Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 28, 2010

Well not much changed in my life this transfer. I am still here in Kanesville. I was actually pretty mad about that. About not going back to full spanish, since now I am the oldest spanish missionary in the mission, plus I speak it the best, even better than a native from Peru. He is always asking me questions. So I wasn't to happy. President Kunz called me and said that he knew I would be dissapointed, which I was, but he knew that there was more for me to do here. The Lord does work in mysterious ways... and sometimes I don't like his ways... but gotta accept that He knows better than me.

Well, instead of being mad for a while, I decided to just go work. And we talked to a hispanic guy on his porch and we started talking about the gospel, then his wife came out and we started talking to her, she is american and her two kids both speak english too, but his english is very limited, well, the 3 of them are now set for baptism on July 24th. So I guess that there was a little more for me to accomplish here. It is an english area, but I am in charge of the spanish work here. I am also helping my friends in the Omaha ward contact some less actives out here. So I use my spanish sometimes, but not as much as I want too. But President Kunz did say I would be back in full spanish next transfer. So this transfer better fly by. But right now in our area we do have 5 people set for baptism on the 24th of July. So it is going to be a way awesome day!!!

Also yesterday we had 6 people at church that are investigators! So the work is going really good right now. It does suck though, because we are doing it all without the members. They have no desire to do anything. Our ward mission leader said to us yesterday "It's amazing that you still baptize even without our help."
So we had a meeting yesterday with some of the ward council, and most of them were complaining about having to be there in the meeting, and they weren't doing any of the assignments that L. Tom Perry gave to them to do. So I said, "Hey, an apostle of the Lord came here, to this mission, and told us how to do missionary work, why are we not doing it?" And none of them could say anything. So I hope that that gets them going and contacting the people they need too.

Yeah I am in a 3some still. With Elder Butler and Elder Warby, me and Elder Butler have served around each other since the day he got here. So I know him really well.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention, yesterday for lunch, we ate at the Edwards mansion! President Edwards pretty much owns Council Bluffs, he owns some dealerships here and oh man..... it was cool, and this morning we went out on his property, which is also huge, and fished for 3 hours. It was awesome!!! I haven't fished in like 2 years. It was fun. And he gave us 200 dollars to take the missionaries out for lunch today. This place isn't soooo bad. It's definitly no sweet spanish area though. ;)

That is basically how the work is going here! I"m glad that the Vassars gave you that hug for me. ;) They are awesome! It was great to see them!

Don't worry Momma I will finish off the mission strong. I am doing really good right now. I would much rather be in full spanish, but I'll make do with what I have now. ;) Obviously there is more for me to do here, and I'll do it.

I'm glad that the house is all coming together! Can't wait to see it, you are right, just 5 months. By the way my pday next week will be July 6th, tuesday, just a heads up. :)

I love you!!!!! Have fun!

Elder Moore

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