Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September 27, 2010 September - A Month to Remember

Wow, what an incredible month. 9 baptisms in the month of September. Finally, Orlando, Jocylyn, Argenis, And Kim Loeza, Guillermo Tapia, Mario and Olivia Pacheco, and Lori Beckner, all baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the month of September. It has been the most wonderful thing to watch all of these people put there in faith in Jesus Christ and be baptized. They are going to make great memebers. And Mario and Olivia have 3 kids of baptism age, and 2 of which are becoming really interested. President Kunz did their baptism interviews on Thursday and I was able to sit in and translate for him and he talked so boldly with them about working with their children and making sure that they are baptized next. And so far it's been going really well. We have been working with them and teaching them quite a bit.

So as for other baptisms... Natalie Sandoval is looking great for her date on the 15th of October and Jorge and Fabiola are looking fantastic for the 13th of November. They have a meeting with the divorce lawyer tomorrow to get that started. So things are going great!

Nancy on the other hand.... She isn't doing much and we have had to move her date and we will probably end up dropping her this week for a while. Oh well... it's a bummer but she just isn't keeping any of the commitments we leave.

So this week was so cool!!! We had Elder Ellis a member of the 70 and his wife come. That was one of the most incredible meetings I've ever been in. He talked about how God has a plan. His plan is better than our plan, and we need to do all that we can to make our plan his plan. To try and elevate ourselves and put ourselves en acuerdo with him. His wife also spoke and she said something really awesome! She said... "Sacrifice isn't loss, it's merely preparation for something better. " I loved that!!! And she is right, it's true. But sometimes I think that at the time of the sacrifice we don't think about what's to come, or we don't see things getting better, but that's only cause we see the small picture. We see what's here and what's now. But if we are patient and dilligent we do see it.

After the meeting it was really neat to be able to have a leadership meeting and receive more training and instruction from Elder Ellis. He taught us from the scriptures on how we can be a better leader. He used John 10 and talked about the Good Pastor, and the attributes of the Good Pastor. How he knows his sheep and his sheep know him, how he would give his life for the sheep and protect them. He then taught us from Matthew and the parobol of the talents. He said that God has given each of us talents and he expects us to use them and multiply them. It was really cool because the man that had 5 talents and made them 10 talents, received the same reward as the man that was given 2 talents and made them 4 talents. He says, it doesn't matter the calling that you have, as long as you magnify it well, the Lord will reward you. He said that you don't have to be a prophet or an apostle to be exalted, but that with whatever calling is given to you, that you give it your all for the Lord. So there was some great instruction given in those meetings.

Haha, so the most akward thing of my life happened this week. Just so ya know. Really it was the most akward moment ever. But.... I'll leave it at that. ;) But just so you know... I'm seeing a doctor about what happened this week. Hahaha.... ya.

So I attached some pictures of the baptisms we had. The first 2 are Lori's baptism, the next 2 are of the Pacheco's baptism, and then of the Loezas baptism! So I hope that you enjoy them!!

Well that is very exciting news about Justin!!! Can ya believe it!?!?! He is off to Nicaragua this week. He is going to love the mission! He will have a great time! Nicaragua awaits him! Tell him I love him and I'm so proud of him for making the decision to serve a mission. I also can't believe that it is going to be October this week. Totally nuts! Love it!!! I hope Justin got the tie I mailed him last week. I loved that tie. :) It's crazy how many missionaries have been asking me for ties. I'm running out almost. ;) Because this last transfer was weird. Some of my close friends got sent out west or to Sioux City so I won't see them again cause I only have one transfer left after this and odds of them getting transfered back are slim. So all of them were like hey could I get a tie signed by you so I could remember ya. Haha, so I couldn't say no. :)

Oh yeah.... weird moment this week. We were teaching a guy named Jose and we were just about to invite him to be baptized when a car pulled up and he said... Well there is my ride to the grocery store, gotta go see ya later. And he just stood up, walked into the kitchen, and left out the back door. So we were just sitting there like.... what the crap?! So we showed ourselves the door and left.

Also yesterday I had the BEST meal I've ever had!!! They call it "Discada." It's like 6 kinds of meets all cooked together in a big pot over the fire on the grill. It was so so soooooo good!!!!

Also this week we are painting the outside of a house. I've never done that before so that should be cool.

Well I hope that all is going well out there for you!!! Love you all!!

Elder Moore

Please send this to Justin, Adam, Eric and Dano,
Hey what's up my ninja turtle brothers! Long time no see.... for obvious reasons. I love getting all you alls emails and reading about the awesome experiences you are having on your missions!
It's been a lot of fun getting to know you dudes and hanging out with you! Remember when we used to play predator and monster child? Or Mario Kart and Halo? Or go to Janbo and the Philly? Or have water gun fights? Or play basketball together?
I've had so much fun growing up with you guys!!! I couldn't have asked for better friends! Thanks for being so awesome!! We have grown up having fun together, and now we are all serving the Lord together! And before ya know it... we'll be back at it playing halo and drinking cokes together. I love you all and hope that you are having a great time on your missions!! Thanks for always being people I could rely on and for being friends that always helped me to be the best person that I could be.
Elder Moore the first. the handsomer one.

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