Monday, June 29, 2009

June 29, 2009

Hey Hey Hey! So yes it's true..... Yesterday we had 4 baptisms!!!!

It was definitely a very memorable day in the mission. Micheal, Jaden, and Arali were baptized. It was so cool, Nancy, their mom was crying and it was just an amazing experience for all to see. It was great helping this family start their path in coming unto Christ. And number 4....... ALISTER!!!! Woohoo!! We finally got Alister baptized. I met him my 3rd week in the mission. And have worked with him ever since. I think he will be a stronger member for taking this much time to finally be baptized. He was so happy yesterday and so was his wife, Erika. In the picture, Elder Arellano is wearing a tie like me. And Mauricio Valensuela, a recent convert, he was baptized in December, baptized Alister, so he is in the picture too. So yesterday was an incredible experience. And we had so much support from the ward for all of them. We had in between 50 and 60 people there at the baptism. And at sacrament meeting we had a little over 100 for the first time since I have been here. The ward is growing and people are wanting to be baptized. It is so great!

So Manuel and Roxana are having problems getting there divorce figured out. We are going to get the bishop involved and hopefully get some good help from him. He works part time as translator for the court systems, so he has a good in there and will be able to help us out. They are awesome. They have gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon and love reading it. And they come to church and participate. It's so awesome!

Court stunk. They just gave me another date to come back. So I go back on the 28th of July for the actual thing. Haha read D & C 24:17, I think it is. It talks about that if anyone takes you to law, they will be cursed. Ha something like that. It's funny! But yeah, the Bishop is hooking me up too, with a lawyer to help us out. He is the 1st counselor in the stake presidency. So we are getting everything squared away.We'll see how everything goes.

I forgot to mention the TORNADO!! I don't know how I forgot about that. It didn't touch ground in Omaha, but it was like it had. Trees were snapped, powerlines down, cars smashed by trees, it was so crazy!! It was 104 degrees that afternoon and at around 4:30 it got really dark really fast and then the storm started!!! we got out of our car and ran, to shelter like they asked us to do. And we ran for about 20 seconds and I was drenched from head to toe in rain. Like it was really as if I had taked a shower. So we ran into an apartment complex and just sat on the stairs and watched. Wow!!! It was bad! It was cool though watching this tree snap and fall. It was a way crazy storm!! So we had tornado winds but it didn't come all the way down. It was quite a crazy experience!

Things are going really good here. It's been a lot of hard work, but we are really starting to see things pay off. So this week we met Lester. He is 23. He has a drug problem that his parents don't know about. He was living in Council Bluffs Iowa for a while and got into a bad group of friends and he got addicted to drugs. So he moved back to his parents home and is trying to get rid of it. He really wants to be baptized and he knows it is going to help him so much! I am very excited to be working with him. I have never come across a person this humble before in my mission! It's crazy! He is a great person.And guess what?! With Lester I called him to set up an appointment before we met him, since he was a referral from another set of missionaries. So we went to his house, and he asked me if I spoke spanish, and I said, ya know the person you talked to on the phone yesterday and the day before, he said yeah... I said, that was me. Haha! So that was kinda cool. :) I guess my spanish is getting a little better. Still takes time though.

That is way cool Eric Olsen got called spanish speaking! He is going to love it so much! I love speaking spanish, and the spanish people are so amazing and just way nice!

It is really sad that President Newman is leaving. Very hard on the mission. But we know President Kunz will be great! We had our last zone conference with President Newman, that is just an amazing man with an amazing family. You should definitely go to their homecoming. Just seeing him, you can know and tell that he is a man called of God, with so much power. And I know his homecoming talk will change your life forever. He has changed my life so much. Even up to the last words he said to me. I gave him a hug and he just whispered something so powerful to me and about my mission and responsibility. I love him and will miss him. Let me know how his talk is, and his wife's talk as well. Thank you!

Well I love you all very much. This week was a really good one! And this one should be good as well. This could be my last transfer in the Omaha North. We will see what happens..... Crazy eh? I have been here a while. But I do love it. Take care!!! I miss you all very much. But as you said mom, it is starting to go by fast.

I love you!

Love Elder Moore

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