Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15, 2009

Hey Hey Hey inhabitants of Utah, and any others who recieve this world wide!

Well this is Elder Moore here reporting from Omaha, Nebraska, yup still here. I wasn't transfered, as we knew this would happen. There is a good chance I could spend up to my first year here in the same area. Elder Arellano is my new companion and he has 3 months left. Estoy serviendo con me Abuelo, means I am serving with my grandpa, he trained my trainer, making him my grandpa in missionary talk. But anyways, there is a good chance I will stay with him 2 and then receive another missionary, we will see what happens though. Elder Arellano is 25 years old. And an AMAZING missionary. I had met him once before, it wasn't great. And no one likes him for some reason. But in the 4 days I have been with him I have learned to love him. And we get a long really well. He told me there hasn't been many he has had a great relationship with but I see us having a great time together. He is a dang hard worker!

So before I get into the really good stuff..... GO LAKERS!!!!! NBA champs!!! Woot woot!!! I just had to throw that in there!

Well this week Alister came to church AGAIN! And Roxana and Manuel came too. They have two kids ages 5 and 3. Oh man they are awesome. All of our members were really nice to them and they invited us over for dinner tonight with them. We are going to set them with a baptismal date. They told us they want to be members and they were so excited to be at church. So good things are happening there. Alister is still looking good for the 27th. His testimony and faith are really growing and Erika loves coming to church. So that family is really progressing great together. We had a lesson with him about faith and the Book of Mormon. We asked him to pray about it to know if it was a true book. We then kneeled and he asked God right there. And told us he had received his answer and that he just felt so peaceful.Haha, we stopped by Sunday morning to see them. Erika was already dressed and ready to go, but she said Alister was still asleep but that she would wake him up. Well it was time for sacrament meeting and I called them and Erika said I couldn't wake him up so we aren't coming. I was so disappointed. But HA! I walked into the chapel and there they were! She said "Ha! I tricked you!" Haha.

We had an AWESOME experience with Veronica this week. We found out what her real concern was. It was that she was talking with the Jehovah's Witnesses and that she liked what they taught too. She just didn't know what religion to choose. So we testified of the Book of Mormon and of our living prophet Thomas S. Monson. And when we were finished we said, Veronica, right now, pray and ask God if Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet and if he leads this church today. She then prayed and offered a simple but very powerful prayer. And during that prayer, the spirit was the strongest I had ever felt it before in my life I think. She said Amen and we looked at her and she sat there with her eyes closed, not moving. After about a minute of silence, she looked up at us with tears in her eyes and said I know he is a prophet.It was one of the most amazing experiences. She didn't come to church though. She was dealing with people for her daughter, who is pretty much paralyzed. But she is set for baptism on the 27th.I know God answers our prayers, I have seen it many times these last few days.

With Manuel and Roxana, I mentioned them earlier. We talked with her on Friday, her husband wasn't there and for this reason we didn't set her for baptism yet.... But we asked what her goals were for life. She said, she wants to be with her family forever. She wants her sons to grow up and be missionaries. She wants to have a good religion. Their family is friends with the Martinez family who is in our ward. They live in the same building, so we have AWESOME member support. I can't wait till our meeting tonight. Also, Dilie Lopez has a baptismal date for July 4th. We have not met her yet, but other missionaries taught her and passed us to us because she understands spanish better. We will be seeing her tomorrow.

This week so many amazing things happened! Well since Thursday. It's amazing how much has changed. This area has completely 180-ed since getting Elder Arellano. He loves to work, and so do I. But man, he is crazy! It's going to be fun.

Well I got an email from Elder Lee. He said he isn't receiving my emails, and I am not receiving his. Come on! Hook us up! Please. :) Thank you! I gotta know what my best friend is up too!

So yes I do know Elder Quintana. He is serving in Lincoln right now as a zone leader with Elder Camacho. Lincoln is such a sweet area. I hope they send me down there eventually. But yeah, he is a stud. A way cool kid. I like him a lot. I haven't really served around him, just met him a few times. So he is doing very good.

So how is Aunt Diane doing? That is one of my goals when I get home to go to New York and meet my Aunt Diane. There were a few people in my zone in the MTC that went to spanish speaking New York.

I will be sending all of your gifts in July ok? I made some cool stuff during Arts and Crafts time.I don't know if I told you about that but me and Elder Herrera decided to spend half of our lunch time eating, and the other half dong arts and crafts. Man I have made some SWEET stuff!

I did receive a wedding invitation to Kelsey's wedding. Unfortanetly I couldn't make an appearance.... I hope they will forgive me. But congrats to them! That's exciting!!!

Welp family. I hope all is well in Utah. Things are great here! I love it!!!President Eyring prophicied in 2005 that many people and many hispanics would flee to Nebraksa as a refuge. I don't know why it's here. But it is happening. We are seeing so many people pile in here. President Newman recently said to us. That we are building Zion right here. We are seeing some amazing things happen in the mission! Over 200 people with set for baptism for this month and in July. It's incredible. The work here is amazing. Elder Arellano and myself have 5 people. And many more to come.I love you all very much!! You are great. Please take care!!!Mom I love you!

Love Elder Moore

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