Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1, 2010 Una semana muy especial‏

Wow!! This was an amazing week. So many things happened this week. So this could possibly be a long email. I shouldn't say possibly, because it will be a nice long one.

Well we had 7 people come to church yesterday. Yes, 7! We have 7 people set for baptism now. Most looking really good. Two, not so good. But the other 5, looking great! So on Tuesday we had an incredible spiritual experience with Edgar and Annel. They were supposed to come to church on Sunday but didn't make it there. I was pretty upset with them for that since I had just talked to them the night before. So we went there on Tuesday, and I guess I wasn't my normal self. I was being a little hard on them and had toned down the jokes a little bit to let them know that I was serious. Annel said to me, "Wow, you are fiesty today." And I have to agree. I was. And I guess it turned out to be a good thing. I told them why I was upset. Then afterwards we taught her about how she can fight off these really evil feelings she has been feeling. Edgar was also there. She said to us that she likes her mom's church and our church and wants to get baptized in both. So I pulled out a scripture from 3rd Nephi. We read verses 19-21. In verse 21 I put Annel and Edgar's names in there to personalize it some. And I said, "Jesus Christ can't be here to invite you to be baptized, but he has sent us as his representitives. We are here, standing in his place. If he were here, he wouldn't say, wait to be baptized, he wouldn't say get baptized in both churches. He would say, follow me, and be baptized, in MY name." Annel looked at me, and so did Edgar. They were almost about to cry. And she said, "Ok I want to be baptized on February 6th!" And then Edgar looked at us and said, "YEAH! Me too!" I was really taken back, I was like... wait, what? Haha. But I told them they could of course. So pretty much they set themselves. The spirit was very strong in that room. Yesterday, they came to church, and Edgar brought his girlfriend. Then the 5 of us went up to Omaha to the trail center. We drove about 275miles yesterday between Crete and Lincoln and Omaha. It was a long and exhausting day. But a very good one! They even announced their own baptisms in church yesterday. So they are very excited and very ready. It was pretty cool too because the Sandovals came to the trail center to say hi to me, also Elders Curisinche and Morrill, as well as Melanie Thomspon. It was so nice to see some familiar faces.

Also, Fidel is looking so solid for his date! This Saturday he will also be baptized. Funny thing... we found out that Fidel and Annel used to date. Small world eh? But he will definitely be baptized this Saturday. It's been amazing to see his progression and his changes over the last 2 weeks. I am so excited for him!

Also, we set Hector and Julie for baptism. They are boyfriend and girlfriend. Hector and Julie said they wanted to wait till after marriage to get baptized because they wouldn't be able to follow the law of chastity. So that's why they wanted to wait. But, once again, being really bold with them helped. We told them straight up that what they are doing is wrong. And that they were not going to do it anymore. it's hard being hard on people sometimes, but ya gotta do it. So we did it. And it payed off. They are set for the 18th. I think it's good that both of them are doing it together. That way they can strengthen each other. So they were both at church yesterday and are looking really good for there date. But we have a lot to teach them.

So yes, President Kunz did come to my district meeting. It was great!! Everyone was so nervous. So I decided to ease the tension with a little "joke." So lately President Kunz has been on the "tie tie-ing high." Meaning, he has really been encouraging the elders to tie their ties down to the belt and not above it. Well, ya know I had to do somethin!!! So I did. :) Amber, for my one year mark, sent me a box with some goodies in it. One of them being a clip on tie that is MAYBE 3 inches long. So I wore that to district meeting. I wore my overcoat over my suit to district meeting so no one could see my tie. So I was sitting in my chair and I got up to conduct the meeting once everyone was ready to go, and I took off my overcoat and went up to the front and started to conduct like everything was normal. Hahaha, then everyone just started laughing. President Kunz louder than anyone else. And we laughed for like a minute straight. It was great. That really eased the tension and calmed everything down. It was great!! After the meeting President Kunz took like 3 pictures with me. I guess he liked it. ;) But it was funny.

This whole past week before the district meeting I had this feeling that I needed to talk to my district about companionship study. I could just feel that it wasn't being done. So I got up after the 2 trainings and talked about that for only like 3 minutes and told why it is so important. Afterwards President Kunz got up and said,"Wow, Elder Moore, you are one step ahead of me. That is what I wanted to train on next zone conference." It was kind of interesting I thought. After the meeting, President Kunz took us all out to lunch. That was sweet! Free lunch! Last night I was reporting the numbers to Elder Taggart and he asked me what was my favorite part about the week. And I said "Free Lunch on Wendesday!" And he said.... You have 7 people at church and your favorite part of last week was free lunch? Haha, I guess 7 people at church was cool too. :)

Oh yeah, one more story. Annel and Edgar's mom is of a different religion. So we decided to talk to her. We talked with her about the bible and the Book of Mormon, and we had her read a scripture from the Book of Mormon, and right in the middle of it, the light went off in that room. Didn't go off in any other room. Just that one. That was weird.

Oh yeah, one other crazy cool thing!!!! So we have a member, well kind of a member. She was baptized like 10 months ago but is now going to another church. Well we decided to go visit her and we went to her house and her pastor was there teaching her. So we walked in and talked to the pastor for a second and he said, "We have bible study here every Saturday at 5." And I said, "Well that's great." And he said "Yes it is." So I said, "Well I would love to join you next Saturday if you don't mind." And he said "Sure, but we only talk about the word, and we only believe in Jesus Christ." And I said, "That's great. Us too!" So he said, "Ok we will see you here next Saturday then." Woo!!! I am so excited for this. To be able to talk to this pastor about the bible. And the Book of Mormon. Right there with our member. Well kind of member. Good thing I have been studying the bible a lot. I am not looking for a bible fight or religion fight by any means. I just want to see what he is telling our member that made her leave our church so fast. So this should be a lot of fun!!! I am really looking forward to it! I love being part of the TRUE church. So next Saturday, pray for us. :)

Well that is it. It has been a crazy week! Thank you for the email. I love you all so much!! And in case I don't see you again "Good afternoon, good evening, and good night!" - The Truman Show. Oh yeah, I am doing this so early because we have zone activity today at 12:30, pizza and bowling. Should be good.

Elder Moore

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