Monday, February 8, 2010

February 8, 2010

First off.... dumb Myldsmail people are making us get new emails. We don't even get to create our own, so there is no creativity in this one. But starting next week.... email me here BRANDON.MOORE@MYLDSMAIL.NET.

Well, this week was good. Not much to say about it though. But! Fidel did get baptized!!! That was so great. It was a really nice baptismal service and we had quite a few members show up and bring refreshments. Fidel also invited his sister and her husband to come to it. Afterwards, they came and talked to us and said that they want us to come over to their house and talk with them. So that will be AWESOME!!

So this week, I had quite the dream that I want to share with you. And the more and more I have thought about this dream, the more and more it has related so much to the atonement for me. This week I got a really good look at what it's going to be like when we meet are Savior Jesus Christ. So Thursday night I had a dream that I had just gotten home from the mission and I walked into a room. And in this room there was a lot of people that have really helped me through out my life...that have inspired me, or guided me, or influenced my life in one way or another. And people were walking up to me and hugging me. I don't want to name everyone in the room because there were quite a few people there, but I knew everyone of them. And I was talking with them and hugging them and just smiling. And then I looked to the left of me, and there was Dirk Roberts. And we made eye contact, and I just got these tears in my eyes. And Dirk walked over to me and gave me this big hug. And he didn't let go. His hug was longer than anyone elses. And we just sat there and hugged and cried. And he let go of me after about 2 minutes and looked me in the eyes and said, "Well done." And he left. Then I woke up and I sat there and thought about it. And over the course of the next few days I have just been thinking about that dream.I read an article yesterday by Jeffrey R. HOlland called the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and in this article Orson F. Whitney has a dream and witnesses the atonement of Christ. At the end of the dream, he says with tears in his eyes that he looked up at Jesus and Jesus hugged him. And I thought to myself, when we return home from our earthly missions to Christ, he is going to hug us, and cry with us, and just not want to let go. And then he will take a step back and look us in the eyes and say, "Well done." I know that Dirk is doing just fine up there. I am sure that he is looking down on us and watching us. And he is so proud of what we are doing here. So you can tell Nicole and Brynna that Dirk is alright. I could tell just from the way he looked at me and hugged me. Yesterday I just thought about that dream and I finally started to understand it and I just started to cry. I miss that guy.

Well Edgar and Annel did not get baptized. But they will be getting baptized on the 21st. We got in a talk with her mom, and she said in her church you have to study for a year before you get baptized and she said it was too soon. So they are set now for the 21st of February. Edgar set his own date and said.... "THIS IS WHEN I'M DOING IT! I know that I will be ready. I don't have to wait a year." Haha. He is the man. And he gives the best prayers! Annel has been working 6 days a week 12-15 hours a day, so she gets off at like 1 in the morning. So 3 times this week she called me at 1:30 in the morning and I taught her for like an hour and a half over the phone. I have been so wiped out in the morning. But it's worth it. She is doing great!

Well that was the week. Tonight we are going to have 8 missionaries staying in our tiny apartment. Tomorrow is zone conference. Yay. Great eh? So tonight should be great. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!! I love you all and have a great time in California you luckies!!!!!

Elder Moore

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