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January 4, 2010 La iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias = A mouthful‏

Happy happy new year!!! Can ya believe it? It is 2010! I sure can't.
Well this week was a REALLY good one. So this email may be a little long as I explain everything that happened this week.

So Tuesday, we had district meeting and Elder Anderson and myself trained. It was one of the best meetings we have had. We all got really fired up. We talked about what we personally need to do to have more success in our areas and how we can find more people. So I told everyone to find one investigator a day and then to call everyone else in the district and tell each other about the person we had found. It went great!! Me and Elder Morrill found 11 new people, Spanish North 5, and West Maple 8. The zone leaders, 0. Yeah....But anyways.... We were talking to everyone. Parking lots, streets, knocking doors. And we found 11 good people.
So the whole district got really fired up about finding people.

On Wednsday we went and taught a guy named Moises. He was being taught a while ago but then dropped the missionaries. Now he is talking to them again. His wife wants to get baptized really bad. She is American but fluent in Spanish. He is Mexican, good English but not great. And the English missionaries have been teaching him. And he kept saying he didn't feel quite ready. So I called the English missionaries and I said, set up a time where we can come talk to him with you both. So Wednesday night we went and visited Moises in the restaurant he owns. And we began talking to him. And it's moments like these that missionaries live for. That make the mission an amazing experience. I asked him.... how can you know if our church is true? And he said by asking God. And I said, how can you know that God has answered you? And he said, by what I feel. So I asked, what are the feelings you feel when you know you've received an answer from God? And he said, I feel happy, and warm, and really peaceful.

So I said, ok Moises, I am going to tell you a story, and I want you to pay attention to what you feel ok. Then after wards, tell us. So I told him the story of Joseph Smith. And I related it to him. And then told the first vision. And he just started to cry. And so did I. And I asked him how he felt and he said, I feel like I know it's true. So then I said, Moises, what I would like you to do now, is pray. And in your prayer ask God if it is true. And then pause for 30 seconds. And once you feel like you have received an answer, you can finish your prayer. So he began his prayer and he didn't ask a question but what he said was... Me voy a bautizar pronto. Or, I am going to get baptized soon. And he just sat for probably a minute. Then he finished his prayer. After wards he looked at me and said.... I'm going to get baptized. It was an incredible moment.

On Thursday, Sister Morris, one of the senior sisters here invited us over to her apartment to eat dinner. So us, the Spanish north elders were there, and the Cold Springs sisters were there. So we all had a really good meal. Then after wards we played a Christmas game. Sister Gingrich and Sister Lamplugh beat all of us. Go figure..... then we played a game called Signs, for like 2 hours. That was a lot of fun! We had a good time. Then we went and celebrated the new year with Elder Anderson and Elder Eddington.

We started off the new year right by going to Village Inn for a good breakfast. We talked a lot about 90's music though. Our waitress was Dawn and she was having a bad day. So me and Elder Anderson sang her Mmmbop by Hanson. Haha she said.... thanks! You've made my day.

Hahaha ok so funny story! I have named this story "Geronimo." You'll see why.
So Elder Ward and I talked to this guy in a parking lot. I was with him and I said let's give away 2 Book of Mormons while Elder Curisinche and Elder Morrill are in the store. We decided that would be a better idea then just sitting in the car. So I said, ok you pick someone out for me to talk to, and I'll go give away this Book of Mormon, then I'll do the same for you. So he pointed to a guy, and I went and talked to him, he is from Oaxaca Mexico and his name is Fransisco and I gave him a Book of Mormon and set up a return appointment. So me and Elder Morrill went and saw him. And wow! There was like 2 and a half feet of snow leading up to his front door, and on up the stairs. So I said I hope he is here! So there was a hill of snow in front of the snow leading up to his house. So Elder Morrill went first.... and he jumped off it into the snow and started making his way up to the stairs. Then I went. I stood on the hill and yelled "Geronimo!" And my plan was to jump into the snow. Well.... I tripped and instead of jumping into the snow, I fell. Yup.... real smooth! Then we came to find out there was a door at the back of the house with no snow in front of it. And he wasn't even home... so there ya have it.

So I have realized that our church has such a long name. Especially in Spanish. It is quite the mouthful when you tell someone what church you are from. It's like Hola! Somos misioneros de la iglesia de Jesucristo de los (oh no! I"m losing them, speak louder....) SANTOS DE LOS ULTIMOS DIAS!!!! Haha, it feels like people start to like doze off when you are saying the name of our church. It is the true church though so it can have whatever name it wants. But yeah.... I love knocking doors and talking to people! It's a lot of fun.

So our church starts at 1 now. Woohoo! We had SO many people there. There was like 80 people at church. And like 18 people in Priesthood. Towards the end of the year it was just me and Elder Morrill, the Spanish north elders, Tony Sandoval, and the teacher. Now... there are more! It was great! Also, Cecilia and Esteban were confirmed yesterday. Woohoo!! So things are going good here.

Transfers are this week! We will find out on Wednesday. I am pretty sure I am leaving. I really hope I do. I need "new life." And that comes when you get a new area and a new companion, new people, etc. I could use that. For a bit I was feeling burned out and lazy. But this week helped me a lot! With finding new people and talking with everyone!

Well that was my week. And this week should be crazy. Transfer week always is!!
I hope all is well back home. Happy New Year!!! A goal I made for this new year was to write in my journal EVERYDAY. I think I wrote a grand total of like 9 times last year in my journal. This year so far.... 3 for 3! Oh yeah. We'll see how long this lasts.

I know this church is true. I know the Spirit truly does testify of the truth. And through the spirit we can know the truth of not just some things, but of ALL things. I know that Jesus Christ is my savior. And I love him. I love you all. I am truly grateful for my family.
Take care.
Elder Moore

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