Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30, 2010 Oracion, escrituras, y iglesia = Testimonio‏

Hey Hey Hey!!! Well.... another crazy week. It's amazing how some things can go SO good and others.... not so good.

We did have the Loeza family at church this week which was awesome!! As of right now only 3 of them are set for baptism because Orlando has not been keeping his commitments and we know he will not be ready. But Argenis, Joselyn, and Kimberly are so excited for there baptisms and are looking great for this Friday. We couldn't be more excited for them. Joselyn is liking the Book of Mormon so much that she took it to school to read it there... and by so doing, got in trouble and sent to the principals office! Atta girl. But they are making amazing progress.
Sad thing is though, that the dad will not be able to baptize them. We found out that he drinks and this past weekend came home drunk. We had a good sit down with him and his wife and sent all the kids off so that we could just talk to them. It was an amazing lesson we had with them. The spirit was so strong! By the end of the lesson they were asking themselves the questions that we had planned to ask, like..."Why did we even get baptized if we were just going to fall back into our old habbits," and "What kind of examples are we setting for our kids?" It was sooo cool. So Sunday we went to their house at 11:30 and they were all ready to go to church! So we talked with them, and 12:30 rolled around and they were like, welp time to go don't want to be late! So this week is going to be amazing!

And on top of that... Guillermo is getting baptized Friday as well!! 4 baptisms!!! :) He is still in Kansas but will be back tomorrow night. Earlier this week I reviewed the baptism questions with him and he is so ready! He has been reading daily from the Book of Mormon and praying everyday. Even sharing the gospel with co-workers down there. Ha funny story about him... So every morning when the alarm goes off I think to my self... no way is it 6:30 already. It can't be... but it ALWAYS is. So Wednesday the "alarm" goes off and I think to myself.... no way is it 6:30 already (ya know my morning ritual) and sure enough, it was 5:31. Guillermo texted us and said I am so excited to get baptized in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So I was ok with having to get up at 5:31 because of that. ;) So just know come Friday... there will be 4 baptisms here in the great Omaha Spanish North!

So this week was also kinda rough.... I found out that Veronica and Tony Sandoval are having marriage problems. Which is really sad because they are 2 weeks away from being able to go into the temple and be sealed! 2 weeks!!!! Ah. Stupid satan. Bumbhead. So I have been working with them and texting Veronica quite a bit beacuse she is looking for help and advice. I don't know why... but I always seem to be helping people with marriage/relationship problems. This is like the 5th time. So yesterday, I taught the Gospel Principles class on families and the responsibilities that Father and Mother have. Also talked about the fathers and the priesthood, on how we have the authority but not always the power, and then taught about mothers and nurturing. It went really well. I think the reason it went so well was because I started off with a soccer analogy. Hispanics love their soccer, so that automatically got there attention. Plus the Loezas were in there as well. And we went and saw them last night and they said that they want to start having family home evenings, so tomorrow night we are going to go over there and teach them how. Woohoo!!! I love that family and their strong desire to change. The parents are totally on board now!

So it was kind of a downer week with finding out about Brother Loeza not being able to baptize his kids, and the Sandovals problems, but hopefully all will get better. But it's been a great week too with the kids all coming to church and looking great for baptism! So no complaints.

Also this week we had some awesome trainings about how we can help our investigators gain a testimony so that they will then be ready and willing to keep commandments. We learned that a strong testimony comes from prayer, reading from the Book of Mormon and church attendance. When these things are done consistantly, investigators and members gain testimonies and then keep commandments. Also the bishopric gave a bomb class about prayer, scripture study, and family home evening. These things are become more and more important by the day. Doing these things is what gives us that constant protection needed against the threats of the world. So much of what we do as missionaries and members of the church right now is being evolved around the family.

Well... that was our week. I love you all!!!! Glad to hear that things are picking up down there in La Verkin. Can't wait to come check out the house.

Love you!
Elder Moore

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