatever he wants. And I just hate how before we go into a lesson or when we come out of one he starts swearing and it just really takes away that spirit we need to teach. So yeah.... that went really well. Oh well, I only have like 46 more days with him. I can handle that. I have to say that my mission has really tested my patience and my tolerance. But I feel like I'm getting better. :)

So I am going to send a box to Amber tomorrow and in there will be some pictures for you. :) Ok? Alright!!! Sorry it's been so long since I sent pictures, but they are a-comin.

So on Mother's Day...Well Cinthia said we can hang out at their house and talk and use the phone! So we can talk for as long as you all want. :) Sound good? We don't have a time limit on how long we talk as long as we don't use our own cell phone. So I will call sometime after ya finish church. And I can call back if someone else wants to talk later, ya know.... whatever. :) But it should be a lot of fun.

So speaking of missionary moms. I am good friends with Elder Winter, he is writing Kelsey Ludwig. We went to high school together. And I play basketball with him every Monday. So I was with him this morning. He is a cool guy.

So yeah Skip is definately the man! He is the definition of a true home teacher and friend. I love that guy. He had a really big influence on me and I am glad he is helping Justin so much to focus on him mission. I wouldn't want Justin to miss this experience for the world. It is a lot of fun and I am having some really cool experiences.

So Justin has got to be happy, as am I, about the Lakers taking down the Jazz like they were nothin! That's how they do it! Now on to Houston! And they will blow right by them too. Kobe is the man!!!I am sorry to any Jazz fans who read this..... Maybe it's time to pick a new team.... Something to think about. :)

Well I look forward to talking to you soon! Woo Hoo, only six more days! I love you and and miss you!!! Take care!!!

Love Always,
Elder Moore

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