Monday, January 25, 2010

January 25, 2010 That's the way the cookie crumbles !

Well this has been another one of those weeks....Lincoln sure has not been easy. Actually this transfer has been the most challenging one.

I will start off with the good news... Fidel is re set for baptism on the 6th of February, we had him set for the 13th but now he is set for the 6th. We are very happy for him. He came to church yesterday and even brought a friend. He hasn't smoke or drank for over a week now. And him and Luis, one of our less active members, are reading the scriptures every night together and praying every night, just like I asked them to. :) They have both been struggling so we had a really good conversation with them and the things they need to do to overcome temptation and to become stronger. Friday night, Elder Taggart and I went and visited with Luis and Fidel. I gave both of them blessings that night. It was such an incredible experience for me. The Lord has AMAZING plans for both of them. If they will just stay strong. Which they are right now.

Well this week we planned to have about 8 people at church that told us they would be there. Two showed up. That was very frustrating. Also a member called Saturday night and said he would not be at church Sunda; and him and his wife teach the classes. So I had to teach both classes yesterday as well. It's hard with such a small group sometimes, if someone doesn't show up, we end up teaching. Haha it's actually kinda funny.

Well speaking of a small group... Elder Taggart and I also went and met with President Kunz and President Bateman, the stake president, to talk about our zone and to talk about the Spanish work. Our group has a goal set for this year of 24 baptisms. President Kunz told me that there is a good chance I may stay here the rest of my mission....but who knows. He wants me to focus all my efforts on helping our group become a branch. President Kunz has been eyeing me lately. I have had a meeting with him, and this week he will be at my district meeting. I was told that since my first district meeting, my district is the best one in the mission right now. So President Kunz is coming to see what it is we are doing. I love the Elders in my district, and so many amazing things are happening with everyone right now. There is an episode of The Office, where David, one of the head guys of Dunder Mifflin, invites Micheal down to his office in New York to find his secret. Because Micheal's branch is the best one. So Micheal goes down there and David is trying to figure out his secret and Micheal is just making a whole bunch of stuff up because he doesn't know what the secret is behind their success. Well I don't know either, but Elder Taggart, my ZL, told me that is what he is coming for. Haha, maybe I'll pull a Micheal and just make a whole bunch of stuff up....

Well we had a funny experience this week. We were knocking doors with one of the counselors in our group, and we saw a guy in the hall. So I started talking to him. We talked for a few minutes and he said to me, "Are you married?" And I said "No." And he said," WHAT?! Why not? You are a really good looking guy." Haha and I just laughed and explained to him I was a missionary and blah blah blah, ya know. And he said.... "Well come on in to my place!" So we went in, and he has a sister that is single. HA!!!!! We taught them, it was fun. They are a really cool family. And we are going to keep teaching them. There is 3 of them and they are all very interested in the church. So we'll see what happens. But yeah.... NO PLANS on hooking up with that girl. Especially when I already got a GREAT one. :) It gave all 3 of us a good chuckle though.

So Saturday night I got a call from one of our investigators that has been searching for the true church for 4 years now...Annel, I have mentioned her before. Well she said ever since we started teaching her, she hasn't been able to sleep. She said it feels like an evil power is attacking her every night.Ssatan that jerk!! But little does he know he is helping us. We are going to go see her and her brother tomorrow. I have done a lot of studying on this the past 2 days. So we are going to be able to help her out. But it's crazy how much satan tries to attack people when they are getting so close.

I have been out almost 14 months now... and still, you can never fully be ready for the experiences that are placed in front of you. All you can really do is rely on the spirit to lead you. To tell you what you need to say. If you are obedient, the spirit will always be with you. So prepared or not, you'll have a member of the Godhead telling you what to say. Pretty incredible huh? I would say so! I am only 20 years old, but people trust me to help them. Justin, the calling of a missionary is greater than that of the kings and rulers of this earth. God will help you. He'll be there for you. And the closer you get to him, the closer he will get to you. I love you. The mission has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. It has really helped me to become who I am. It's a great feeling knowing that every morning when you wake up, you have the chance to make a difference in someone's life. And not just their life, but their kids' life, and their kid's kid's lives. The mission has strengthened my testimony of the church and has strengthened me as a person. Just trust God. If you do that, he promises to help you. You're not alone out here.

I love you all family! Mom thank you so much for your words of much WISDOM. I appreciate it. :) I love you very much mom. Thanks for what you said to me. I really needed to hear that.I hope everyone is doing great. Read the Book of Mormon!

Elder Moore

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