Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April 26, 2010 Life Still Goes On.

Wow, sounds like everything is pretty darn crazy there with the moving and Justin waiting for his mission call! I cannot wait to recieve that phone call Wednesday. That will be AWESOME! I'm so excited for him and that he has decided to go on a mission. It will really bless his life and he'll have the opportunity to bless the lives of many others. So I'm so excited for him!

Well this week was a crappy one. That's about all I can say. The past 2 weeks have been the hardest most challenging weeks of my mission. And now I am just really sick...throwing up all night, that kinda good jazz. I think it's mostly because of all the stress. Lately things just haven't been good. Everything has fallen apart. Fidel is drinking and getting high again. We're trying to help a guy not commit suicide, and he is constantly drunk, doesn't matter what hour of the day. Our group leader/ward mission leader is getting on our case for who knows what. I was released as district leader for things I couldn't even control. Everyone in the group just has problems right now, whether it be getting kicked out of there apartment because they don't have money to pay rent, or they have a problem with someone else in the group, etc.

Lincoln has proved to be so much more challenging than Omaha. The problems here are so much diferent and the support that comes from the group is so little. Really my desires to do much this week weren't very high. But we had to keep working.
I was reminded of the story of Christ, when John the Beloved was beheaded. And Christ went to be alone to mourn for John. And the people came to him because they needed his help. So Christ had compassion on them and healed them. When Christ was hurting and struggling he served the people and that brought him joy. So I tried to take that experience and relate it to myself. I have been such a real downer these past 2 weeks. I just haven't been myself. So we decided to work a little harder this week and do some walking and tracting and street contacting. We just went around looking for opportunities to serve. So that is what we did, and it did help some. It raised my desire to do missionary work, that's for sure.

We did run into 2 bums this week and it was hilarious. The guy would talk to us and do yoga moves while talking to us. I wish I could show you because it was hilarious!! Oh well.... in 7 months I'll show you the yoga moves this guy was pulling while talking about God the father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. He talked about how he lived in the hood in LA and in New York. He also talked about how the white dove appears to him and his friends call him the "Birdman." And then his other friend, Larry, was sitting behind him on the steps and he shouts out "Hey Ya'll are phony bologna!" And the "Birdman" says to him, "Not all of them Larry, not all of them." It was so funny. Then Larry, the guy on the steps said "Peace be unto you." And he showed us the peace sign then he said "NOT!" and flipped us off. It was quite entertaining.

Another cool part of the week, we preached a sermon to a group of 8 drunk guys. We also got threatened to be hit with a hammer and shot by a guy. So we left. This week was just a wild one. I'm ready for things to start looking up. We did spend a hour and a half last night with Hector talking to him and being very bold with him. Elder Rigby and I decided that if he didn't accept a baptismal date last night we were going to drop him because we have been working with him for a while now and he is not going anywhere. So at the end of the night... he accepted to be baptized on May 8th. So we'll see what happens. He has a few hold backs.... but we are hoping to get him there. That was the one bright spot of the week.

I lied. Me and Elder Rigby were cleaning out a closet in the apartment that just has a bunch of junk in it and you'll never guess what we found...2 typewriters in briefcases! So now we each have a typewriter and a briefcase for our typewriter. Pretty much was one of the most happiest moments of my life! Well that is it for me. Sorry this was such a downer. Hopefully things will turn around this week and I can have better news for you all next week.

Yes I will be here this next week. :) transfer aren't until the 13th of May. I am hoping to open Crete too. We shall see what happens though. Keep praying! I love you all! Be safe and enjoy southern Utah!!

Elder Moore

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