Monday, September 20, 2010

September 20, 2010 Best Phone Call EVER!!!!!

Ok so before I tell anything else.... I got the best phone call I've ever received on Saturday. So we were at the Loeza's eating dinner and I saw that Kanesville was calling. Kanesville was the area that I served in while in Council Bluffs. So I decided to take it thinking that they had some good news for me.... Which they did!!! Elder Johnson said.... Hey Elder Moore do you remember Lori? Which of course I did. Lori is a 50 year old woman who I really got close to and we became really good friends. So I said yes. He said, well she is getting baptized on September 25th (this saturday) And I was so so SO excited!!!! Then he said, she wants you to baptize her. I just about started crying. Really. I was so full of happiness. Like you can't even imagine it. So of course I said I would. So I called Lori later that night and she said, Did the elders tell you> And I said of course they did! And she said, I remember when I was at the play with you and I looked over and said when I get baptized I want you to do it. And she said, you looked at me and said that nothing would make you happier than to do that for me. And then she told me that she knew that I was the one that was supposed to baptize her. :) I am so excited!!!

And also this Saturday Mario and Olivia are going to be getting baptized!!! Two baptism servies in 2 days!!!!!! This weekend is going to be awesome!!! So many baptisms. We truly are being blessed by the Lord right now.

We have what's called the Standard of Excellence here as I've mentioned before. And this week, me and Elder Thorpe CRUSHED it. We have 6 people set for baptism right now (yup we set 4 people this week. ;) ) Natalie Sandoval, the Sandovals' oldest daughter is going to be baptized on October 15th. We set her for baptism yesterday. We are so excited for her and for their family!!! It is going to truly be amazing to see Tony baptize her.

Also we set Jorge and Fabiola for baptism on November 13th. It's kinda far away but it needs to be then because we are working on getting him divorced from his wife in Colorado and that proccess will take a month. Then we need to get them married, and then afterwards baptized. But we taught them a great lesson and we invited them to be baptized on that date and it went silent and Fabiola (who has told us she knows the church is true) just stared at Jorge. And he said yes. Then she just got this huge smile on her face and she said that when he says yes he means it. And yesterday they drove us to the Stake Conference and we were able to have a good conversation with them.

By the way.... Stake conference was INCREDIBLE!!! We had Stanley G. Ellis of the 70 here and he gave an AMAZING talk!! And tomorrow we have a meeting with him, following which there is a leardership meeting with him, so I'm really looking forward to being able to be instructed by him and taught more by him because there was so much power in his words yesterday and the spirit was so strong.

Mario came and said that he loved it and said that that man had a very strong spirit about him. He also said he knew that he was called of God. The Robles family has helped us out so much with Mario and Olivia, they have given them rides to church, answered their questions, resolved their concerns. Yesterday Mario said that he still had some doubts, so Caleb Robles sat down with him in the Robles home and just taught him from the scriptures and then afterwards Mario said that he knew it was true. So we have had some amazing help with this family. They are going to make great converts. The joy that I've experienced in this area has been unlike any other joy I've experienced on my mission. With the Loeza family and now Mario and Olivia. The work is going great. It is a strong finish to an amazing journey.

For the month of September, by the end, I would have been a part of bringing 9 people unto Christ. Because Orlando and Franky are set for baptism up in the North and we are working with them too. So with the Loeza kids, Guillermo, Mario, Olivia, and Lori, September will definitely be a month to remember! And October with Natalie and Nancy set. Should be a great way to follow up to September.

Well funny story for you.... last night I couldn't sleep. And Elder Thorpe when he sleeps makes lots of weird noises. One in particular though that stands out above the rest. So I laid there on the couch trying to figure out how in the world he makes that noise. And after about 45 minutes..... I figured it out. Somehow when he sleeps his tounge clicks on a part of the roof of the mouth. But it has to hit a certain spot. That's why it took me so long to figure it out. But just in case you cared, I did figure it out, and I did fall asleep satisfied.

Story number 2. Expired butter + expired pasta= bad idea! I don't think I need to say more. Let's just say... I wasnt feeling too great after I'd eaten that meal I made.

So me and Elder Thorpe are doing just fine when we are working and teaching. But it's when we are in the car or at home when I feel like hitting him in the throat with a wooden spoon. But we'll survive. The work is going great!!

That is so cool that Brooklyn went to a dance with that boy! Go Brooklyn!! I'm glad that she had a great time with him! She looked really happy. I miss that girl. Hahaha she wanted to wear some converse like me and Amber eh? Haha well she has some good role models then when it comes to having fun. ;)

Mom the house looks amazing!!! It really does look incredible!! I was actually shocked and in unbelief when I saw it! It looks fantastic!

When I get back to the Sandy, you should just give the Forest Ridge house to me and I'll turn it into a bachelor pad for all my returned missionary buddies and Greg. ;) What do ya think? I like it!

That is so cool that you'll be able to talk with Justin in just a week!!! Good stuff. Also..... I've learned a trick. It's hard to send things down to Central America without them being stolen. So what you need to do is get a bunch of Jesus and Virgin Mary stickers and put them on the box and no one will mess with it. FYI. ;)I'm way excited for Justin! I have a letter and a tie I am going to send him today. So he should get it this week! That is so exciting that he is about to get out into the field and really start enjoying the work!

Yeah lots of good things are happening here in this area. And we are seeing so many blessings come from it. So we are hoping and putting our faith in Christ that all will go well and all these people will be baptized. Well as you can see. This area is on fire. We got the best numbers in the mission this past week!!!! Woot woot!!! Love it!!! And I love you all!!! Have a great week!

Elder Moore

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