Monday, June 7, 2010

June 7, 2010

Well unfortunately these computers here only give us one hour and kick us off. No matter what. SO I can't write as much as I used too. But hopefully I'll be out of Iowa and back into a spanish area at the end of the transfer which is 2 and a half weeks away.

I have found so many hispanic people here but I have to turn them over to the Omaha south spanish elders. But yesterday I was able to have a sweet lesson with three brothers. It felt SO dang good teaching in Spanish. It's what I"m used too. When we teach people in english or talk to them on the street I have such a hard time, believe it or not. But being able to talk to them in spanish and teach them in spanish comes so much more naturally.

Well this week we found a snake in the toilet. Ha, crazy stuff. It was dead.

And on a more spiritual note... We had a way awesome lesson with a 22 year old girl named Susan. She has had such a hard life. At age 15 she was raped in her church and her dad is a major jerk and just a lot of things have happened in her life that are just so terrible and heartbreaking. So it has led her to question if God is even there and if he exists. Well we were teaching her at the church and we went in the chapel. And we kneeled down and prayed with her in there. And we asked God if he was there. And in the prayer there was a long 2 minute pause where we just sat and listened. And then we closed the prayer. And not a word was said for like 3 minutes following the prayer, the spirit was so strong in that room. Then she started to cry and said, "I know he's there." It was so powerful. And I personally received a very strong witness that God lives and loves us and answers our prayers.
Also we were able to go watch the Joseph Smith movie with her yesterday. That is such a good movie! I noticed this time through, that whenever Joseph Smith or anyone has a trial or a problem, he always says, "We must trust in God and move on." or "To endure it well we must trust in God." Everytime he had a trial his solution was to trust in God. 3 words... Trust in God. I love that.

Thank you mom for your wonderful email. I have been struggling lately as you know. But I am getting better now. We had a great week. It's been really hard. But I know that it's all in the plan of the Lord. Whatever happens to us we have to realize that the Lord is shaping us into who he knows we can be. Its hard to want to believe that sometimes, that these trials are for our good, but I know that if we do endure them well that we will be richly blessed for it.

My new companions are Elder Gann and Elder Warby. We have a great time together. But Elder Gann goes home this transfer, and I will be leaving here in 2 and a half weeks. Yeah! I can't wait to get back into spanish

Well that is all I will write for this week. Sorry so short. But as I said, I have very limited time. Mom thank you for your encouraging words and for the strength you provide me with. I love you so much!!! Sorry I can't write more right now because of time. But I'll try and get a letter off to you this week. I do love you mom!! Less than 6 months left now. :) Then I can give you your nightly hug and kiss. Haha

Well I love you! Say hi to Brooklyn for me and wish her Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Elder Moore

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