Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14, 2010

Well this week was pretty good! We had a baptism on Saturday. Micky was baptized. So that was a lot of fun seeing her start her journey on the way to eternal life. She is a bit of a cooc, but she is funny.

We had some pretty cool moments this week. But before I get to that.... Last Saturday, we got in a car accident. That brings my toll up to 3 on the mission. A guy ran a stop sign and we hit him. So it smashed up the front of our car. Haha, man, 0 accidents before the mission. #\3 while on it. Crazy sauce eh?

So ha, we had a weird, powerful, scary type lesson this week. We talked to a guy on the street named Darwin. He is a paper guy. LIke 60 years old, long hair, beard. He said that he had read the Book of Mormon and invited us over to his house. Well... we went to his house and he was waiting outside for us and took us around back. We went in through this door and up these stairs and into a hallway, and it was like we were in a scary movie or one of those Saw movies. Everything just felt really eery. Then we walked through his kitchen, which had nothing in it, and into the front room that had only a chair. With a rope tied to some wood and leading to the front door across the ceiling. It just felt really scary. And from talking to him we found out he goes to a psychaitrist every once in a while... But we stareted to teach him and had a way powerful lesson with him where the spirit was strong and he was understanding everything and as we were about to finsish he said.... Wow, I feel really good right now. I want you to leave. Lets stop the lesson there, and you can leave now. Haha, it was the weirdest thing ever!

So I went and had dinner with the Sandovals this past week. That was great. I love that family! We were going to be down in Bellvue so I called Veronica and asked her if we could come over for dinner. And she said of course we could! So it was fun seeing some of my old friends.

Well the work here in Iowa is going great! Here, I talk to a lot of hispanic people and teach them the first lesson sometimes, but then I have to turn them over to the Spanish Omaha South missionaries because that is part of their area. So that's a bummer but I did find them like 9 people this past week. And I was able to team up with them and teach a lesson. So that was a lot of fun since pretty much all the teaching we do here is in English but I am hoping that I will go back to full spanish next week when we have transfers.

I know that President Kunz put me here for a reason. I got a long with every missionary in the mission but one. Elder Gann. Who is my comp? Elder Gann. And Elder Warby. And now me and Elder Gann are way good friends. We have a lot in common and are always talking about stuff we both like and quoting movies and stuff. So it's been good.

Well I'm glad to hear that Brooklyn had a great birthday!!! Sorry I missed it. ;) And that she had a lot of fun in Taiwan! That must have been a really neat experience for her. I love that girl!

And Justin's date to enter the MTC is coming up fast! Woohoo!! He is going to flippin love his mission.

Well I hope all is well... I"m sure there is much more to say... but I can't remember all of it right now. But I'm pretty sure I covered the highlights with the baptism and all.

I love you!!! Thanks for your testimony mom. I really appreciate it. And I have really appreciated your love and support!

Take care.
Elder Moore

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