Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12, 2010 28 Lesson Week !!!!!

Well hellllllloooooooo!!! This week was so crazy!!! We taught 28 lessons this week. Most that I have ever taught in one week on my mission. And also found 13 new people. That is what happens when you spend 3 and a half hours in Crete knocking doors and teaching! It was an incredible day. We brought 2 other missionaries down there with us so that me and Elder Rigby could split and cover more ground and talk to more people and knock more doors. So we went to 2 different trailer parks and just knocked doors and we ended up teaching and finding like crazy.
I also talked with a man named Miguel and soft set him for baptism. So we are going back on Tuesday to spend the day out there teaching. But wow, Crete is so ready to have full time missionaries there. They were going to open it up last transfer but they didn't have a car to put out there.... so this transfer they will open it up. It is being talked about so much by stake leaders and President Kunz. I talk to a guy in the stake, Brother Lucas, at least twice a week about Crete. He is always asking me about it everytime I see him. SO I am very positive it will open.
That was the exciting news of the week.

The weather here is beautiful! It was been anywhere in between 67 and 85 this past week. So as you can imagine.... I am a happy person!

So that is way sweet that Travis came over. I love that kid! Ah man he came down!!!! Awesome!!! Yeah I told him too. He said that he didn't have a guitar and was saving up for one. I told him.... heck mine won't be used for a while. Go snag it from underneath my bed. :) haha I'm glad he did! Yeah Elder Rawlins... aka Travis became one of my best friends. I love that kid, as you could probably see why. ;) He is a stud. But yeah, that's why we got a long so well is because we could relate to eachother pretty well. We have talked about moving into an apartment together when I get back. That would be fun. I would love that. He is a stud.

Ok long story behind the "key shirts" There was a big fight over a church key between some missionaries. So I decided to make it a joke. And I made a t shirt that had a key on it and on the back it said the key is mine and I wore it to a district meeting to get the point through to people that a fight over a stupid key was lame!!!! Needless to say people enjoyed the idea and more shirts were made. :) And the fight over the key was ended.

What else do I tell ya...... I really can't think of much more except for how excited I am about Crete and how it is just going to take off once they have missionaries serving in that are full time. We also brought a member out with us on Saturday and he spent the day with us. He is 18 and getting ready to serve a mission. I helped him a lot to overcome the fear of knocking doors. It was cool, we took turns and I knocked on the first door and went behind Efrain, the member we had with us, and said te toca (your turn). Haha, he was scared a bit but did a good job. But it was cool to see him progress as we went on. I did the next one, and then Elder Rigby. And we just took turns. It was actually a cool spot he showed us. It's a little community of 66 apartments that are all hispanic people.
We got into a door, and I love having the Spirit by the way, it helps us teach so much!! We got into a door and sat down, and it was just uncomfortable from the get go. You could tell they weren't believing a word we said and just not being very polite and they were just laughing. So they are catholic, a bit of background. The woman says... why do we need Prophets if God is everywhere, we have no need for them. So I waited a second, and asked, do you believe in the bible? She said yes. I said so you believe that Moises was a prophet. She said yes. So you believe that God is the same yesterday today and always then right? She said yes. So then I asked her.... If God is always the same, and he is always everywhere.... why did he call prophets in the old days? Haha..... that was followed by a minute of pure silence, then I said.... what do you think? She couldn't answer it. So then I said, I know that this church is the only church on the whole face of the earth that has every key and power that Jesus Christ had when he was on the earth and God's actual church has been restored to the earth. You should pray about it. And then we left. Haha, it was so awesome! Like.... they were all just silenced. Sweetest thing. I love it. I usually try to be nice... but when people are being jerks and you know that what you are sharing is true... sometimes you just have to say it like it is.

So one last thing...I gave a training this past week in a leadership meeting. My topic was "Why is leading by example so important?" So I trained on if we are going to lead by example we have to becomes servants. Philipians 2:7 talks about how Christ took upon himself the form of a servant.
So I talked about 3 ways to be come a true servant of Christ.
1- Simple acts of service
2- Learning more about our Savior Jesus Christ and striving to become like him.
3- By love

So I shared a story about the Starfish... and I'll share that with you real quick....
So there is this man, and he is running down the beach and in the distance he sees a young boy. So he continues to run towards him. As he gets closer he notices that the boy is throwing starfish into the ocean. So curiously... the man asks "What are you doing?" The boy responds... "The tide is dropping and if these Starfish don't get back into the ocean they will die." The man looks at the boy and says "There are millions of starfish, you can't possibly expect to make a difference." The boy looked at the man, bent down and picked up a starfish and threw it into the ocean and said "I made a difference for that one."

Every simple act of service that we do, no matter how small, makes a difference for someone. So this week I want to invite you to learn more about the Savior, to study him and the things he did. And then in next week's email, to write me back and tell me what you learned about him.

I love you all. I am so excited that Justin's papers are in!!!!!! Ah I am so so so excited!!!!!! You have no idea. Mom, have an awesome time at scrapaway. Sorry I haven't got any pictures off to you yet. I know... I'm a bum. But this week was so busy! I can't believe I have already been out for over 16 months. It really is just flying by now. I love every minute though and I am going to be so sad when it's over. But also, happy and excited, because when your 2 years is up they are up and you are ready to just move on. But the mission is amazing!

I love you!!!! Take care!
Elder Moore

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