Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Phone Call

It was wonderful to talk to Elder Moore on Mother's Day. He is doing so well. He loves his mission. We heard so many stories that this email is shorter than usual. It is so wonderful having a child on a mission. I was in heaven hearing his voice, listening to his Spanglish, and just enjoying the man he is becoming.

So, here is his post from today!

HEY!!! Yes, yesterday was a great treat being able to talk with you all. I really enjoyed it! Like really really enjoyed it. :) ha it was great hearing all your voices.

So first off, about the redbox videos. I returned 2 videos for one of our investigators named Juan. You are required here to swipe your card to start. So did it charge me? Or did it just say they were returned? As you know.... we have no tv's or anywhere to watch movies. So ha I definately didn't rent them. But if it did charge me, let me know. Thanks!!!

So I don't really know what to write since we talked about it all yesterday. Things are going alright here. Last night we went and saw Alister. As you know I was really upset with him for not coming to church yesterday after we had gone in the morning and talked to him and invited him. He now can't get baptized this Saturday. He is just being lazy. He says he wants to get baptized, but if he can't keep the commitments, that isn't going to happen. As you also know, yesterday I was ready to drop him as an investigators since he isn't progressing right now, but after seeing him last night I realized I couldn't. I just love that guy too much.
Really all he has to do is come to church. As I mentioned, he was married. One of the most awkward moments of my life. I just wanted to disappear. But obviously I couldn't. Haha.

(This is Sheri speaking for a moment. Yesterday when talking to Elder Moore on the phone he told us of Alister's wedding. He said ten minutes after they were pronounced husband and wife, his wife decided she didn't want to married. These were her issues:
1) They were married at their house. She decided she wanted a church wedding instead.
2) She wanted her family there. Alister reminded her that her family was in the basement and wouldn't come up for the wedding.
3) She wanted his family there. Alister reminded her he hadn't talked to his family in five years, so why would he invite them to the wedding.
4) She wanted a mariachi band. Alister reminded her they didn't have money for a mariachi band.
Brandon said the wife asked him to find the bishop and have him tear up the marriage license. Of course this was not an option. As uncomfortable as the situation was, Elder Moore said, "Well at least they aren't breaking the law of chastity anymore!")

We set a 68 year old man, Gavino for baptism on June 6th. He has some word of wisdom problems we have to work through, but he really wants to stop drinking for his family. So we are going to continue to work hard with him. He is a cool old guy.

Carmen, our baptism that was set for May 23rd, couldn't pay the rent and was kicked out of her little spot, and we can't find her. So that's sad.... Hopefully she'll pop up somewhere or give us a call. We were having good success with her.

Gabriel, still drinking. Didn't come to church. We have to move him back as well. I think the hardest thing to do in the mission is to get people to come to church. I don't know why.... but they just don't come.

Same with Mario, we called him Saturday night and he said he would be at church..... Didn't show up. And he is the one that looks most promising right now. Well we are going to see him tomorrow and find out what happened. And also, set him for baptism on the 6th. He believes the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. So we are excited for him.

I think every month I have been out here, one of my friends has come home early from their mission. That's so frustrating to hear. Of course it's not going to be easy. It's the hardest thing I have ever done. It makes me mad how people can just give up. Why do they go home? Sometimes it is because of a girlfriend. Girlfriends can be so lame! I got pretty lucky! :) Amber told me if I came home she'd leave me. haha. Good girl. It's awesome having her support. But I would never leave this. It's so great. I love it.

I can't believe I am about to hit 6 months. It's beginning to go by very fast. This is the best thing that I could be doing at this point in my life and I am growing so much and it is just making me a better person.

I am glad my spanish is getting good. I have been working my tail off for over 5 months to try and get it. It's coming a long.

So sorry this email isn't quite as long. We talked a bit yesterday so you know everything that is up with me. Have fun hanging out with Brooklyn and doing arts and crafts. :) Haha, sounds like a blast! Today we played football as a zone and had a bbq at a nice park with a sweet little pond-ish lake. It was cool.

Well I love you all very much!!! Thank you so much for your support and it was so great being able to talk to you yesterday! Mom, I hope you enjoyed Mothers Day. I know I did! I know this gospel is true and that we receive blessings when we LIVE it. And live it every day. Not just on Sundays. I love it! I know it has been a blessing in my life.

Take care!!!
Love always
Elder Moore

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