Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 26, 2010 My "Black Sheep" Moment ;)

Alright so to start off...... I will start with one of the funniest awesomest things that has ever happened in my life. If you have seen the movie Black Sheep there is a scene where Chris Farley and David Spade are trying to get a bat out of the cabin. Yup, you guessed it. A guy we are teaching a few doors down called us and said there was a bat in his house. So we immedeiately siezed the opportunity and ran down there. I grabbed a snow shovel just in case. ;) Which I am glad I did... it came in handy.

So we walked in and David, 75 years old, is standing there with a broom and he told us that it was upstairs. So we all walked up there, I went first and I was totally trippin, I was scared, and saw the bat up in the corner. So we devised a plan to hit it with a broom and have it fly downstairs and out the door, didn't work out quite that way... but we'll get to that. So I had the broom and the other 3 went downstairs to wait for it. Ah man at this point I was really trippin. And I opened up the bathroom door so that I could hit it then shut the door and let it fly away. Well the plan failed, I would poke it and hide in the bathroom and scream like a girl. And they were all downstairs shouting, "What's going on up there? Did ya get it?"

So then Elder Warby who is a little taller than me came up with a different tool and I was standing on the stairs so I could tell him where it was so he could hit it. Well the second he put the brush up on the wall it came flying off and right at me. Ah you bet I took off running down the stairs and screaming like a girl. Hate to say it.... but it's true, I was. We all were. And it was flying around in the stair case, then it made it's way down to the living room and we were circling it and laughing so hard and screaming everytime it got close to us. Well Elder Butler hit it with the snow shovel and it flew into the wall and fell down. So then we found it and it was crawiling around, really creepy lookin, and we got him into a drawer and took him outside and took the blanket off the drawer and it flew away. Ah man, it was the coolest thing ever! This bat was huge too!! It would have made a sweet youtube video. All of us screaming and laughing, and David holding up a blanket in the air trying to catch it. He says there is one more bigger bat in the house and we couldn't find it, so we might have another chance to fight bats again. Anyways.... that was the cool thing that happened last night.

So....onto something more spiritual.... Taylor got baptized on Saturday!!!! Woohoo!!! And he got the priesthood on Sunday! It was sweeeeeeeeeet sauce!!! He is such a good convert and now he is going to prepare to go on a mission. So we are way happy for him.

There was something really cool said in a talk yesterday by President Beck, a member of the stake presidency. He said.... If Joseph Smith didn't have a testimony that God lived and answered prayers, he would have never been a prophet. I really liked that.

Well we had a miracle happen this week. Our car has been in the shop for a while now and finally we got a call Friday that it was done, after 2 weeks of walking. We were so excited! Well we needed to pick it up by 6 and it was like 5:15. And if we didn't get it then we wouldn't get it til Monday. So we were making phone calls and no one could take us. Then we get a random call from a Idaho number and it's a guy named Jared. And he says, "Hey I am in town for the week and was wondering if I could go out on team ups with you and help you out with anytyhing"...... Crazy!!! And we said yeah, we actually need a ride to our car, and he said sure where do ya live I'll be there in a few minutes. Totally sweet blessing! Random call from a guy that takes us to get out car. Then Saturday me and him went out for 3 hours and taught some people and went to lunch. So this week was really good. Had a lot of fun and a baptism.

Well I am so proud of Justin, he is going to make a awesome missonary!! President Kunz gave me some cool advice on how I can help Justin out on his mission, so I will need his MTC address asap. ;) Thanks!! I love that kid though! He is a great kid. I am really excited for him! And kinda jealous that he had his arm around Amber in one of those pictures. ;) Haha.

You are very welcome for the bday gift mom. I thought you would like putting an Elder Moore tag on. :) That tag means a lot to me so I was glad that I was able to put it to better use. :) You can send it to me this week and it will make it to me in time. That would be great.

Well I love you all!!!! Can't believe you go to La Verkin this week!!! Blows my mind. It will be good. Remember that.

Elder Moore

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