Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 19, 2010

Happy birthday Mom today!!!! And Happy birthday Dad on Thursday!!!

So for starters.... our companionship had the best numbers in the mission this week!!! We worked our butts off. And without a car because it is in the body shop getting repaired. It has spent the week there and will spend part of this week there as well. But in our mission we have what is called the standard of excellence. It is certain numbers we have to hit, and we hit them all! So we got a text this morning saying we did the best in the mission. We were way excited! I haven't hit the standard of excellence since February of 2009. And we were the only companionship in the mission to do it in over 3 months. So we were really excited.

So this week has been a hot hot HOT one. 110 deegrees and 95 % humidity. We were always drenched in sweat out walking around. We even had a heat wave warning for 2 days this past week. It was nuts. Also.... our neighbors upstairs moved out at 4 in the morning without saying anything. When they left they turned off the gas and air conditioning. So we had no hot water for 2 days and no air conditioning. Wendesday night it was 92 degrees in our apartment. Yeah.... we didn't sleep well that night.

This week we had 4 people at church and we have 4 people set for baptism right now so the work is going great! I won't be around to see much of the baptisms since most are set for the 7th and I should be out of here on the 5th, but I'm way excited they are getting baptized. We do have Taylor getting baptized this Saturday though so that will be awesome!!! Baptizing is so much fun! It really brings me so much happiness and it's like filling up your gas tank when ya get a baptism, gives you more desire to go out and work harder!

Well, we had a cool experience yesterday. We were working with the Andrade family for a bit, but they weren't progressing so we haven't seen them in about 2 weeks. So we have planned to see them for the past 4 days, and never have made it over there. Well yesterday we finally did and it couldn't have been at a better time....
She said that that morning she had been praying, cause her son Ryan had gotten in trouble and their house got shot at and she was just wondering if God even loved her and if he did, to show her a sign.... well that night we showed up again for the first time in 2 weeks and she said that we were the answer to her prayer. So hopefully now after that testimony builder she will have more desires to do what we ask her to do and keep her commitments so that her and her sons can get bpatized. So that was a cool experience.

Also we had some sweet trainings this week about asking questions and stuff like that... so that night we went and taught a guy named David. And it was sooooo sweet! The spirit totally guided that lesson and then we started asking him questions and then we set him for baptism on the 7th of August. It was awesome! Asking questions is such a good way to teach.

Well we are having a great time and we are having plenty of success out here. We also have Stella Mattox and Joe Lett set for baptism, so this area is on fire.

I'm glad to hear that Justin had fun at the temple!!! It's a way cool place to go and the spirit there is so strong! He is going to be a great missioanry!
So please do record his farewell talk and good luck bro!!!! I love you!!
I love you all! I'm glad to hear that all is going well.... and I can't believe you are moving. That just blows my mind. Have a great week!!!

Elder Moore

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