Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15, 2010

Wow, sounds like you all had a great week out there in Utah. Seems like I am missing some good basketball. Congratulations Brooklyn and Justin on winning your championships!! That is awesome!

I can't believe Cody Hatch is back. That is great. Say hi to him for me when you get the chance. Thanks! I think that it is a great idea to have the parent of a missionary speak once a month, since we have so many missionaries out now you'd probably only end up speaking once a year... maybe. ;) That's a good sign eh?

So this week was a really hard one. One of my best friends here in the mission got sent home. It's really sad. I loved that kid. I was his district leader back in Omaha so I was with him a lot. I hate when that happens. Just be strong against Satan and against his temptations. Satan is very real.

I really don't have a whole lot to say about this week. We had a zone conference which took ALL day. And then the next day I had to go out to Nebraska City and do 2 baptismal interviews, which Nebraska City is about 55 miles away. So that took up a good portion of that day. So this week was pretty slow.

I did experience something very interesting though this week. I'll just share a quick story with you. I was talking to a guy named Luis, he is one of our less active members, and Elder Stephenson was just hanging out there with Fidel and talking to him. And Luis was just talking about how rough things are at home with his wife and just talking about getting a divorce and asking me whether he should do it or not, or what he should do. And ha... I have no idea. I've never been placed in that situation before. So after he finished talking to me about everything that was going on, I honestly had NO idea what to say.
So I just sat there and looked at the floor for about a minute and a half, of just pure silence. He was just waiting for me to say something to him. And as I was sitting there I was just praying and praying and praying to know what to tell him. And it came to me. And I began to teach him and share scriptures with him about the situation he was in. So I have really gained a testimony of the power of the spirit and how involved God is in his work. I hate seeing all these strong good families fall apart. The gospel is supposed to bless families! I wish people would realize that and just live it! If we would live it, we wouldn't have these problems. It's funny how little God asks of us, and how much he gives to us, and we can't give back that little bit that he expects. I've learned a lot from my mission and from others mistakes. And I know that those things will help me in my life.

I do have a testimony of this church. I know it's true. And I'm glad that Jesus Christ did what he did for us. So that he could help us through whatever we go through.
I love you all!! Be strong. And yeah I know, Mothers Day isn't far off now. Just right around the corner. And I cannot believe it's already conference again! That was such a fast 6 months! I can't believe how fast it has gone!

Hahaha, mom, you are right! You got 3 awesome kids! And we got a great mom! I went to Omaha this week with Elder Winegar to take care of a few things, and I went and saw one of my favorite members there in Omaha, Sister Rivera. She is great! I am excited for you to meet her. She was just flippin out when I showed up at her house. We have a really good relationship. And she was asking me how things are going and I told her about the good and the bad and just made light of the bad and kept a smile on my face and she said..."Moore, that is what I love about you. You always have a good attitude about everything." And I think that is just how we are. We keep smiling, whether we are struggling or not. I do love our family. :)

I love you Mom!!!

Elder Moore

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