Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1, 2010

Wow..... I can't believe it.... you bought a house. Mom, that is crazy!!! That is great though! I'm very happy for you and this will be a very nice change. Change is difficult, change is constant, and change is good. So this change should be good for you all. But I still can't believe you bought a house.

Well this week I had a little surgery on my big toe. I had had an ingrown toe nail for about 7 months that I just hadn't taken care of and finally I decided to do it. Mostly because I hit my toe on the couch and it hurt. So I got an appointment with a doctor and he took it out. He stuck a needle into my toe which hurt pretty bad, but after that I didn't feel a thing. So I watched him cut my skin with some scissors and a knife and take out the toe nail that was in there. That thing was HUGE! The doctor asked me how long I had had it for and I told him for a while, and he said, ha yeah I can tell. So yeah.... So now I got my toe all wrapped up. It's great.

Also, we found a part member family this week. The mom was baptized in 1995 in Arizona and hasn't come to church since. She has 4 kids. We taught the 13 year old and 7 year old. The 13 year old, Joselyn is now set for baptism on the 20th of March. We are very excited for her!!! She is really cool. Her and her little brother are in Karate and were showing us all of their sweet moves. It was cool! And the mom is just a really really cool woman. First day I met her she was already giving me a hard time, plus she fed us. So I really am liking this family!

On Saturday, we were hanging out at Luis' store just talking with Luis and Fidel and one of their friends walked in. He was SO DRUNK! It was hilarious. And he offered to buy me a beer about 7 times and I told him no everytime. So here is the funny part, I was having a conversation with him in spanish. Then I walked away and started talking to Luis for a minute. Then this drunk fellow walked over to me and said something to me and I turned and answered in him spanish and he goes "WAIT WAIT WAIT, you speak spanish?!?!" And I looked at him and said, Man! I just had a conversation with you 2 minutes ago! Hahaha, I was laughing so hard. Drunk people can be....interesting.

So the work is still going really well. Edgar was confirmed yesterday and that was AWESOME! I love that guy. Hector and Julie came to church and they call us everynight telling us what they read in the Book of Mormon and The Strength of Youth, and Gospel Principles book. They are always reading and studying.

So how are my brother and sister doing? I haven't heard from them since Christmas so I hope they are doing good. I still can't believe you bought a house. That is very exciting and I can't wait to come see it. That is some pretty crazy news and definately not what I expected when I came to do emails today. I have a question though.... can I get released there in Sandy? And give my homecoming there come December?

Sorry this email is so short, not a whole lot happend this week.

I hope you all know that I love you! Keep me up to date on what is happening up there?

Love you, take care!

Elder Moore

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