Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17, 2010 Fuimos al templo y hicimos un sesion en espanol, fue bien chido!!‏

Well hello there!

Another transfer down and a few more to go. I stayed with Elder Rigby. But we did get kicked out of our apartment and moved to another one. So the address there is:
1411 D st #7
Lincoln, NE 68502
It's cheaper..... and it's obvious why. It's a tiny little bugger, but whatever. Right now we are living there with 2 other missionaries. They are actually moving down to Crete today. Yup they opened Crete. Yay. So I got to go down there and show the 2 missionaries that are opening it around and show them who we are teaching and tell them about everyone. That was great.... I was actually pretty mad when I found out that I was going there. But whatever, life goes on. That's become my new saying lately if you haven't been able to tell.

So this past Saturday was cool. We had a spanish meeting up in Omaha. I gave a one hour training on the culture. It was about finding common ground and building upon it. It went really well. So the meeting was 5 hours long and then we went to the temple and did a session in Spanish. That was a lot of fun. I'd never done one in Spanish before so I really enjoyed it!! It was cool to be able to understand the whole thing too!

Afterwards we went over to the Sandovals and had dinner with them and with the Riveras. Ah that was so nice to be back with some of my old friends. Haha, there was no handshakes there. Every one of them hugged me. It was so nice to be with some of the people that I have come to love. It was a party there. The Riveras, the Sandovals, and 6 missionaries.

Well honestly that is about all that happened this week. The work is going..... That's about all I can say about that right now. We did find a few new people this week and we are working on contacting the former investigators. So this transfer should be a good one we are hoping. We need a good transfer.

Well have fun in La Verkin! You'll have to send me some pictures of the house. I would appreciate that. And thank you so much for the package!! I loved it. I love you Mom!!!!! You are the best!!!

I love you!!!
Elder Moore

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