Monday, January 11, 2010

January 11, 2010 Estoy en Lincoln!!!‏

Yes, it is true!!! I am OUT of Omaha. After 13 months there, I am gone. And Lincoln is great! I love it so far. Although my new companion Elder Stephenson is more lost than I am.... I still like it.

And hey... what do ya know? My first Sunday in the new "group" (we aren't a ward or branch because there are so few of us) they asked me to speak because the speaker wasn't going to be there. So I was asked to give a 20 minute talk on faith and hope. It went really well. Especially with such short notice. :)

Oh yeah... before I forget. Next Monday will not be our P-day. Our P-day will be on Tuesday cause it's a holiday and President Kunz wants us to go out and find people to teach on the holiday cause he thinks more people will be home. So yeah, next Tuesday will be email day.

Well this week was a little hard. I did hate saying goodbye to some of the people I got really close too. Like the Thompsons, the Sandovals, Riveras, and Finns. Those are pretty much the only people I said bye too. I spent a lot of time with those families. Transfers did get pushed back a day because of the terrible weather. Transfer morning was -8 degrees. Yeah, that was cold. As I was packing I had Elders Morrill, Ward, and Curisinche there, so I was able to get a rid of a lot of things. Man I had so much stuff!! I got rid of lots of things and still was packed to capacity!! I almost did need to rent a u-haul. :)

So ha, Thursday I said my goodbyes to everyone. And the last family I went and saw was the Finns. They have a great family. And 2 daughters of 10 and 6. So I was talking with them. And Daisey, the 10 year old. Asked me if she could paint my toe nails. I was like....WHAT?!?! She said please please please! So I said to her and Kaylie her siste, "On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy would it make you?" And they both said "10" with huge smiles on there faces. So I said... "Well, that's not enough." Then they said "A GAJILLION!!!" So I said..."ok fine!" :) So for the first time in my life my toe nails got painted. There is a picture.

And also a picture of me and the Riveras.

So then afterwards I hopped on the van Friday morning to Lincoln. Our apartment is nice and small. A room, just big enough for 2 beds and 2 dressers. A small bathroom and the a kitchen/sitting room. It's cozy. :) Odds are I will be here for at least 4 and a half to 6 months because I am District Leader again. I have some sweet people in my district.

About my companion.... well he doesn't speak any Spanish. Like none.... zilch. So that is challenging. But I am working really hard with him... quizzing him, speaking to him only in Spanish, etc. So the work isn't too bad here. They had 0 people set for baptism on Friday. Saturday, we got a set. Her name is Dorie. She says she KNOWS the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith is a profeta. But she just doesn't want to be baptized. We had a good conversation with her and she accepted a date for the 30th of this month. She said many missionaries have tried to get her to be baptized and none have succeeded. Well, we will see what we can do. Also, Sunday night, yesterday, We went and saw a guy named Fidel and had a great lesson with him. He has been to church a few times but hasn't been baptized. He was talking about how he doesn't have much money to be able to buy gifts for his kids. So we told him how him getting baptized here can really help his family in Mexico. It's the best gift he can give them. To be able to take this knowledge he has back to his family and share it with them would really bless them. And he agreed to be baptized on the 23rd of this month. So we have 2 sets now! It's great. And yesterday we had 3 people at church. So that was sweet!

Also, there is a way sweet family here. The Morales family. I met them my first day and we are already best friends. After like 15 minutes we were just laughing and making fun of each other and just having a good time. I am really going to like being around them. They are a lot of fun. I got her to laugh so hard that she spit her gum across the table. Now that was funny!

So Elder Taggart my zone leader told me a really cool story yesterday that I want to share with you. I was talking to him on the phone last night and he said..."Elder Moore, I want to tell you a story. And it's about you. You're first zone conference here in the mission I remember you standing up and having to talk some to all the missionaries. And after you were done talking and you sat down, I turned to my companion and I said, 'He's got it.' And this is the first oppurtunity I have had to serve around you and it's true. You've got it. You set 2 people for baptism in the last 2 days. You haven't let me down." Haha.So that was the story. And I really appreciated hearing that story. It really gave me a lot of confidence. And I know that we are going to have a lot of success here in this area.

Also last night we found a man named Jose. We had a really awesome conversation with him!! He knows the bible really well. So we talked about the bible for quite some time. And he is really open to learning. He said he doesn't think a prophet could be called today. But... we'll show him. :) We have an appointment with him Tuesday. So that'll be good. I think we will get him with a baptismal date too. He said he wants to come to church and see what it's like and he is open to learning about our church. And he is a really humble man. I'll have to let you know how that goes next week.

It's nice being here in Lincoln. It's a change. It's new life. I love it. I hope everything is going well back home with everyone.I love you all!!!And oh yeah.... L. Tom Perry is coming to our mission to speak to all of us on the 22nd of February! Sweet eh?!

Love, Elder Moore

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