Monday, April 5, 2010

April 5, 2010 Hay Mucho Que Hacer!‏

Ok so first off, about the pictures you sent me..... why did you dress me so funny? How am I expected to get girls at Disneyland dressed up like that? ;) Well, oh well... I got myself a good one now. Hehehe. Haha, thank you for that picture though. I love it!!!

Well this weekend was an amazing one! Conference was better than it has EVER been. Especially that Sunday morning session. I absolutely loved the talks about the ressurrection of Jesus Christ. Hector and Jully, 2 people that we have been working with for a while... they came to the morning session and loved it. I am actually really glad that they were there because during President Monson's talk I was starting to choke up, but the fact that Hector was sitting right next to me helped me not to cry, because everytime we get emotional around each other we give each other a hard time. Haha, it's actually kinda funny. But wow, that was an amazing talk he gave about Christ and his resurrection and his life. I can't wait until the Ensign comes out so I can read all of those talks again. I took notes on the first session but then decided to stop because I figured I was missing a lot of really good stuff, so that is another reason I can't wait for the May Ensign.

I really wish that everybody could have heard all the talks given. It seemed like a lot of them really focused on the family and raising your children in rightousness. I am so gald that that was the topic. To many famililes seperate and their kids go astray, the family really is losing its importance. The best teaching that we can do is within the walls of our home. I learned so much from this past conference that I know will help me in the future. I'm glad that they put so much influence on the family in this past conference. It really was an amazing general conference session. Definately the best I have ever heard! And wow, I can't talk about conference without mentioning Jeffrey R. Holland. He is the man! I could listen to him speak all day. He was so bold with his message, but did it with so much love. And I loved his comment about the tea.

Well, this week I got a new companion. His name is Elder Rigby and he is from Provo, Utah. This is his second transfer out in the mission. He graduated in 2009, so I'm starting to feel a little older now. Every compaionship in my district got changed and I got another companionship added to the district. Yup, I'm still district leader here. I don't mind though... I love it. Crete was still not opened, they did rent the apartment we found but the reason it hasn't opened up is because...... we don't have a car for that area. Lame sauce huh? So we are thinking it will open next transfer. Guess we'll see... Ah well, I do love Lincoln, it has been my favorite area. It's definately a lot harder than Omaha was though and has presented many new challenges. One of them being, relationship counseling.

For example: Yesterday Sister Kreber invited us over to her house for Easter dinner. We gladly accepted. Well we get there and Efrain, one of the guys in our group comes running out of the house asking if we had seen Fidel. We said, "No what happened?" He said that him and sister Kreber (his girlfriend and memeber of our group) got in a fight and he left mad. So me and Elder Rigby hopped in the car and drove off to find him. We saw him walking down the sidewalk so we parked the car in a parking lot and waited for him. As we were waiting Sister Kreber called and told us what happened, and then said that she would have to cancel dinner if he didn't come back. So... When he arrived we talked to him about what was going on for like 15 minutes and he didn't want to go back and talk to her. He was being stubborn, he wanted to wait until the next day. So I said... ok fine. And I let him walk away. So I was thinking... ah man, no Easter dinner for 2 years in a row.... I don't think so! So we got back in the car and pulled up next to him and I said, "Hey, Fidel, I'm starving. I'm not letting you ruin this dinner for us. Get in the car! You can't just run away from your problems every time you get mad. Sometimes the best thing to do is accept you were wrong and face it. Get in the car!!" So... he did. And we got a meal. :) As we were leaving Sister Kreber said thank you to me and said, "Ha I bet you didn't know that you were going to become our relationship counselor did you?" I kinda had an idea I would. ;) This isn't the first time I have given her advice about their relationship. haha It's funny because she is 30 and she says to me... "I can't beieve that I am talking to a 20 year old about my relationship problems." Sister Kreber is the bomb!

So I am very excited for this week. We found some really good people to teach this week and we are hoping on setting them for baptism. It's been a rough past few weeks without finding a whole lot of people or teaching as many lessons as we usually do, but I'm very excited for this next transfer because I think that we are going to see some really good things start to happen.

April Fool's day was BOMB!!! 10 of us missionaries pranked the zone leaders way good! We wrapped their car in seran wrap and put soap and syrup on it, then they called us and pranked us back by saying the syrup wouldn't come off the car and that it had taked some paint off and we would have to pay for a paint job, then we pranked them back by telling them that the joke had gone too far and that Elder Shumway, who was involved in the trick, called his parents and said that he had to pay for a paint job and then his parents called president Kunz and he called us asking what the heck was going on. Haha it was definately a fun pranked filled day.

So I hit my 16 month mark on Saturday. It has gone by so fast. And the days just keep getting shorter. It's crazy! But what's nice about the days... is that they are in between 65 and 82 degrees. The weather has been so nice! Well that is it for me this week.

Can you do me a favor mom........ can you tell Skip Morgan how much I love him. And how grateful I am for everything that he has done for me and our family. I would appreciate it if you could pass that along to him today. Thank you!

I do want to say though that I know this church is true. That Thomas S. Monson is a prophet called of God to lead us through these hard times. And that his counselors and apostles are also men called of God. I also know that Christ lives. And that through him we can be rescued from our sins, and return and live again with our Heavenly Father that loves us.

I love you. I am so glad that we have such a great strong family. That we have chosen to stay on the right path. Take care and be good.

Tell Brooklyn I love her!! And I'm proud of her for being brave in her surgery.

Elder Moore

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