Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29, 2010

Well as always... sounds like a busy week for you! No surprise there! But I'm glad it was a good one and that you got to go to the young women's broadcast. I'm sure that was a blast! I am very excited for conference this week.

This week should be pretty crazy! We have transfers on Thursday, so we'll find out who is going where on Wednesday. Transfers is always hectic. But I love it! And it's funny too, because everyone is always trying to predict transfers, and then it happens, and that same day, you start predicting for the next transfer in 6 weeks. It's a blast.

So we did go out to Crete on Tuesday and we looked at about 7 apartments and found 3 that we liked and 1 that we really really liked!! SO I hope that they pick that one. But it was a lot of fun pikcing out an apartment. I really do hope that they open Crete this week. We will find that out on Wednesday too.

So this week I accomplished my mission dream..... and I will warn you... it's a lame mission dream, but I did! So we have this van in the mission. It's a big 15 seat van, and we use that for transfers and stuff like that. I have always wanted to drive the transfer van! Always!!! I don't know why.... But only the assistants and the office elders get to drive it. Plus I don't have driving privilages, so no way am I driving the van right? Wrong! This week the office elders came out to Lincoln to move somebody and we met up with them in front of Best Buy to talk for a few minutes. And I asked if I could drive the van and they said yes!!! I was so stoked. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. SO I hopped in the van and drove it about 3 and a half parking spots and parked it. It was awesome!

So this week was another rough one. We are kind of in a dry spell right now. But we started to pull out of it towards the end of the week. It's funny... we've been trying harder and seeing less success. But that happens sometimes. And ya just got to go with it. We did find some sweet people this week.

AND funny story, well not so much funny as crazy, but it's a little bit of both. So Sister Quirk talked to this hispanic woman on the street and got all her info and called us to go over and visit her. Well we went over yesterday and guess who opens the door. A guy named Pablo! So what's crazy about this story? Well we were teaching Pablo and then he moved, and the person Sister Quirk talked to is Pablo's wife. So we found them again and he opened the door and I just said, iholi, and he said, iholi, then he said Come in!! So we talked with him and his wife for almost 2 hours yesterday. The wife is a lot more interested than the husband.... he just thinks that if you follow Christ you are good, no matter what church you are in, so a lot of the discussion revolved around that. But we'll see what happens eh.

We also had a pretty cool lesson with a woman named Maria Carrillo and her 3 sons this week. She is a recent convert and her 3 kids aren't baptized, they are 19, 17, and 13. So we have been working with all of them. Hector is the 17 year old and he is doing really well. I think that he should be baptized within the next month, we are hoping. But we went over there and talked alot about prayer and the espiritu santo. And the feelings that the holy ghost gives us as answers to our prayers. Then we each kneeled and each one of us said a prayer and asked God a question. And after we asked God a question, we waited for an answer before closing the prayer. So there was 6 prayers said and it was just a really really neat experience.

So how is everything going with the move? I've been talking with Elder Lee, he is hoping that a hot babe moves into our house, so he is cool with us moving. :) Haha that kid is hilarious. Ok, he isn't really ok with us moving, but he'll get over it when a girl does move in.

Well I love you all! Sorry that this email is so short again. As I mentioned.... things are slow... but we'll start picking up. It is supposed to be in the 60's this week. Love it!! I will get you pictures before you go to your scrapaway. Don't you worry mom. :)

So let me know how everything goes with Brooklyn's surgery. That is so neat that Justin gave her the blessing! That's very exciting. I remember giving my first one, I was terrified. And now out here, we give one if not more every week.
I gave one to Fidel this week because he fell back into temptation and drank. I was so sad and disappointed. We had had a decent day and we got home and I decided to call him, just to see how he was doing and I called and he was drunk. So I said Steve put your tie on, we gotta go see Fidel. So we went and talked with him for an hour and gave him a blessing. Some of the most amazing things are said in his blessings and he has so much potential but right now he is still weak. It's been hard for him. But he is dating a memeber in our group and she has been really good to him so he'll be alright.

It's ok that yo uaren't sending me anything for Easter. :) I'll survive. We should have a great meal though! Our member in charge of our meal calendar is a bum and has stopped showing up, so we don't have meals this week. So last Easter it was cereal for our easter dinner and this Easter, probably the same. But actually we'll have our money in by then, so maybe I'll treat my self to a nice t.v. dinner or something. :) It should be fun, we'll have a sweet dinner with some other missionaries. I have some way cool missionaries in my district. I love it! It's holidays like these that help you remember the mission. Like last Christmas was the best! Hanging out with Anderson and Eddington and Morrill. And we cooked a pheasant for dinner and ate rice with it. I love the mission! Well I hope you have a great week. I love and miss you!!!
Elder Moore

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