Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 8, 2009

Hey there!
Well first off, we did hear that the missionaries would be postponed a week to coming out here (due to precautions because of the swine flu). And with my companion leaving, I was going to go down to the Spanish South for the week it looked like and stay with Elders King and Poccori. But we were told Saturday that they would be sending the missionaries out on time. So they will be here this Thursday for transfers. That is great!!! I didn't want to go be in a 3-some. But I will be finding out who my new companion is on Wednesday. Yay.

I hope those 2 missionaries in the MTC can pull through what they are going through. There are so many great things happening in the mission right now. We are really focused on baptisms right now and we are seeing great things happen! There are 175 people with a baptism date in the mission in June alone. The average is 70. So things are going great. We have Alister set for the 27th of June. He came to church yesterday which was awesome!! Me and Elder King showed him the font and showed him how the baptisms were performed. It was cool. We have Veronica Juarez set for the 27th as well. And Gavino Huerta for the 27th. We are still struggling getting Gavino to church. But right now the work seems to be going good. And I know with the arrival of a new companion who wants to work things will become so much better. I can't wait to see how things start to progress here over the next month and a half or so. We have a lot of potential here and I know there are people just waiting. And for this reason I hope those 2 missionaries who are supposed to be being sent out here can get through the MTC. The MTC was the hardest part for me. But once I got through that and got out to the mission, I began to enjoy it so much more. It doesn't neccesarily get easier, but you begin to see that there are people in need of help here who you are capable of changing. You, your companion, and the most important, the Holy Ghost.

Yeah!!! Go Lakers!! They are tearing it up! Arturo Vega is going to lose this bet! Remember the bet we made with him that I think I mentioned? Yeah, I did mention it. Well it looks like we are going to be shaving his eyebrows! I am excited. I will definately send pictures of this! Lakers are going to be the champions this year! I love it!!!

Ha! So what is going on at the house? It sounds like everything is falling apart! It must be finally noticing I am gone. :) The t.v., air conditioning, and ice maker just can't live with out me so they are starting to fall apart eh? Ok I am lame.......still. No surprise there.

So, me and Elder Herrera have been having Arts and Crafts time and I have been making a lot of cool stuff. I made Justin a birthday present, and you one as well. And dad. And Brooklyn, I haven't made anything yet, but I do have something to send her. So when I get the money at the beginning of July I will send you all your b-day presents. They are sweet!!! And homemade. I also did something cool to my shoulder bag I have. Me and Elder Herrera went to a junk yard last Monday and got in an old cadillac? Is that how you spell it? I don't know. The seat belts that click in and out are silver. Well I cut my bag strap and sewed those on. So it has a click in now with a buckle! Ha I will send ya a picture. And of all the other cool stuff I have made.

So you are really going to get into Sign Language huh? That is so cool!! That would be awesome. And yeah that way you could save a lot of money and make some. I think it is a great idea. You should do it! Did you know that sign language in Spanish is different then in English. I learned that yesterday.

Oh! And speaking of Yesterday!!! NO one, and I mean no one feeds us on Sundays. It's very rare. But yesterday was different. After church Karina asked us to come over at 2:30 to eat. So we said sure. Of course. And so we were driving back to the apartment and we got a call from the Midaveta family and they said come over we are having a bbq. So we did. So we ate at 1:00, 2:30, and then.... We were bringing dinner over the the Valensueala family. One of the members gave us a whole lasgna. So we decided we would feed the Valensuela family. So we ate again at 5:30. Ah man, I was full! It was nuts!! But I am not complaining. Anytime someone wants to feed us I am up for it. :)

Oh yeah another funny thing about yesterday. Alister asked me if we wanted to go fishing with him. Haha. So I think next p-day we are going to go fishing with Alister. That guy is so cool. I am going to hate leaving this area when my time comes. I have made some of the best of friends that I will never forget. And I have become friends with some great families.

So me and Elder Herrera went with the Valensuela family Friday night to a fair. It was HUGE!!! I don't know what Nebraska was celebrating but there were fireworks all across Omaha. So we went to the fair and there was 100's and 100's of booths. And there were bands playing. And then a huge fountain in the middle of the Missouri river that was shooting water like 100 feet in the air. It was so cool! That was a cool night.

The work here is starting to pick up again as I mentioned earlier. I am really trying hard to push Elder Herrera through these last couple of days. But I am excited to get a new companion and really get things going here.

It looks like I am going to lose my driving privileges over this accident. I had a meeting with President and he said he read the police report and doesn't think that there is any way I can win this court battle. I guess we will see though. But yeah more than likely they will be gone after this month. Oh well. What makes me most mad though is that I know the light was green. I do. I know it. And I have no reason to lie about this. Plus after she hit us she drove off. So it's just ridiculous in my opinion. But hey what can ya do.... Just take it like a man I guess. :) Ha and that is what I will do.

Thank you for your prayers for the people we have been teaching. I know they are helping. I know that God does hear and answer our prayers when we pray with faith. I love my mission. Nebraska was definately the place I needed to be called too. And I love it. I really do. I wouldn't want to serve anywhere else.

The spanish is coming as well. I have been studying that really hard still. I still can't say everything I want (that will come), but for the most part I can understand everything. Which is very good.

Well I love you all!! Take care! I miss you. Enjoy your summer! And congrats on graduating Home Boy!!! J-Mo!

Love always,
Elder Moore

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