Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September 7, 2010

Hello everyone!!! Can ya believe that we are one week into September. I can't believe how fast time is flying! And the weather has already changed here. September hit and it got cold. But from what we've heard it's supposed to get back up into the 90's this week. Anyways.. I'm sure you don't read these emails to get the weather report... But this week has been so crazy. One of the craziest of my mission. Some stuff I can talk about... some I can't. But we'll start off with the GREAT STUFF!!!

So Friday night was probably one of the best nights of my entire life. No joke. Argenis, Jocylyn, and Kimberly Loeza, as well as Guillermo Tapia were baptized and Sunday they were confirmed members of the church and received the Holy Ghost! It was really the most spiritual baptism that I've been a part of on my mission. I can't even begin to explain the feeling that was there that night. And to see the parents there with tears in their eyes seeing their children get baptized was an experience unlike any other. We talked a lot with Brother and Sister Loeza this week and they said that the church has become the most important thing in their life these past few weeks and that he even asked for Sundays off now so that he has absolutely nothing going on so that he and his family can come to church. This is such an amazing family! I'll attach some pictures of the baptism.

So Crazy news. I got a call Sunday night and I am being transfered a week and a half early down back to South Omaha. There is a new missionary who has been here 6 weeks and his comp goes home today. So I will be taking his place down in the good ol' part of South Omaha. It's funny. Just retracing my steps. Going back and serving in all my old areas. So my new comp is Elder Thorpe, he is from Arizona and speaks 0 spanish. I gotta tell ya I loved being in a threesome with Elder Starkey and Elder Curisinche because both of them speak spanish really well and we all just got along so good. But I guess we accomplished what the Lord wanted us too by baptizing those people. My new address is:

5802 S. 14th st. #5
Omaha, NE 68107

So funny story about our little threesome! So the other night I was laying on my couch and Curisinche was in his bed and the light was on. Well common sense would say... ok last person in their bed turns off the light. That is just how it is. Well Elder Starkey was lacking common sense this night. And he gets in his bed and leaves the light on. And so we say Starkey turn the light off and he says I'm in bed already. So I said well I'm not getting up. And then Chinche said neither am I. So I was like ok whatever... I can sleep with it on, and they all agreed. So we laid there. Then Chinche said Starkey turn it off and he said no. Then I said, I'm not doing it. So for like 5 minutes we argued about who would turn off the light. And it was probably about 5 feet from all of us. So we started throwing things at the light switch trying to hit it. No luck.... So then Chince threw a shoe at it and it hit the lamp (it's a tall lamp, not one that sits on a table or anything) and it fell down on my couch where I was sleeping. Almost hit me in the head, I had to dodge it. So I flipped the switch on the lamp and pushed it onto the ground. And the light was off. I have to tell ya we all started laughing so hard. It was ridiculous.

So yesterday night we went to a haunted park with the Loeza Family. It was sweet! A girl was actually murdered there... not sweet. But people say they hear screams coming from that park. And they have these stairs and you go up and you count them, and you come down and it's a different number. You can't count them the same going up and coming down. It's crazy! I'll attach a picture of the stairs too.

So my clothes are all starting to fall apart. Just 3 more months left. ;) But my shirts pockets are starting to fall off and my pants are gettin worn. Guess that is what happens when ya where the same clothes everyday. But I think they should hold up for the next little bit. My suit pants have been on the fritz lately. So on one of my suit pants it's hard to explain, but the bottom came undone and fell out. So I got some scotch tape and taped it back on.... Yeah I know. Not the brightest of ideas. So I taped it back and it fell out, and Sister Loeza was istting next to me and she said Elder Moore is that tape on your pants... and I said yes. And she just laughed and said bring them over tomorrow and I'll sew them up for ya. Ha, they are really awesome! She said if you don't have a dinner appointment call me 30 minutes before so I have time to make something for you and you can eat here. There are 9 people in this family and she is offering to cook for them and then the 4 of us missionaries. They are going to be so blessed!

The other day their son got sick and he walked up to me and said my mom wants to talk to you. So I went and talked to her... and she said Reuben is to shy to ask... (he is like 4) But he said that he wants you to give him a blessing to feel better. The faith of this family is amazing! We also went fishing with them and caught like 30 fish. Then had a fish fry and ate carne asada Sunday. Ha yeah we are with this family quite a bit.

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you my expensive cup of lemonade story. So I have made it a goal of mine to buy lemonade from all the kids' lemonade stands I see. I don't know why... just makes me feel good. :) So this week we were driving and there was a lemonade stand with these two 7 year old hispanic girls running it. So I told Starkey to pull over so we could buy some. So we walked up to their little table and they had a huge thing of lemonade and two cups. A glass cup and a plastic cup. No paper cups or anything. And they said...Do you want some lemonade and I said of course! And they said.. well we only have these two cups. we don't have enough money to buy plastic cups yet but we are going to try too so hopefully people will buy our lemonade. And I looked in my wallet... and as poor as I am I pulled out some money and sent them across the street to buy some cups. And these girls faces just lit up. And they said thank you thank you thank you! And one of them even hugged me. It was the best money I have ever spent to see these girls so happy. So it was quite a pricey cup of lemonade but I didn't care. It made me feel good. ;)

Well that is it for this week crazy great week!!!!
I love you all very much!! Have fun this week!!!
Elder Moore
I will attach the pictures now. ;)

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